Luna's Katerina Nash is victorious. © Joe Sales

Katerina Nash, shown here in Portland USGP, takes Czech title © Joe Sales

The top competitors in this weekend’s Czech National Championships had a unique advantage to tune-up; the course in Tabor is the same that will be used in three weeks’ time for the World Championships.

The Elite Women’s winner, Katerina Nash (Luna), who spends the bulk of her season racing in the U.S., has extended her cyclocross season to include some European races to keep her sharp for Worlds since they’re in her home country this year. Zdeněk Štybar (Telenet Fidea) continued his winning ways to keep the championship kit he’s grown accustomed to wearing.

Like much of northern Europe, Tabor’s ‘cross course was covered in ice and snow. That didn’t seem to slow Nash down as she was able to outpace runner-up Pavla Havlíková (AVB Cycling Team) by 46 seconds. Jana Kyptová (Johnson Controls) rounded out the podium at over three minutes down. Nash won the USGP series this season in dominating fashion and hopes to land on the podium at the World Championships.

In the Elite Men’s race, Zdeněk Štybar (Telenet Fidea), one of the top favorites to take the World Championship title away from Niels Albert, drilled the pace on the slick, frozen course from the beginning. His pace shed all pursuers on the second lap and he kept the pressure on. By the time he hit the finish line, Štybar had put 38 seconds into his teammate and second place finisher Petr Dlask and 47 seconds into bronze medalist Martin Bína (Budvar). Bína snagged the last step on the podium in a sprint finale against Martin Zlamalik.

We’ll see what weather is in store for the World Championships, but both Nash and Štybar have again proven that they’re capable technical riders if the snowy trend keeps up in Europe.

Quick Men’s Highlight Video:

Elite Women’s Results:

1Katerina Nash (Cze) LUNA PRO TEAM0:42:00
2Pavla Havlíková (Cze) AVB Cycling Team0:00:46
3Jana Kyptová (Cze) JOHNSON CONTROLS AŠ MB0:03:20
4Zuzana Pirzkallová (Cze) KC KOOPERATIVA SG JABLONEC n.N0:05:24
5Karolína Kalašová (Cze) SCOTT CYCLING TEAM Kolín0:06:13
6Jitka Škarnitzlová (Cze) DIMP – GIANT team0:06:50
7Pavlína Marácková (Cze) S.K. JIR(Í TEAM OSTRAVA0:09:31
8Romana Danecková (Cze) ACS DRAK VRBNO-1 lap
9Michaela Ištvánová (Cze) ACS Stará Ves n. Ondr(ejnicí

Elite Men’s Results:

1Zdenek Štybar (Cze) TELENET FIDEA CYCLING TEAM1:00:04
3Martin Bína (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor0:00:47
4Martin Zlámalík (Cze) Volvo Auto Hase MTB Team
5Radomír Ml. Šimunek (Cze) BKCP – POWER PLUS0:02:24
6Ondrej Bambula (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor0:02:40
7Lubomír Petruš (Cze) BKCP – POWER PLUS0:03:20
8Zdenek Mlynár (Cze) MAX CURSOR0:03:24
9Jirí Polnický (Cze) SUNWEB – PROJOB CYCLING TEAM0:03:43
10Kamil Ausbuher (Cze) Prodoli Remerx Team0:03:48
11Jan Škarnitzl (Cze) DIMP – GIANT team
12Jan Nesvadba (Cze) KC KOOPERATIVA SG JABLONEC n.N0:03:56
13Vladimír Kyzivát (Cze) JOHNSON CONTROLS AŠ MB0:04:36
14Karel Hník (Cze) TELENET FIDEA CYCLING TEAM0:04:56
15Filip Eberl (Cze) SCOTT CYCLING TEAM Kolín0:05:36
16David Menger (Cze) Prodoli Remerx Team0:05:48
17Petr Novotný (Cze) TJ Stadion Louny0:06:02
18Tomáš Janošek (Cze) ACK Stará Ves n. Ondr(ejnicí0:06:49
19Michal Benda (Cze) JOHNSON CONTROLS AŠ MB0:07:32
20Filip Adel (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor0:08:09
21Josef Soukup (Cze) DURATEC0:08:46
22Michal Šimerle (Cze) KC KOOPERATIVA SG JABLONEC n.N0:08:57
23Bretislav Rohel (Cze) FORMAN Cycling Team0:09:08
24Ivo Plevák (Cze) MAX CURSOR0:09:10
25Karel Nepraš (Cze) ACK Stará Ves n. Ondr(ejnicí0:09:42
26Tomáš Podrazil (Cze) TJ Sokol Holé Vrchy0:09:50
27Martin Rehák (Cze) SCOTT CYCLING TEAM Kolín-1 lap
28Jakub Rohlík (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor-2 laps
29Jakub Friml (Cze) SCOTT CYCLING TEAM Kolín
30Petr Linhart (Cze) TJ Sokol Holé Vrchy
31Lukáš Kovanda (Cze) Cyklo Team Budvar Tábor
32Pavel Jelínek (Cze) KC SLAVIA PRAHA
33Josef Suchý (Cze) JOHNSON CONTROLS AŠ MB-3 laps
34Marek Farkaš (Cze) TJ Lokomotiva Beroun-4 laps