by Jamie Mack

Cyclocrossworld riders, from the current team of Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers and Jamey Driscoll, to past riders including Lyne Bessette, have an amazing record of wins and podiums and enjoy a top-notch crew in the pits.

Now you can emulate these top pros as part of Cyclocrossworld’s new grass-roots team.

Cyclocrossworld has supported individual riders and teams, at races ranging from small and local to the USGPs, and the online retailer has become a name synonymous with ‘cross in the US. Now, Cyclocrossworld wants to support you, the amateur racer.

Establishing the team is “a way to give back and connect again with the community,” says Stu Thorne, Managing Director of Cyclocrossworld. The aim of the team is to connect with the ‘cross community and provide support to riders of all abilities and experience levels.

“It’s an idea that we’ve been working on for a few years,” says Thorne, adding that recent additions to staff have provided the energy and people to make it happen in a meaningful way. Following in the footsteps of national amateur teams like Hup United and Crossniacs, the team will be open to riders throughout the country, regardless of age, experience or ability. Mountain and road riders are welcome, though, given this is the Cyclocrossworld Team, ‘cross will of course be the focus.

Team riders will receive a team jersey, hat, t-shirt and water bottle as part of the initial team package, with additional clothing and logo items available throughout the season at team-only prices. And Cyclocrossworld plans to work with top manufacturers to offer team-only deals on sponsor products.

The kit design is undergoing some final revisions, but will likely be similar in style to the red and white kits worn by Jeremy Powers and Lynn Bessette in previous seasons. Sponsors on the kit will reflect those of the grass-roots team, which so far includes commitments from SRAM, Swisstop and TRP.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the team is that grass-roots members will have a chance to take advantage of the experience of the Cyclocrossworld pros during scheduled course pre-rides with them. During certain events, such as the USGP and NACT races, Cyclocrossworld aims to make course pre-rides with the pros accessible to team riders giving riders a chance to pick up a few pointers. Rides will likely take place the Friday before the main events begin, with details being announced via the team website.

Team riders will also benefit from the mechanical expertise of the Cyclocrossworld crew. Racers will have a chance, when the pro’s bikes aren’t in the work stands, for a final once-over before the races begin – a little TLC for members’ rides.

Cyclocrossworld is planning a website for the grass-roots team to allow riders in different regions to stay in touch. Team riders will be encouraged to post race reports, but will also be able to use the website to find a couch to sleep on for that race on the other side of the country or to just chat with other teammates. (Host housing match making is also available to all needy racers via the race housing section in the Cyclocross Magazine forums)

Of course, nothing comes for free. Riders will be expected to submit regular race reports and will be required to race in a Cyclocrossworld jersey. Team riders will have to revise their USA Cycling license to reflect Cyclocrossworld as their official club affiliation (which carries a USAC re-licensing fee of $15) and pay up-front for the initial package, which right now is $100.00.

Interested riders can check out for upcoming details and contact information.

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