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  • Initial Impressions: Kettle Cycles SICCC Super Feather Light Disc Brake Rotor Review

    Kettle Cycles SFL SiCCC disc rotors. © Clifford Lee

    by Clifford Lee When Kettle Cycles’ launched their Kickstarter project with the goal of creating a carbon-ceramic composite disc brake rotor, cyclocross tech geeks had a field day. After all, with the launch of disc brakes on all levels of…

  • Mechanics Weigh In: Disc Brakes

    Shimano's new CX75 Cyclocross and Road Mechanical Disc Brake

    Disc brakes have really struck a cord with readers, racers and mechanics as everyone starts planning out what new gear to invest in for the coming season. We got a lot of feedback on our last Mechanical Monday topic of…

  • NAHBS 2012: Custom Cyclocross Bike Gallery, Part 1: Zullo, Mosaic, Richard Sachs, Caletti – Updated: Photo Captions

    Caletti displayed two cyclocross bikes, one "standard" steel and one disc and Di2-equipped titanium piece at NAHBS 2012. ©Cyclocross Magazine

    Nearly every builder at the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) today had at least one cyclocross bike on display, with many builders bringing two or three bikes to showcase.  It’s almost an overwhelming amount of eye candy for…

  • Mechanical Mondays: Mechanical Disc Brake Adjustments

    Setting up disc brakes correctly is going to be a big new part of cyclocross. Jason Gardner

    There is no denying that disc brakes are gaining in popularity among cyclocross bikes. One look at the ’cross bike photos from the recent Eurobike and Interbike trade shows is enough to show that disc-brake-equipped ’cross bikes are the wave of the future. Their benefits are well known; tire clearance is now only a matter of the frame. They are more powerful with more control and they are not so nearly affected by water and mud. Apart from all these benefits though, the tighter tolerances associated with disc brakes lend themselves more easily to poor adjustment, and improper adjustment on disc brakes can ruin your race more easily than a poorly adjusted cantilever. Too loose and you lose your braking altogether; too tight and your brake drags the whole time. The down side is these poor conditions happen a lot easier to disc brakes than to cantilevers.

  • Manufacturers Scramble to Meet Demand for Cyclocross Discs

    by Julie Popper After Paul Curley handily won the Masters 55+ National Championship, both riders and manufacturers alike were left scratching their heads. What was with that disc wheel, and how can we get one?  Leave it to the bicycle…

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