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  • Tire Review: Panaracer Cinder-X Cyclocross Tire Review

    Panaracer Cinder-X cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    This is the big brother of the CrossBlaster. If you race mostly deep grass courses, the Cinder-X is not the tire for you. But if you ride and race your bike on a mixture of surfaces, this tire could be an ideal choice.

  • Tire Review: Ritchey Excavader Cyclocross Tire Review

    Ritchey Excavader cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    The Ritchey Excavader is aptly named, as this tire digs into the soft dirt really well. On the pavement, the tire rolls quite smoothly, thanks to its semi-continuous center tread.

  • Tire Review: Maxxis Locust Cyclocross Tire Review

    Maxxis Locust cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Tire Review: Maxxis Locust Cyclocross Tire Review Racing and Riding Impressions: Like the Kenda Small Block 8, the Locust is a great ’cross tire for dry, rocky, or loose dirt courses. It rolls surprisingly well on pavement and hardpack and…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Repairing Tubular Tires

    The Challenge Fango one of the newer tubulars on the market.

    When you invest in a set of tubular tires, you pray they never flat. Because let’s face it, repairing tubulars is a whole lot of trouble. However, while it’s tempting to just chuck flatted tubulars, there are a few options worth exploring first. The most obvious one is fixing the tire yourself, and it can be done if you’re a little handy with a needle and a patch kit.

  • Tire Review: WTB Cross Wolf Tire Cyclocross Tire

    WTB Cross Wolf Tire cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    WTB has created an aggressive ’cross tire in the Cross Wolf, and the tread excels in rougher conditions found in WTB’s NorCal backyard.

  • Tire Review: Ritchey Speedmax Pro Cyclocross Clincher

    Ritchey Speedmax Pro cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

    The Ritchey Speedmax is a time-tested design and has been around longer than any other clincher tire in this test. There’s a good reason for that, as it’s a fine choice for fast, dry courses, especially as a rear tire. The low profile center tread grips grass, dirt, and pavement well. Cornering traction is very good thanks to the raised knobs. The Speedmax does better as a rear tire, and when things get muddy or loose, reach for a different tire. The Speedmax is also available in 35 and 40c widths.

  • The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel – Tests and Reviews

    The Perfect Cyclocross Wheel © Cyclocross Magazine

    It’s a popular belief that if you can upgrade only one part on your bike, it should be your wheels. There are a lot of good reasons behind this, as wheels have a profound impact on predictable handling, braking, acceleration and even coasting. In cyclocross use, we’d argue that most of these variables are exaggerated when compared to road cycling and that upgrading to a new set of wheels for cyclocross is even more justified.

  • Sneak Peak: Cole’s New Cyclocross Alloy Tubular Wheelset

    Cole cyclocross wheels, 23mm alloy tubular wheelset

    Cole Wheels and Richard Sachs Get Fat for Cyclocross Cyclocross Magazine got an exclusive first look at the upcoming Cole alloy tubular wheelset specifically made for cyclocross. The wheels were designed with significant input from Richard Sachs (Cole is a…

  • Gut Wrenching Mechanical Mondays: Gluing ’Cross Tubulars

    Gut-Wrenching Mechanical Mondays makes its heroic return, this time under the guidance of Daimeon Shanks and Nick Legan – pro mechanics and co-owners of The Service Course repair shop in Boulder, Colorado. By now, many of you have tried other…

  • Interbike 2010: More New Cyclocross Tires – Kenda, Vittoria, Clement

    We often say that the only true cyclocross-specific component, besides a frame and fork, is the cyclocross tire. And thus it’s often the first thing we, as tire geeks, seek out at Interbike. Just a few days ago, we highlighted…

  • Interbike 2010: New Cyclocross Tires from Schwalbe, Challenge and Hutchinson

    Two long-awaited cyclocross tubulars were unveiled today at Interbike by Schwalbe and Challenge, while Hutchinson showed off its revised tubeless cyclocross tires. The first was the long-delayed tubular version of the Racing Ralph clincher. The German company had several false…

  • More on the Dugast Diavolo – Will the Devil Defy the Ban?

    We revisit the infamous Dugast Diavolo tire with more exclusive details on the rare, labor-intensive tire that Dugast is considering mass producing. Interested in seeing the tire make it into production? Drop a comment below. by Jamie Mack Cyclocross tires…

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