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  • Preparing for Mechanical Mishaps -Technique Tuesday

    Knowing how to react to a dropped chain can pay dividends in races. The chain shown here has dropped to the outsde of the crankset.  © Kathryn Cumming

    Several years ago, on a rainy night in early September, my wife and I were riding along the yellow taxicabs and familiar traffic of New York City on our cyclocross bikes; we were right on the wheel of a man…

  • A Quick Training Tip: Just Smile

    Steveo is all smiles as he takes the win at Hyattsville. Keith Hower

    Whether it’s struggling up a steep hill or pushing through the final leg of a race, muscle fatigue can take its toll when you’re trying to perform. Pain and fatigue are signals your muscles send to the rest of your…

  • Video: Barriers, Remounts and Dismounts with the Keough Brothers

    Jesse, Luke and Nick Keough show how to take corners.

    by Molly Hurford If you’re part of the New England cyclocross scene, you’ve probably come across a Keough or two while racing. As the managers and racers for Keough Cyclocross presented by Champion Systems, the crew is hard to miss,…

  • Training Tuesdays: Stretching for Mounts and Dismounts

    It’s that time of year when cyclocross racers are pulling their bikes out of basements and garages, getting ready to do some drills. However, before you jump into the season and hit your saddle the wrong way, you might want to consider starting a stretching regimen before practicing remounts and dismounts. Contributing author David Perez has got some easy stretches to make sure you don’t suffer any setbacks before the racing has even begun. (This article was originally published in our premier Issue 1.)

  • Beer up? How about a slushy-up instead?

    Could slushy hand-ups become all the rage?

    by Robbie Carver It’s hot. 98 degrees hot. I’m training hard, pushing my body against the limits that the sun-baked air imposes on me. I could go faster, longer, but the heat strangles me; the thermal waves waft up from…

  • The Infamous Stringdusters’ World Tour: No Bike, No Problem

    Travis Books, cross-training. Photo courtesy Travis Books

    Travis Book currently resides in Nashville, TN, but anticipates an imminent move back to his homeland of Colorado. He may not look like much (by design), but he was the Tennessee state champion in 09/10, a year he spent nearly…

  • Using a Coach and Enjoying the Ride – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee Waldman in the drops, working on skills in a short track MTB race © Annette Hayden, MountainMoonPhotography.com

    Cyclocross Magazine columnist and Masters racer Lee Waldman has been using a coach, getting focused and learning to enjoy his racing. In case you missed it, go back and check out Lee’s previous column as he interviews his wife about…

  • Overtrainers Anonymous – A Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee Waldman's fitness helps him lead the pack, but the training is a balancing act © Annette Hayden

    Cyclocross Magazine columnist Lee Waldman checks in on his training progress and reports on his enlisted help to reign in his obsessive training tendencies. In case you missed it, go back and check out Lee’s previous column on instant gratification….

  • Diary of a Cross Pro: Helen Wyman Gets Back in the Saddle

    Helen Wyman's Group Gets a Riding Lesson from Police © Helen Wyman

    In her latest column, British National Champ Helen Wyman gets back on the bike to prep for her next cycling season, after a short off-the-bike holiday. Catch up on her last report, the Top-10 Moments of the Season. by Helen…

  • Training with Power for Cyclocross: Kenton Berg’s Diary #6 – Hazardous to Your Health?

    Quad tendon - apparently important for pedaling

    Not sure if you’re training effectively? Have some ambitious goals for the season but feel like your racing has plateaued? Cyclocross Magazine’s Kenton Berg has been stuck in this situation and decided to seek professional help. This is his sixth…

  • Riding the Night Train – Tips and Tricks for Cyclocross Training at Night

    Training for cyclocross at night takes some special equipment. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Dr. Clifford Lee Days are shorter and our lives are busy. How does training time fit in to a day with already too few hours? Even Michael Birner’s three-hour training plan featured in Cyclocross Magazine’s Issue 7 is constrained…

  • Weather Gods Bring New Cyclocross Challenges in Colorado – a Column by Lee Waldman

    Lee Waldman training with Nationals in mind © Annette Hayden

    Mother Nature has forced Colorado’s Lee Waldman out of his comfort zone, but he knows that this will only help his preparation for master’s nationals. This is installment #5 of Lee’s regular column, catch up on #’s 3 and 4…

  • Training with Power for Cyclocross: Kenton Berg’s Diary #5 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

    Kenton Berg finds his form and power returning. ©Andrew Malakoff

    Not sure if you’re training effectively? Have some ambitious goals for the season but feel like your racing has plateaued? Cyclocross Magazine’s Kenton Berg has been stuck in this situation and decided to seek professional help. This is his fifth…

  • Training Towards a Goal – by Coach Mike Birner

    We’ve continued our series of articles on training from Mike Birner. Part I was in Issue 3, and Part II is in our Issue 4. In this series of four articles, USAC Level 2 coach Mike Birner of Mid-Maryland Coaching…

  • The First Dismount

    It’s that time of year already. Folks are laying out their cyclocross training plans, dusting off the ‘cross bike and running shoes, and starting to scrape off old tubular glue. In that spirit, we’re posting a timely Issue 1 piece…

  • The Season Not Taken – Spirit of ‘Cross Essay

    Many of us set goals for the season, follow some sort of training plan, and hope that these things lead to more ‘cross fun. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Here’s another entry to our “Spirit of ‘Cross” essay contest,…

  • New Poll Posted!

    Here are the results for the last Poll: What’s your season prep? Road riding/racing (41%, 43 Votes) Trails on the cross bike (17%, 18 Votes) RTFM – running and intervals! (11%, 12 Votes) Mountain biking (10%, 11 Votes) Prep? I…

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