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  • How You Should be Taking Care of Your Rig in the Off-Season

    Mark Savery powered to the Master 40-44 World Title with a clean race on a muddy day © Cyclocross Magazine

    Oostmalle is in the books, and with that, the UCI season is over for the year. Though late season ’cross races and now gravel races are popping up, it seems like your cyclocross bike may never get a real off-season….

  • Mechanical Monday: Post-Season Inspection

    The bike wash saw a lot of use the first day of Nats. ©Brian Nelson

    by Chris Mayhew The season is over, but before you pack away the bike into the back of the garage until next September, there are a few things you should do to ensure than when you do pull it out,…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Off-Season Storage and Maintenance

    If your bike looked like this at the end of the season, this article is for you!

    This week, we’re all about making sure that your bike is being taken care of for the next couple of months, even if you’re not out riding it. Even though cyclocross season has been over for a few months, there…

  • Mechanical Monday: Update Your Drivetrain for a Smoother Ride

    Chandler Snyder shows some quick and dirty ways that anyone can keep a drivetrain running smoothly, muddy race after muddy race. © Colorado Capture

    From the man who brought you “The Glitter Method” two weeks ago, Chandler Snyder is back to talk about how you (yes, you!) can handle overhauling your drivechain and getting your chain Nationals and Worlds prepared. While we’re fans of…

  • Gut-Wrenching Mechanical Mondays: The Daily Maintenance and Inspection Routine

    Check and lube your cables after every ride © Dave Drumm

    You’ve dusted off the cyclocross bike after a long few months in storage. You’ve inspected it once, replaced what needed to be replaced, and now … you’re finally riding it again! Well, make sure it stays in that almost-new condition…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Pre-Season Equipment Improvements; A Case Study

    The newly improved shifting on this built up Ridley X-Fire. Jeremy Chinn

    The season starts in less than a week — is your bike ready? Mechanical Mondays writer and mechanic Jeremy Chinn walks us through improving the shifting on one specific bike, but you can also look at his advice in a much broader spectrum of bike maintenance, upkeep and constant improvement.

  • On the Newsstands: Cyclocross Magazine Issue 13

    Cyclocross Magazine Issue 13 cover

    Subscribers coast to coast are reporting that they’ve received the latest and greatest edition of our print magazine – lucky Cyclocross Magazine Issue #13! Copies are also showing up at the bike shops and book stores that stock our publication too [See our list of "Top Shops"]. Of course, you can always subscribe to the world’s only dedicated cyclocross publication to make sure you never miss an issue.

  • Mechanical Mondays: Avoiding The Dreaded DNF

    A bent derailleur is easy to miss but can hurt your race results. © Jason Gardner

    The sad reality is that most catastrophic failures in cross racing result from very simple factors. I have compiled a small list of race ending mechanical problems that could have been avoided with a small dose of precaution and a dash of extra care. These are not all or even the most common mechanical issues in cross racing but these all have two things in common: 1. They can absolutely end your race, giving you a regrettable DNF. 2. They can easily be prevented.

  • The Seasonal Cyclocross Tune Up and Rebuild

    Stripped and ready for the rebuild. © Jamie Mack

    by Jamie Mack The pile of parts laying on the workbench was, until 15 minutes ago, a very serviceable ’cross bike. Looking at the components strewn across the surface, I can’t help but be amazed, and a little concerned, at…

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