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  • Osmo Nutrition Releases Product Line for Women


    The three-product suite of hydration and recovery drinks are the first to address female physiology to improve performance Issue 21 of CXM featured some of the fastest women on the planet, and looked at the bikes and clothes available for…

  • Training Tuesday: Matt Fitzgerald, Sports Nutrition Extraordinaire

    Nutrition and race weight are just as important to cyclocross as they are to any other kind of racing. puuikibeach

    Because no one has written much on nutrition for cyclocross racers, we at Cyclocross Magazine decided to ask Fitzgerald for some cyclocross-specific advice. As ’crossers, we have interesting nutritional needs: we race in all types of temperatures and climates, we go hard for 45 minutes two days a week and then recover to do it all again and of course, we do love the beer tent. We’re a nutritional enigma, trying to eat healthy surrounded by waffle carts and chocolate-covered bacon and trying to stay svelte for a long season that often isn’t a racer’s main season is a challenge in and of itself. It gets even harder when racers’ schedules demand a lot of recovery and travel time, and little by way of long hours on the bike. Luckily, Fitzgerald had some tips for us.

  • Holiday Nutrition: the Cyclist’s Guide to Avoiding Weight Gain with Nationals Around the Corner


    by Jordan Dubé As a student of Sports Nutrition, I got into this gig because I wanted to know, “What the hell am I supposed to be eating, and when should I be eating it to optimize my performance?” A…

  • How Do You Fuel Your Cyclocross: Reader Contest


    Tell us a story about how food or nutrition has helped or hurt your performance in a cyclocross race to potentially win a CORE Warrior Meal Sample Pack or a subscription to Cyclocross Magazine! Here at CXM HQ, we love…

  • Making Better Food Choices: A Column from Josh Schwiesow


    by Josh Schwiesow We recently discussed losing weight and counting calories here in the noob corner of Cyclocross Magazine. It was satisfying to me that this column generated some discussion, if not below in the comments section or in the…

  • Tackling Nutrition as a Noob: A Column by Josh Schwiesow


    By now, you’ve probably read about our newest noob columnist, Josh. He’s taken a hard look at how the first season of racing went overall, looked at his first race attempts, and now he’s tackling the technical side of things…

  • Cyclocross Gift Ideas & Reviews: Sports Nutrition and Energy Food

    Fuel up your favorite cyclocrosser, for winter racing or off-season rides. © Cyclocross Magazine

    The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate the gift of cyclocross, and what better way to whoop it up than to share some ’cross love with others? Our editors have reviewed, tested and hand-picked a plethora of last-minute gift…

  • Cyclocross On The Cheap: Home-Baked Energy Bars; A Canonical Overview

    Nutrition is almost as important as training, but can be super expensive. David Evans

    This week: cheap eats. When reading up for this article, I came across two schools of thought: those who ride to eat and those who eat to ride. I can’t pretend to be too partisan, I have sympathy for both camps.

  • Psychlo-Mom In The Kitchen: Earth-Shaking Granola Recipe


    Earthquake?! Feh.

    That was our sexy MAC cyclocrossers warming up! We’re three weeks away from ’cross season … so boys are crashing through city parks and then running from the cops seconds before they get told to leave. You can feel it now, right? What you eat matters, and now is the time to start experimenting with what goes down easy and stays down, what keeps you going and what revives you so that you can get up and do it all over again the next day. So, I’m baaaaack, because what you eat, when you eat it and how it performs occupies so much of my brain space that I thought I might as well get it out here with the only other people I know who aren’t on Weight Watchers: cyclocrossers.

  • Should Cyclocrossers Spit or Swallow?

    Spit or swallow? Photo via flickr by hbp_pix

    by Josh Liberles A recent series of studies conducted at the University of Birmingham in England sought to decipher why carbohydrate solutions measurably increased performance in cyclists and runners, even when the length of the event was too short for…

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