Osmo_NewProducts_AR_women_webThe three-product suite of hydration and recovery drinks are the first to address female physiology to improve performance

Issue 21 of CXM featured some of the fastest women on the planet, and looked at the bikes and clothes available for them—and for all women. Now, we’re excited to see nutrition starting to shift into a men’s/women’s differentiation model as well, with Osmo Nutrition launching the first nutrition designed for women’s hormone fluctuations. The line was released today, and CXM has already started trying it out, so stay tuned for a full review of how the products work for a cyclocross racer, as well as a talk with the co-founder and woman behind the project, Stacey Sims.

Osmo Nutrition has launched a revolutionary new line of three hydration and recovery products specially formulated to meet women’s unique performance needs. Based on peer-reviewed science, the products were developed by Osmo co-founder and Chief Research Officer Dr. Stacy Sims to improve power output and endurance, avoid premenstrual performance decline, and optimize training adaptations. Osmo Active Hydration for Women ($19.99) and Acute Recovery for Women ($34.99) are available immediately. PreLoad Hydration for Women ($24.99) will be available mid-October.

“Women are not small men,” said Dr. Sims. “The estrogen and progesterone in our bodies impacts our performance as athletes. Osmo for Women products are based on findings that other scientists and I have published in peer-reviewed journals to address these effects. Female athletes often blame their fitness (for poor performance) but it is really their physiology.”

Osmo Nutrition for Women is comprised of three products:

PreLoad Hydration for Women: PreLoad Hydration for Women was developed to counteract the known hormone-induced drop in body water, increase power and endurance, and reduce muscle fatigue. Branched chain amino acids work with sodium to expand total body water, help reduce central nervous system fatigue, and to increase the amount of amino acids circulating to dampen the breakdown effects of progesterone. $24.99 for 20 servings.

Active Hydration for Women: Active Hydration for Women was developed to increase power output, improve endurance, and avoid premenstrual performance decline. An optimized ratio of glucose-to-sucrose plus greater sodium and potassium per serving offsets the reduced plasma volume and greater sodium losses that women experience. $19.99 for 40 servings

Acute Recovery for Women: Acute Recovery for Women works to rapidly shift the woman’s metabolism from exercise to recovery mode, promotes muscle repair, and speeds glycogen restoration. A big hit of protein (slow and fast release) effectively shuts down the breakdown effects of exercise and progesterone. There are still no antioxidants in the women’s formula to allow mitochondrial adaptations. In conjunction with the combination of proteins, a longer time of circulating amino acids promotes muscle repair and synthesis while glucose speeds glycogen replenishment. $34.99 for 16 servings