Aaron Schooler (H&R Block) on his way to a UCI Cross race best 2nd place.

Aaron Schooler (H&R Block) on his way to a UCI Cross race best 2nd place. © Normon Thibault

Just like Compton, Powers, Johnson and Nash, newly-crowned Canadian National Champions Geoff Kabush and Alison Sydor from the Rocky Mountain – Maxxis team raced to their own clean sweeps this weekend, following up their National Championship wins on Saturday with wins at the Jim Horner Cyclocross Gran Prix in Edmonton.

American Zach McDonald (Classic Cyles) finished fifth, earning his first UCI points as an Elite/U23 racer.

Kabush repeated his 2008 sweep of the two events with a one-minute defeat of Aaron Schooler (H&R Block), while Alison Sydor enjoyed another strong weekend of racing and took advantage of defending champion Wendy Simms’ (Kona) absence to dominate the race take her own sweep of the two days of racing.

Cold temperatures and a sudden snow storm created classic Canadian cyclocross conditions and reminded


Drew MacKenzie (IRC-Cameron Law) enjoying the UCI pie hand up....with whip cream. © Normon Thibault

spectators and racers why the Canadian season is so short.

Despite the UCI status, it wasn’t all serious racing. Drew MacKenzie (IRC-Cameron Law) risked a UCI violation and took pie feeds, complete with whip cream (see photo). It’s not the only time MacKenzie violated strict UCI rules for a little fame. In 2008, he crossed the southern border to battle Trebon, bubbles and enough beverage hand-ups and man-made dismounts to make a UCI official’s blood boil to steal the golden Speedo at the 2008 SSCXWC.

But it wasn’t just an exclusive Canadian party. Enterprising 2008 Junior Cyclocross National Champion American Zach McDonald rode his new Stevens carbon cyclocross bikes to a strong fifth place in the Elite Men on Sunday in a successful attempt to secure some UCI points.

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Full results:


1Geoff KABUSHCAN331:03:273030
2Aaron SCHOOLERCAN251:04:262020
3Craig RICHEYCAN261:04:321515
4Derrick ST JOHNCAN331:04:431212
5Zach MC DONALDUSA191:05:051010
6Tyler TRACECAN261:05:0888
7Kevin NOILESCAN301:05:2766
8Mike GARRIGANCAN291:05:3544
9Evan GUTHRIECAN191:05:4322
10Shawn BUNNINCAN271:05:5211
11Mathew HEWITTCAN331:06:26
12Steve FISHERUSA201:06:45
13Shaun ADAMSONCAN241:07:08
14Simon LAMBERT-LEMAYCAN201:07:25
15Mark BATTYCAN241:07:35
16Jared STAFFORDCAN191:07:38
17Drew MCKENZIECAN321:07:44
18Nick BERRYCAN311:07:59
19Nick FRIESENCAN301:08:14
20Ryan HOPPINGCAN261:08:32
21Andre SUTTONCAN391:08:50
22Matthew KRAHNCAN221:08:58
23Paul TICHELAARCAN281:09:12
24Russell ANDERSONCAN321:09:20
25Chris MCNEILCAN331:09:30
26Kyle DOUGLASCAN241:09:33
27Justin MIDDLETONCAN201:10:02
28Brian ROBINSONCAN221:10:05
29Kyle FRYCAN211:11:06
30Glen RENDALLCAN411:11:29
31Jonathan BENSKINCAN291:11:57
32Stefan SCHREIBERGER301:12:28
33Kyle ANDERSONCAN271:12:38
34Cory DICKINSONCAN251:12:42
35Peter KNIGHTCAN211:13:06
36Bailey MCKNIGHTCAN201:13:34


1Alison SYDORCAN4442:0520
2Natasha ELLIOTTCAN3243:2215
3Pepper HARLTONCAN2545:0612
4Mical DYCKCAN2845:5210
5Sarah STEWARTCAN3246:038
6Jean Ann MCKIRDYCAN2646:095
7Vicki THOMASCAN3846:184
8Bridget LINDERCAN3047:103
9Loni KLETTLCAN5148:022
10Caeli BARRONCAN1848:421
11Andrea BUNNINCAN2349:23
12Shantel KOENIGCAN3349:51
13Susan CLARKECAN3750:19
14Shari BOYLECAN3750:53
15Katy CURTISCAN2851:03


1Kris DAHLCAN1842:011010
2Kiernan ORANGECAN1842:3066
3Mackenzie CARSONCAN1843:0344
4Conor O’BRIENCAN1843:0722
5Jayden ALDRICHCAN1843:2111
6Mac GARVINCAN1852:01