Newbie News: Remounting (Video)

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Learning remounts and dismounts is key for taking barriers smoothly. Molly Hurford

Learning remounts and dismounts is key for taking barriers smoothly. © Molly Hurford

by Molly Hurford

Here at Cyclocross Magazine, we’re excited to launch our first of many “how-to” videos. In this series, we’ll be asking elite riders to show us how they perfected skills like remounts, dismounts, cornering, barriers, sand and quite a few other tricks.

Our first one comes from the Rutgers Cyclocross Clinic, featured in the last Newbie News. Patrick Bradley, one of the elite racers for the Rutgers Cycling and now for Cyfac/Philadelphia Cyclocross School, was kind enough to be my first elite racer to give some advice on remounts. Pat’s advice was great, and behind-the-scenes, he managed to improve both my remount and dismount quite a bit in the process.

Coming up next time, we’ll be seeing the Keough brothers show off their cyclocross skills on video, while explaining how you can practice and get comfortable with certain skill sets.

Nervous about remounts? Some skills, like remounts or dismounts, have any number of variations depending on the racer, so to balance that, we’ll ask different elite riders to cover the same skill. That way, over the course of the season, you can find the style that works best for you. (Just don’t expect us to start writing quizzes to “Find Out If You’re A Tim Johnson or a Jeremy Powers.” Unless that’s what you want. In which case, stay tuned!)



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You're totally right. That's why I LOVE Wednesday night 'cross practices. It took me until well into my 2nd season to learn remounts, but once I did, I had an awesome time at practices trying to take barriers with other people and remount without killing myself/anyone else. (I also do skills practices where I make sure I'm super tired and my HR is way up before I hit that barriers, since taking them tired and remounting smoothly at that point is waaaay harder!)


It all looks so easy! Only thing is your heart rate is probably in the 160s and there a LOT of people doing the same thing while you are trying to remount in their midst. Oh, and it can be a bit slippery during all this...

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