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This week, we’ll be bringing you all the state-of-the-art, DIY, and WTF bikes we can find at the 2013 National Cyclocross Championships. To kick this tech-happy week off, we’re giving a small ‘looking-back’ series to whet your appetite for the rigs that are being packed for Madison as we speak. Today we bring you Aaron Bradford’s Singlespeed Cyclocross Nationals-winning Rock Lobster, in honor of the 2013 singlespeed national championship title race taking place on Wednesday in Madison.

Aaron Bradford's 2012 Singlespeed National Championship-winning Rock Lobster © Cyclocross Magazine

Aaron Bradford’s 2012 Singlespeed National Championship-winning Rock Lobster © Cyclocross Magazine

The Rock Lobster has every reason to smile after Bradford's 2012 title win © Cyclocross Magazine

The Rock Lobster has reason to smile after Bradford’s 2012 win © Cyclocross Magazine

Rock Lobster bikes are custom built by Paul Sadoff, a builder with over thirty years of experience. Bradford, who rides for the Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/RockLobster cyclocross team, took the 2012 USA Cycling singlespeed national championship after surprising his competitors by hopping the barriers on the last lap, and was most recently seen mixing it up in 2013 at Chicago’s New Year’s Resolution weekend, taking 22nd on Saturday, and driving hard on his Rock Lobster singlespeed with Adam Myerson and Steve Tilford on Sunday to finish 12th.

Aaron Bradford has a big lead after his barrier-hopping attack on the last lap. © Cyclocross Magazine

Aaron Bradford has a big lead after his barrier-hopping attack on the last lap. © Cyclocross Magazine

Bradford is famous for airing it up at any opportunity, including flyovers as seen at Spooky Cross (video) and hopping barriers with teammate Scott Chapin. He’s also got a bit of downhill skills, beating world class racers like Adam Craig at the 2012 Downieville downhill race.Check out the gallery below for details on Badford’s ride. A few notable details from Bradford’s rig:

  • Scandium team frame with adjustable dropouts that still allow quick wheel removal
  • Paul Component Engineering supplies the gold-themed cranks, ‘Touring Canti’ brakes and high flange hubs
  • A Chris King headset continues the gold theme
  • Straight-blade Ritchey WCS carbon fork
  • Ritchey WCS 4 Axis stem, WCS handlebar and WCS Seatpost
  • Tufo Flexus Cubus tubulars

Bradford’s Rock Lobster singlespeed bike for this season, as seen during his winning ride at Sierra Point, features many of the same gold components, but swaps to an Easton EC70x carbon fork, Easton EC90 SL carbon tubular wheels, and a gold Paul MiniMoto V-Brake on the front. Will he successfully defend his title?  Stay tuned to our 2013 National Cyclocross Championships page for all the latest news, reports and results.

Interested in learning more about Rock Lobster? Check out our profile of framebuilder Paul Sadoff, the man behind Rock Lobster, from the 2012 NAHBS custom bicycle show.

Aaron Bradford’s Rock Lobster Singlespeed Photo Gallery:

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