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Will Katie Compton or Sue Butler win Readers' Choice Favorite Female Racer? ©Jeffery Jakucyk

Will any of these women win Cyclocross Magazine's Readers' Favorite Female Racer? ©Jeffery Jakucyk

As the 2011-2012 cyclocross season comes to an end, the editors of Cyclocross Magazine want to know what gear, racers and races you loved with our first-ever Cyclocross Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards. Who’s your favorite Euro star? Domestic racer? Your favorite brake? Tire? Have you adopted CXM Lab’s “Shimergo” drivetrain? What was the best tech innovation of the past year?

Let us know – your vote will decide which racers, courses and products receive the CXM Readers’ Choice Awards in Issue 16! Voting closes February 2nd, just after the World Championships. Spread the word via Twitter and Facebook to get your cyclocross favorites the recognition they deserve!

Take our Readers’ Choice Award survey on Zoomerang.

As if placing your votes weren’t incentive enough: Five lucky survey takers will stay warm this spring and let all the roadies and mountain bikers know they’d rather be racing cyclocross with our stylish and warm Cyclocross Magazine arm warmers!



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Mandatory tattoo stations?...



What's the deal with NO Giants being listed in the best bike categories? Great value throughout all price ranges, and the two best women in the world both ride their highest-end model.

cyclocross moderator

@LindsayRodkey good point! definitely write-in! a lot of companies do get left out to make the survey mangeable, but all can win.


@mcgarty Nothing happened just yet. We don't have anyone committed for next season either though.

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