Aged to Perfection: Clincher + 7 years of Storage = Dugast

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Original Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tires in Green

The Original Michelin Mud Cyclocross Tires in Green

A few weeks back, we highlighted an auction for a NOS Michelin Mud cyclocross tire that was probably 7 years old or more.  It ended up selling for $66, which represents an decent but not stellar investment if purchased new seven years ago at $29.95 (12% annual return).

Well, the seller was smart to not compete against himself, as he had another one in his back pocket. This second auction for the same model went for an amazing $115 plus shipping.  That’s a market-beating 21% return, putting the dusty, dried-out old tire into the realm of hand-made Dugast and FMB tires. I’ve watched these auctions for a long time and believe this is a new record.

I bet we’re not the only ones that wished we pushed harder with our significant others to fill the garage with more of these than we would ever need, instead of trying to save for the future the “right” way. Ah, hindsight.

What is the next investment opportunity in ‘cross clinchers? We’re not that financially savvy to know (we’re in the bike business after all) but we want to know your thoughts.  Any other discontinued tires that you sorely miss?



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Our LBS has 2 of the green tires gathering dust, I guess that I should grab them up and put on e-bay.


Best front tire ever? Got 2 almost new off ebay and got FMB to turn them into tubs. Works of art.....No other clinchers as good in the mud nowadays.....


Aaahh the old Michelin Mud Cross tire, in green no less. I have had a pair for eight years; mostly race use. Best all around tire I have used.


I was was the lead bidder on the first tire for along time when it got past 65 I stopped, couple days later he sent me a email via ebay, said he found another one in his garage , I was pissed.

Anyway I am glad I did not get them as I grabbed 2 grifo clinchers and and very happy with them


That is insane! Michelin should take note for the Mud 3's. If only they were available in tubular version...

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