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  • NACT Boulder Cup Weekend Preview

    Weekend of Rocky Mountain Racing Ahead Georgia Gould calls the area’s fan base “highly educated.” Jeremy Powers says it’s “the most prestigious cycling community in the United States.” Katie Compton marvels at how “every year all the best racers fly…

  • North American Cyclocross Trophy Leader’s Jerseys Standings Remain Close

    NACT - North American Cyclocross Trophy Series

    At the halfway point for the 2010 NACT series, the standings are extremely close with the Castelli leaders’ jerseys up for grabs. The nationwide series has completed four of eight races, with a tight points race shaping up as the…

  • North American Cyclocross Trophy Updates Series Rules

    NACT - North American Cyclocross Trophy Series

    The NACT has updated the 2010 rules, including a change that should help out riders who struggle to travel to all eight of the events on the schedule, or who have misfortune or bad luck at one of the races….

  • NACT Offers 2010 Calendar and a Sneak Peek at Features

    NACT - North American Cyclocross Trophy Series

    North American Cyclocross Trophy Series – 2010 Season Preview Looking ahead to its third season, the North American Cyclocross Trophy announces some exciting additions for the 2010 cyclocross season. With a schedule that includes some of the largest metro markets…

  • North American Cyclocross Trophy Series Details

    Seems like our investigative reporting on the new national series Sunday afternoon scooped the “big media” and encouraged the official details of the series to be released. So here are the full details of the new national series, dubbed “North…

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