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Stunning landscape greeted New Zealand racers. Mark Legg-Compton

Stunning landscape greeted New Zealand racers. © Mark Legg-Compton

When Katie Compton decided to forgo the rest of her MTB season to prepare for cyclocross, she took that prep very seriously, starting with a July cyclocross race in New Zealand.

There was a time trial to determine start order for the race, and then Compton helped to host a cyclocross clinic for racers.

Mark Legg-Compton said, “The riders were all skilled and picked up on the technical training by Katie really well. There was only one MTB, and there was even a Speedvagen. The NZ National Champion was in attendance, he’s the one in the Bike Hub blue and white jersey. The course is really well laid out, one of the very best courses I’ve seen. Off camber, decreasing radius turns, and the odd bit of sheep shit. All grass and a little mud.”

Stay tuned for more on the race itself.

Legg-Compton’s Gallery from the One Square Meal Queenstown CX Clinic hosted by US CX Champion, Katie Compton:
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