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  • Cyclocross On The Cheap: Barcelona to Paris

    Our intrepid intern had some adventures along the way on his Barcelona to Paris ride. Rob Sherwood

    A short catch-up: I wanted to cycle from Barcelona to Paris… These moments were the crux of the matter, I taught myself some discipline. What happens if you don’t stretch, prepare, feed, or clean properly? Well, lots of things, and few of them pleasant. Each time there was no option but to carry on. I was alone in a foreign country, without much to do except cycle and read and think, and I had a train to catch in Paris. Carry on.

  • Featured Video: Canada’s Hell of the North – Paris to Ancaster Classic Race


    Canada’s Paris to Ancaster Classic is quickly becoming the North American Paris Roubaix, only with far more dirt and trails than the fame French classic. As last week’s Pro Cyclocross Rumors and Rumblings reported, cyclocrosser Adam Myerson had a blast…

  • Koksijde World Cup and Paris Vegan Day – All in a Weekend

    CXM columnist Christine Vardaros recently had a busy weekend, chasing after the best cyclocrossers in the world in Koksijde, Belgium, followed by a speaking engagement in Paris. Read along as Christine continues to bring us a glimpse of the life…

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