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  • Cyclocross Nationals in History: 1985 Throwback

    Paul Curley in control in the Masters 55-59 national championship. © Cyclocross Magazine

    For those of you who haven’t been around in cyclocross for the past 27 years, it may come as a bit of a shock, but cyclocross in the US has been alive and well for a long, long time. We…

  • Digital Magazine Update: Issues 6, 7, 13 Now Available!

    Cyclocross Magazine Issue 13 cover

    We’ve been getting a bunch of questions about the digital magazine, especially Issue 13, and wanted to announce that our much-loved and highly-discussed Issue 13 has been available for several weeks now, as well as several more back copies, including…

  • Past and Present Cyclocross World Champions: 1950 to Present

    Some call cyclocross a new sport, but as Issue 5 readers know, the sport has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. The World Championships isn’t quite as old, but we’ve still got 60 years of Cyclocross World…

  • Czech Worlds Primer: ‘Cross, Beer and History from Tabor

    by Stephanie Chase With the upcoming World Championship races in Tábor, American fans will be sure to have a lot of questions, such as: is it still called Czechoslovakia? How the heck do you pronounce “Zdeněk Štybar?” And most importantly…

  • Crossin’ Through the Generations

    by Josh Liberles This past weekend’s National Championships in Bend, Oregon were the culmination of the cyclocross season in the U.S. – the perfect time to reflect upon how American cyclocross has gotten to this point. Bend Cycling Events assembled…

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