For all of you cyclocross fans who can’t make it to CrossVegas in person, has you covered with a live video feed. Tune in right here at 8pm, Pacific time, on Wednesday the 19th for a live broadcast of both the Elite Men and Women’s races.

Promoted by the CrossVegas organizers, the live feed will be produced by Emmy award winning producer and director Kent Gordis.  Dave Towle, Brian Holcombe, and Simon Burney will be sharing the announcing duties, providing color, blow-by-blow, and expertise as the pros race around the course.

With six cameras spread throughout the course, this is sure to be a high-quality endeavor. As promoter Brook Watts said in our CrossVegas race preview, “This is not your dad’s webcast. We don’t do things in a small way at CrossVegas. It’s like I tell the racers at the line—Guys, we’re in Vegas. Let’s put on a show.”

Additionally, follow Cyclocross Magazine on Twitter while you watch the livestream to get up-to-the-second updates of what’s happening on the field where cameras can’t see!

And a show we expect. Check back in, right here, to experience the races as they happen: