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  • A Racer’s POV from Cult Cross

    by Ryan Hamilton Just as the weather was turning from winter to spring and getting very ‘cross-like with rain and mud, I cracked open the embrocation to get a whiff and realized there are still seven months until ‘cross season…

  • Cult Cross Cometh to Colorado, This Weekend

    The Cult Cross 2010 flyer’s headline says it all: “Suffer in the Spring As You Do in the Fall.” Maybe you’ve built up some early season road/mtb fitness, but you yearn to be back where you belong, on the ‘cross…

  • Cyclocross in the (Front Page) News

    Last weekend, cyclocross made its spring debut in Eagle, Colorado. A Friday storm brought fresh snow and a challenging drive to the race, but racers were greeted with perfect ‘cross conditions, with snow, mud and frozen tundra waiting to put…

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