Women’s $4,373 Podium: 1st Katie Compton - $2,351 (c), 2nd Laura Van Gilder $1,176 (l), 3rd Kaitie Antonneau $846 (r) © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Women’s $4,373 Podium: 1st Katie Compton - $2,351 (c), 2nd Laura Van Gilder $1,176 (l), 3rd Kaitie Antonneau $846 (r) © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

by Marion Hambrick and Ken Getchell

Fairfield, OH – The UCI3 Festival concluded with Harbin Park presented by BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers, the third and final race of the weekend. The Elite Men and Women faced another day of sunny skies with temperatures soaring into the low 90s. A smattering of tree-filled sections across the course provided little shelter for the riders.

Located in suburban Fairfield, Harbin Park is 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati. The UCI3 course contained features from previous races plus a few new ones. Of the three Festival races, Harbin Park’s course measured the longest, a full 3.5 km cornucopia of pavement, double-track dirt, sand and grass. The dry conditions, gradual hills and mostly 90-degree turns led to a fast and dusty course for the racers.

Coming off wins the first two days, Katie Compton (Planet Bike) looked to sweep the UCI3 series. Compton wasted no time moving up to the front and soloed away for her third straight win of the weekend. The Harbin Park win was her 45th UCI victory and extended her four-year Cincinnati winning streak.

Ryan Trebon (Kona) and Jeremy Powers (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com) also walked into the final day with weekend wins, Trebon at Cyclo-Stampede and Powers at Java Johnny’s. The two fought for the coveted tiebreaker on the Harbin Park course, and Powers set out to defend his 2009 title. Powers and Trebon quickly went off the front and traded lead positions until Powers stepped on the gas and pulled away for the first place finish.

The winning move of the Women’s UCI race took place less than two minutes after the start as Katie Compton gapped the field on their first trip through the sand barrier © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

The winning move of the Women’s UCI race took place less than two minutes after the start as Katie Compton gapped the field on their first trip through the sand barrier © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

For Compton, Third Verse Same as the First (and Second)

The Elite Women’s race featured a full slate with 32 women lining up at the start. Katie Compton (Planet Bike) sought the weekend sweep and to continue her winning ways in the Cincinnati series. Sue Butler (Hudz-Subaru) and Laura van Gilder (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) were also back for more. Butler took the podium spot behind Compton on Day One, but narrowly lost second place to van Gilder during the Day Two sprint to the finish.

The Harbin Park course featured a series of twists and turns through trees and up and down numerous hills. The course concluded with a steep uphill finish, making the park’s conditions potentially better suited for a sprinter like van Gilder. The park itself has a storied cyclocross history: this edition marks the 14th year organizers have held races here. Known historically for its pork processing factories, Cincinnati has been called Porkopolis. On the last day of the Festival, racers and spectators alike wondered, Who would bring home the bacon? For the UCI3, the top five Elite Women would walk away with the same prize amounts received by the top five Elite Men. Since Harbin Park was a UCI C1 event, first place paid $2,351 to win – over 25% more than the UCI mandated minimum purse for the entire women’s field..

The course at Harbin Park was hilly, though not as brutal as Day One’s side-of-a-mountain race at Covington’s Devou Park. It also had two sandpits at the central viewing area that riders pass through twice a lap, one with an uphill approach just past the finish line and another about two minutes later with a downhill approach. Even though the two passes combined totaled only about 60 meters, the sand played a pivotal role in both the Men’s and Women’s races.

The chase group of Sue Butler (f), Laura Van Gilder, Katie Antonneau, Mo Bruno Roy and Ashley James provided entertaining racing until the very end © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

The chase group of Sue Butler (f), Laura Van Gilder, Katie Antonneau, Mo Bruno Roy and Ashley James provided entertaining racing until the very end © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Like the last two starts, Butler took the holeshot and the early lead with Compton, Butler, van Gilder, Mo Bruno-Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) and Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com) at the front. Compton powered through the sand on her bike while others were forced to run, and the deft maneuver gave her a gap.

“I wanted to run my lines,” said Compton after the race. “I knew I wanted to be first to the sand because I knew I could ride it and figured most of the other women wouldn’t.”

The field quickly split apart as the frontrunners pushed the pace coming back through the sand on the downhill. Not content to wait, Compton opened up an early lead with Butler, van Gilder, Bruno-Roy and Antonneau giving chase. She continued to extend her lead on the back half of the course, which featured a long descent followed by a steep uphill and fast carving through the trees before reaching the double barriers. Showing her usual finesse, Compton quickly crossed the barriers with a 12-second gap. The chase group soon saw that gap stretch to 30 and then 45 seconds as Compton time-trialed the rest of the race, and they once again turned their attentions to the remaining podium spots.

If the race for the lead of the Women’s race was a foregone conclusion, the battle for second was anything but.  In the best women’s racing of the weekend, Butler, van Gilder, Bruno-Roy, Antonneau and Ashley James (Kenda) had what will be remembered as one of the best pack races of the year. The surprise of the group was Ashley James. The Wisconsin native recently transferred to Appalachian State University in North Carolina and is one of several American women having a breakout year in 2010.

A classic battle unfolded between pursuiters and sprinters, and Butler remained on the front most of the time, driving the pace and trying to lose some of her chasers. Many projected the sharp uphill finish would favor van Gilder, who continued to hammer around the course with the other four riders. Before long the pace appeared to affect Bruno-Roy, who lost touch with the group and slipped further down the top 10.

With a perfectly straight, 400 meter uphill finish, everyone in the group knew they had to try to lose van Gilder, but they simply couldn’t shake her. Butler said, “I even started taking crazy lines to see if she would follow me.”  The group’s biggest opportunity came as they went down the hill approaching the bell lap. “I washed out my front wheel,” said van Gilder, “and I wasn’t sure if they knew they had gapped me.” Van Gilder put in the effort to close the gap. “When I closed the gap, I went to the front because I wanted to be in front through the sand so they wouldn’t gap me again, and I used that last lap as a recovery lap.”

Laura Van Gilder powers away from Katie Antonneau and Ashley James in the sprint for second, while Sue Butler dismounts with a jammed drivetrain © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Laura Van Gilder powers away from Katie Antonneau and Ashley James in the sprint for second, while Sue Butler dismounts with a jammed drivetrain © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Butler, van Gilder, Antonneau and James remained together until 200 meters to go. Butler led out the sprint, and Antonneau made the first move to the left and briefly took the front position. In classic sprint style, both Butler and van Gilder reacted instantly. But as soon as Butler stood to sprint, her chain jammed between her two chain rings. Van Gilder powered by Antonneau and the stricken Butler to claim second place. Antonneau came across the line in third as Butler dismounted and ran up the hill to the finish.

After the race, van Gilder discussed the sprint finish and Butler’s mechanical. “The hill pitches up, so you just can’t say that you’ve got it from far out, because if you’re overgeared, you’re going to grind to a halt. Sue [Butler] had some chain issues, and I just decided I was going to go. It was an opportunity. I just went and never looked back.”

Compton claimed her 45th UCI victory. Husband Mark Legg-Compton (Planet Bike-Stevens Bike) also swept the weekend’s events, winning his third Elite Master’s race of the weekend before working the pits for his wife.

Jeremy Powers (c) won the race but lost the champagne fight on the podium. Ryan Trebon (l) launches a frontal assault while third place Chris Jones attacks the flank © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Jeremy Powers (c) won the race but lost the champagne fight on the podium. Ryan Trebon (l) launches a frontal assault while third place Chris Jones attacks the flank © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Powers Wins the Tiebreaker

On the Elite Men’s side, 47 racers started alongside Ryan Trebon (Kona) and Jeremy Powers (Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com) as the two men prepared for a third and final encounter just outside the Queen City. After the Java Johnny’s race, Powers remarked that the Day One course better suited Trebon’s mountain bike background, while the Day Two course proved more to his liking. Harbin Park reflected a combination of both courses, and Powers and Trebon questioned who would come out victorious at the end of 60 minutes. The high temperatures returned for a third day and potentially remained a factor for Powers. The previous two days, he repeatedly lost ground to Trebon after taking bottles in the pit, and then was forced to work hard to catch up.

Powers started with an icepack in his skinsuit for a second day, and he, Trebon, Geoff Kabush (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain), Brian Matter (Gear Grinder) and Troy Wells (Clif Bar) led the charge at the start and into the first of the two sandpits. Powers flew through the sand, and the dust began to fly as the leaders followed his line and pedaled furiously through the pit. The leaders remained close together with Trebon, Powers, Kabush, Barry Wicks (Kona) and Christopher Jones (Rapha-Focus) at the front. Coming back through the second sandpit, Trebon and Powers put a few bike lengths between themselves and the other riders, who formed a serpentine line coursing steadily through the trees.

Ryan Trebon liked the power sections, but set his tire pressure too low and was drifting too much in the technical sections © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Ryan Trebon liked the power sections, but set his tire pressure too low and was drifting too much in the technical portions © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

In similar fashion, Trebon and Powers continued to trade punches throughout the first few laps. Powers would create a gap, and Trebon would come out of the saddle, pedaling hard to close. Their pace soon splintered the field, and four riders – Powers, Trebon, Kabush and Jones – were off the front. Troy Wells, Matter, Wicks, Jake Wells (Hudz-Subaru) and Tristan Schouten (Cyclocrossracing.com-Blue-Rolf Prima) continued to chase the frontrunners with five laps to go. The lead group then split into two with Powers and Trebon creating a small gap. Powers soon put several bike lengths between himself and Trebon on the back half of the course. Refusing to concede, Trebon continued working hard to thwart Powers’ attempts to drop him.

Almost halfway through the race, the defining moment occurred directly in front of the announcers and most of the spectators in the sandpit with the downhill approach. Leading into the sweeping right hand approach, Trebon, who was second at the time, made a huge acceleration to try and pass Powers on the outside and hit the sandpit first. Powers matched the acceleration like a track sprinter, maintained the inside line and hit the sand square. Trebon hit it at the slightest of angles, but it was enough for him to wiggle momentarily, dab his foot and lose contact. “I knew anyone doing that must be a little bit desperate and hurting some,” said Powers after the race. “I already had the inside line, so I used it.”

“It was good,” said Trebon. “He wasn’t giving me anything and I wasn’t giving him anything.” Though Trebon made contact several times, he would never lead the race again. “I could catch him on some of the power sections,” he said, “but as soon as I did, we would hit a technical section, and he’d ride away from me again. I was sliding a lot today, I think the rear tire pressure was one or two pounds too low. I was drifting all over the place.”

The two continued push the pace, with Powers pushing harder until he created and maintained a five-second gap over Trebon through the barriers and back into the sandpits. After the race, Powers commented on his race strategy: “A lot of this course was getting in front of someone at different points to make sure you could get time on them in other sections. I just took advantage where I could.”

Chris Jones had his best performance of the year, 3rd place © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Chris Jones had his best performance of the year, 3rd place © 2010 Jeffrey B. Jakucyk

Behind the leaders, Jones and Kabush soloed in for third and fourth, respectively, with the remaining riders strung out across the course. Powers continued to lead Trebon by five seconds with one lap to go. The two remained separated as Powers charged up the hill for his second win of the UCI3 weekend with Trebon in second and Jones third.

With the scintillating battle for the lead, Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) rode almost unnoticed to a solo third place, his best result so far this year. When asked what people should know about his performance, he replied, “Tell them how great the kit looks!” as he stood up to model it. Jones has had a slow start to the season, and the team added the UCI3 Festival to its program after difficulties at the Planet Bike Cup USGP weekend. “I’m just getting used to it,” said Jones of cyclocross. “We had our road nationals on Sunday, and Wednesday I was racing CrossVegas. I’m fit from the road, but I’m just not used to cyclocross yet; I hadn’t even practiced any dismounts. It just takes some time. I wanted to improve my results.” Then, smiling broadly, he said, “I’m happy to get a podium position.”

Photo Gallery by Greg Sailor:

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Full Results:

#First NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityState
1JeremyPOWERSCannondale/CyclocrossworldElite MenEasthamptonMA
2RyanTrebonKonaElite MenBENDOR
3ChristopherJONESRapha-Focus Cyclocross TeamElite MenAuburnCA
4GeoffKABUSHTeam Maxxis-Rocky MountainElite Men
5BrianMatterGear GrinderElite MenSHEBOYGANWI
6BarryWicksKonaElite MenCORVALLISOR
7TristanSchoutenISCorp Cycling TeamElite MenPLYMOUTHWI
8JakeWellsHudz-SubaruElite MenAVONCO
9TroyWellsTeam Clif BarElite MenDURANGOCO
10MikeShererVerizon u25 Team p/b ABDElite MenEVANSTONIL
12DerrickST JOHNGarneau Club Chaussure-OgilvyElite Men
13AndrewWulfkuhleC3-Athletes Serving AthletesElite MenLANCASTERPA
14MitchellKerstingFetzer Cycling TeamElite MenLOUISVILLEKY
15WestonSchempfC3-Athletes Serving AthletesElite MenBETHESDAMD
16JoachimPARBOCCV Leopard CyclesElite Men
17StephenCummingsIndiana Regional Medical CenterElite MenPITTSBURGHPA
18PaulMartinPanther pb Competitive CyclistElite MenNORTH ROYALTONOH
19EricWondergemHup UnitedElite MenJOHNSON CITYTN
20NathanaelWyattCarolina Fatz pb Santa Cruz BicyclesElite MenSWANNANOANC
21DaveWeaverALAN N. America Cycling TeamElite MenTOWSONMD
22MichaelMihalikFreddie Fu Cycling TeamElite MenALIQUIPPAPA
23RyanKnappBikeReg.comElite MenCOLUMBUSIN
24JohnMinturnAXA Equitable – CRCAElite MenPHILADELPHIAPA
25MitchellHokeClif Bar Development Cyclo-Cross TeamElite MenCOLORADO SPRINGSCO
26ErikHamiltonNUVO Cultural TrailElite MenBLOOMINGTONIN
27ChristopherNevittFetzer Cycling TeamElite MenLOUISVILLEKY
28MatthewWeeksTeam Lake EffectElite MenMENTOROH
29AndrewReardonVan Dessel / Real DesignElite MenFRANKLINTN
30MichaelAndersonNorth Country Cycle SportElite MenALPENAMI
31ScottMcLaughlinSRAM FactoryElite MenCHICAGOIL
32PaulMesiFrench Meadow Bakery / FortistarElite MenRALEIGHNC
33MarkBroadwaterC3-Athletes Serving AthletesElite MenCOCKEYSVILLEMD
34JasonKarewBishops BicyclesElite MenCINCINNATIOH
35RobertKendallBob’s Red MillElite MenLOUISVILLEKY
37WilliamStreetSisu custom cyclesElite MenSHEBOYGANWI
38JacobVirostkoShamrock CyclesElite MenCOLUMBUSIN
39AndrewRaabCarolina Cyclones Development TeamElite MenCHARLOTTENC
40RyanGammKENDA Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDERElite MenOXFORDOH
41JohnathanFreterAlan North AmericaElite MenCOLUMBUSOH
42JoshuaJohnsonDRT RacingElite MenFORT WAYNEIN
43ZacharyEdwardsDRT RacingElite MenBLOOMINGTONIN
44MichaelKennedyFetzer Cycling TeamElite MenLOUISVILLEKY
45NoahMetzlerTeam GlobalbikeElite MenGREENVILLESC
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1KatherineComptonPlanet BikeElite WomenCOLORADO SPRINGSCO
2LauraVan GilderC3 — Athletes Serving AthletesElite WomenCRESCOPA
3KaitlinAntonneauCannondale presented by Cyclocross World.comElite WomenRACINEWI
4AshleyJamesTeam KendaElite WomenDOUSMANWI
5DeidreWinfieldC3 – Athletes Serving AthletesElite WomenCHARLOTTESVILLEVA
6MaureenBruno RoyMM Racing p/b Seven CyclesElite WomenARLINGTONMA
7SusanButlerHudz SubaruElite WomenPORTLANDOR
8KristinGavinTeam CF-EliteElite WomenPHILADELPHIAPA
9BarbaraHoweIbis and the Danger TwinsElite WomenBERKELEYCA
10ArleyKemmererC3 – Athletes Serving AthletesElite WomenSILVER SPRINGMD
11KariStudleyTeam RedlineElite WomenBOTHELLWA
12LindaSonePlanet BikeElite WomenNORTHFIELDMN
13AnnaJeanDallaireAlderfer BergenElite WomenLOUISVILLEKY
14LenorePipesFruit 66/ArtemisElite WomenPHILADELPHIAPA
15JenniferMaxwellVan Dessel Sterke MeidenElite WomenWASHINGTONDC
16MeghanKorolMafia RacingElite WomenASHEVILLENC
17KimberlyFlynnGrace Law-Trek p/b VantaggioElite WomenHIXSONTN
18AnneSchwartzFlying Rhino Cycling ClubElite WomenGROSSE POINTE WOODSMI
19GeraldineSchulzeBio Wheels RacingElite WomenCINCINNATIOH
20BridgetDonovanTrek Store Cincinnati/ Seven CyclesElite WomenCINCINNATIOH
21KatherineShieldsCarolina Masters Cycling TeamElite WomenSALISBURYNC
22EmilyShieldsCarolina Masters Cycling TeamElite WomenSALISBURYNC
23MarneSMILEYScott/ Ollett CoachingElite WomenAnn ArborMI
24TammyWallaceThinkCash RacingElite WomenFORT WORTHTX
25RebeccaFINLEYMarian UniversityElite WomenIndianapolisIN
26NicoleBoremDRT RacingElite WomenWARSAWIN
27NatashaELLIOTGarneau Club Chaussure-OgilvyElite Women
28Deb SweeneyWhitmorePerformance Bicycle Racing TeamElite WomenSYLVANC
30CourtneyPattonTrek of Pittsburgh/ National VeloElite WomenBRADFORDWOODSPA
31EmilyBensonVelo BellaElite WomenMEDINAOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1BrianLARKRed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18New AlbanyIN
2JohnFRANCISCORed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
3ZachSEMIANTeam Alliance EnvironmentalJunior Men 15-18MertztownPA
4SamuelDOBROZSIQCW LionheartsJunior Men 15-18LovelandOH
5CooperSIMONRed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
6IanMCSHANERed Zone CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
7LukeWOODARDFCA EnduranceJunior Men 15-18MasonOH
8JustinMillerOhio Orthopedic-Moro CyclingJunior Men 15-18COLUMBUSOH
9GavinHALEYRed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
10WillBAINBikeClicks/Team LouisvilleJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
11SigurdJostJunior Men 15-18
12BenGLOVERRed Zone CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
13DanielSANTOSRed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
14HoustonWardRed ZoneJunior Men 15-18PROSPECTKY
15KippSILBERMonster Energy CyclingJunior Men 15-18DaytonOH
16AlexMELLOYRed Zone Juniors CyclingJunior Men 15-18LouisvilleKY
17RichardRainvilleAnn Arbor Velo ClubJunior Men 15-18LIVONIAMI
18NickDietrichJunior Men 15-18PROSPECTKY
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1CateMCSHANERed Zone CyclingJunior Women 10-12LouisvilleKY
2FrancesHALEYRed Zone CyclingJunior Women 10-12LouisvilleKY
3EmmaHAYESQCW LionheartsJunior Women 10-12CincinnatiOH
4MadeleineGREENQCW LionheartsJunior Women 10-12MasonOH
5AbigailSAVAGEQCW LionheartsJunior Women 10-12LovelandOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1KatherineSANTOSRed Zone CyclingJunior Women 13-14LouisvilleKY
2EdenWebbRed Zone CyclingJunior Women 13-14LOUISVILLEKY
3EmilyFALKRed Zone CyclingJunior Women 13-14LouisvilleKY
4MackenzieGREENQCW LionheartsJunior Women 13-14MasonOH
5Mary FrancesSHARPSHAIRQCW LionheartsJunior Women 13-14CincinnatiOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1WilliamBOBROWPapa John’s Racing TeamJuniors 10-12LouisvilleKY
2JacksonMCNEARRed Zone CyclingJuniors 10-12LouisvilleKY
3VedaGERASIMEKProject Velo/One Call NowJuniors 10-12TransferPA
4ThomasFranciscoJuniors 10-12LOUISVILLEKY
5EnzoAllweinQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12CINCINNATIOH
6RyanMADISProject Velo / One Call NowJuniors 10-12HudsonOH
7NicholasPETROVQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12MasonOH
8LukeJOHNSONAlderfer BergenJuniors 10-12WarsawIN
9CameronFISKRedZoneJuniors 10-12LouisvilleKY
10ZaneASHQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12CincinnatiOH
11EvanSEGARQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12CincinnatiOH
12MaxSAVAGEQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12LovelandOH
13GabrielDOBROZSIQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12LovelandOH
14JacobKRYNOCKQCW LionheartsJuniors 10-12MasonOH
15LewisGATCHLionHearts/Queen City WheelsJuniors 10-12Terrace ParkOH
16LoganJOHNSONAlderfer BergenJuniors 10-12WarsawIN
17MarkMilesOhio Valley VeloJuniors 10-12
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1WillMANDROLARed Zone CyclingJuniors 13-14LouisvilleKY
2RachelDOBROZSIQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14LovelandOH
3RobertPREWITTQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14LovelandOH
4JohnMORRISQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14CincinnatiOH
5ZacharyROSSQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14CincinnatiOH
6AndrewRADEMACHERQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14LovelandOH
7JacobWeisgerberLionheartsJuniors 13-14LOVELANDOH
8MichaelGRUENWALDQCW LionheartsJuniors 13-14CincinnatiOH
9ChaseWISCHMEIERCentury21 Breeden RealtorsJuniors 13-14ColumbusIN
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1AndrewDILLMANRed Zone CyclingCat 2/3FairdaleKY
2JasonHALLORANSpin/RR DonnelleyCat 2/3LakewoodOH
3TravisMULLEN29er crewCat 2/3LexingtonKY
4JohnPROPPELake Effect RacingCat 2/3North RoyaltonOH
5MatthewLIGHTAlderfer BergenCat 2/3WarsawIN
6TylerKARNESHaymarket Bicycles / SEAVSCat 2/3ChesapeakeVA
7StephenBASSETTbikezoo/micrometals/sunspotCat 2/3KnoxvilleTN
8WestonLUZZADDERMarian UniversityCat 2/3IndianapolisIN
9BrettROTHMEYERCat 2/3PittsburghPA
10ChadSALLAAlderfer BergenCat 2/3Winona LakeIN
11BrianHOLCOMBEVeloNewsCat 2/3Fort CollinsCO
12RossCERNIGLIAmy wife incCat 2/3WauwatosaWI
13EricLUNDGRENIron City BikesCat 2/3PittsburghPA
14ChaunceyJOYCE7 Hills RacingCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
15JustinWALLACEThinkCash RacingCat 2/3Fort WorthTX
16MichaelCHEWNINGTeam Hungry!Cat 2/3CincinnatiOH
17CameronJACKSONCCSH-RGF p/b Felt BikesCat 2/3Bay VillageOH
18WilliamSHERMANShamrock CyclesCat 2/3IndianapolisIN
19MarcVETTORIC3: Twenty 20 Cycling CompanyCat 2/3ElktonMD
20BradleySCHMALZERTeam Bikeman.com/XXC MagazineCat 2/3CharlestonWV
21AndrewBoneffJays BikeCat 2/3CHURUBUSCOIN
22DavidSTEINERSpin/RR DonnelleyCat 2/3South EuclidOH
23GregFLECHERCarbon RacingCat 2/3MedinaOH
24ChristopherCHARTIERAlderfer BergenCat 2/3HamiltonOH
25JakeGRANTHAMUPMC Cycling PerformanceCat 2/3PittsburghPA
26RaySMITHHumana/Cycler’s CafeCat 2/3LouisvilleKY
27ScottGARTMANTeam Lake EffectCat 2/3ParmaOH
28NickTINSLERDarkhorse RacingCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
29JadenSEMPSROTTBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 2/3MainevilleOH
30JeremyBURROUGHSQueen City WheelsCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
31MikeHEENANmy wife incCat 2/3WauwatosaWI
32DavidThomasTeam MagnusCat 2/3ASHEVILLENC
34JamesBILLITERBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
35JasonMOTTBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
36RobertSROKALake Effect RacingCat 2/3N. RoyaltonOH
37BenHAYIron City Bikes RacingCat 2/3PittsburghPA
38JosephHALLMoro CyclingCat 2/3Plain CityOH
39GreggSHANEFELTZWS/CyclesportCat 2/3LatrobePA
40JoshFEAZELLEnduraCat 2/3FayettrevilleWV
41MattJOHNSONAlderfer BergenCat 2/3WarsawIN
42MattFOXBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 2/3GreendaleIN
43JoeBELLANTEBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
44AndyFEDEWAFlying Rhino Cycling ClubCat 2/3ClarkstonMI
45DaveMUNDYTeam Dayton Michelob Ultra CyclingCat 2/3DaytonOH
46KerryNORDSTROMTeam Hungry!!1Cat 2/3CincinnatiOH
47JohnEHRLINGERTeam SpinCat 2/3South EuclidOH
48SpencerHACKETTB1 BicyclesCat 2/3ColumbusOH
49RyanMCKINNIETwo Wheel TangoCat 2/3BrightonMI
50BrianHOPKINSAg3r-ButlerHealthSystemsCat 2/3Mt. Holly SpringsPA
51TonyMARUTLake Effect RacingCat 2/3PainesvilleOH
52AshtonWISCHMEIERDRTCat 2/3ColumbusIN
53StevenBREWER, JR.Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystemsCat 2/3ClymerPA
54JoeCZERWONKABob’s Red Mill p/b FocusCat 2/3LouisvilleKY
55RobertTHOMASHalf Acre CyclingCat 2/3ChicagoIL
56MitchellGabelASFRA FlandersCat 2/3AVON LAKEOH
57KatsuhiroTandaCat 2/3ATHENSOH
58JasonMONKMain Street VeloCat 2/3LexingtonKY
59CorySt ClairCCSH – Felt pb RGF & PVR Bike U23Cat 2/3CINCINNATIOH
60GregJOHNSONFlying Rhino Cycling ClubCat 2/3FentonMI
61DanLACHCyclesport/Zephyr Wheel SportCat 2/3CincinnatiOH
62AlderMARTZMarian UniversityCat 2/3IndianapolisIN
63BrandonLEACHJohnny SprocketsCat 2/3ChicagoIL
64RyanPRESKEMorris TruckingCat 2/3BloomingtonIN
65IsaiahNEWKIRKMarian UniversityCat 2/3IndianapolisIN
66ChristopherJENSENHalf Acre CyclingCat 2/3ChicagoIL
67NathanSZABOTeam Lake EffectCat 2/3ParmOH
68JohnMARKSTEINTeam Awesome / Jeni’sCat 2/3ColumbusOH
69CharlesHICKSFiets Maan RacingCat 2/3LenoirNC
70JohnOSGOODTeam SandbagCat 2/3KimballMI
71JohnLIONBERGERPony Shop CyclocrossCat 2/3ChicagoIL
72JeffreyTRINHSquadra CoppiCat 2/3ViennaVA
73MichaelJERNIGANCAT Racing / Pittsburgh Elite VeloCat 2/3PittsburghPA
74TimBEBERNISSOne Call NowCat 2/3DaytonOH
75PeterDEUCHERMarian UniversityCat 2/3IndianapolisIN
76LukeHALEYRed Zone CyclingCat 2/3LouisvilleKY
77MarkCAFFYNFlying Rhino Cycling ClubCat 2/3OrtonvilleMI
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1CoreyGREENCat 3 Men 35+MasonOH
2DavidJOHNSONDrake’s CoffeeCat 3 Men 35+SylvaniaOH
3BrianCOLLIERBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 3 Men 35+BurlingtonKY
4PeterHILLSMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3 Men 35+LovelandOH
5CraigHANNIBALSnakeBite RacingCat 3 Men 35+Pepper PikeOH
6JackBROWNFiets Maan RacingCat 3 Men 35+LenoirNC
7ScottPARDITeam Hungry!!Cat 3 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
8MattSTIERWALTRogue Racing ProjectCat 3 Men 35+MainevilleOH
9JoernBROCKHAUSMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3 Men 35+West ChesterOH
10MarkFARMEROhio Orthopedic Center of Excellence/Moro CyclingCat 3 Men 35+ColumbusOH
11AndrewMILLARDZWS/CycleSportCat 3 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
12StevenGERSBioWheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 3 Men 35+UnionKY
13RaymondAUGERCycle-Smart / Maple Leaf CCCat 3 Men 35+WindsorON
14BruceMacDonaldSpinCat 3 Men 35+AVON LAKEOH
15DougCARRAWAYOhio Orthopedic/Moro CyclingCat 3 Men 35+ColumbusOH
16JamesTURNERTeam IPROCat 3 Men 35+DaytonOH
17GlenGARDNERVortechs GroupCat 3 Men 35+GalenaOH
18WayneCOOKtheargylearmy.com/SpecializedCat 3 Men 35+Clinton Twp.MI
19IanNEWCOMBGhisallo Cycling TeamCat 3 Men 35+KetteringOH
20ScotHERRMANNMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3 Men 35+LovelandOH
21RodneyROOFZWS/CyclesportCat 3 Men 35+Blue AshOH
22JeffCYRUSRogue Racing ProjectCat 3 Men 35+LovelandOH
23AndrewALLWEINSeven Hills RacingCat 3 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
24JerryHAYES IIQueen City WheelsCat 3 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
25DuaneWALKERBikeClicks.com/Team LouisvilleCat 3 Men 35+ProspectKY
26DavidAUKERMANIndiana Hand CenterCat 3 Men 35+Terre HauteIN
27RickMAIERMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3 Men 35+Liberty Twp.OH
28DavidGROENNational EngineeringCat 3 Men 35+PowellOH
29NathanMIRUSBiowheels/Reece-campbell RacingCat 3 Men 35+West ChesterOH
30BoSHERMANMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1MarkHOOTONRogueRacers.orgCat 3 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
2MichaelSEILERRogue Racing ProjectCat 3 Men 45+LouisvilleKY
3LouBECKMEYER7 Hills RacingCat 3 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
4KennySIPESCKW RacingCat 3 Men 45+FlahertyKY
5JonHICKSWinchester WheelmenCat 3 Men 45+WinchesterVA
6JeffreyCHAMBERSSchellers Racing TeamCat 3 Men 45+LouisvilleKY
7ScottBELCHER7 Hills RacingCat 3 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
8MarkFASCZEWSKIKrystal/SCVCat 3 Men 45+HixsonTN
9JeffSteinrockCat 3 Men 45+
10LarsANDERSENCat 3 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
11CraigReynoldsSome Guys CyclingCat 3 Men 45+TERRE HAUTEIN
12ScottWAGNERDrt RacingCat 3 Men 45+Fort WayneIN
13KenO’DAYArgyle ArmyCat 3 Men 45+YpsilantiMI
14MikeOTTING7 Hills RacingCat 3 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
15BillMARUTLake Effect RacingCat 3 Men 45+PainesvilleOH
16ScottYOUNGTri TechCat 3 Men 45+MillersportOH
17CharlesSOUTHMen of Steel RacingCat 3 Men 45+Fort WayneIN
18MichaelWAKELEYBlue Competition CyclesCat 3 Men 45+OttawaIL
19JimHAVEYCommonwealth Eye Surgery / Pedal the PlanetCat 3 Men 45+LexingtonKY
20HarryWICKSBiowheels/Reece-Campbell RacingCat 3 Men 45+ButlerKY
21BrianBLACKWELLRogue Racing ProjectCat 3 Men 45+ClarksvilleIN
22StevenVordermanDRTCat 3 Men 45+FORT WAYNEIN
23ChrisFRETERALAN North America CyclingCat 3 Men 45+ColumbusOH
24BryanSMITHMcDonalds Cycling TeamCat 3 Men 45+ElizabethtownKY
25GaryDUGOVICHBeaver Valley VeloCat 3 Men 45+MonacaPA
26KayOhtaMain Street VeloCat 3 Men 45+LOUISVILLEKY
27JohnRIEDELALAN North America Cyclocross TeamCat 3 Men 45+Plain CityOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1LeahHALLORANSpin/ Second SoleCat 3/4 WomenLakewoodOH
2NinaELLIOTTUnaffiliatedCat 3/4 WomenMountain RestSC
3RebeccaFREDERICKKelly Benefit Strategies/LSVCat 3/4 WomenBaltimoreMD
4BaileySEMIANTeam Alliance EnvironmentalCat 3/4 WomenMertztownPA
5TerraKierMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3/4 WomenDAYTONOH
6SarahSWALLOWZWSCat 3/4 WomenLovelandOH
7ElizabethCOBBBikeReg.comCat 3/4 WomenBloomingtonIN
8KathleenWULFKUHLEC3-Athletes Serving AthletesCat 3/4 WomenLancasterPA
9KatiearnoldECHELONCat 3/4 Women
10SaraHARPERGrunt Girl RacingCat 3/4 WomenKentOH
11LauraMELENDEZPriority HealthCat 3/4 WomenGrand RapidsMI
12HannahMossmanCat 3/4 WomenCINCINNATIOH
13CooperAMBJORNReser Fusion Velo ExperienceCat 3/4 WomenCovingtonKY
14CarrieCOCHRANReser Fusion Velo ExperienceCat 3/4 WomenLudlowKY
15JillianKELLBACHCOBCCat 3/4 WomenPowellOH
16VanessaSTAUFFERMaple Leaf CCCat 3/4 WomenWindsorON
17ShannaDUFFYMichelob UltraCat 3/4 WomenBeavercreekOH
18KristinHARVEYCat 3/4 WomenLexingtonKY
19JulieHERRMANNTeam DaytonCat 3/4 WomenLovelandOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1JulieLEWIS SROKALake EffectCat 3/4 Women 35+N. RoyaltonOH
2MalissaPETROVZWS CyclesportCat 3/4 Women 35+MasonOH
3SamanthaBRODE (HOUSE)Carbon RacingCat 3/4 Women 35+AkronOH
4JennyLYTLEG4BCat 3/4 Women 35+LovelandOH
5StaciMANDROLAPapa Johns Racing TeamCat 3/4 Women 35+LouisvilleKY
6KimBISHOPBarberitos/Everedy EnduranceCat 3/4 Women 35+KingsportTN
7LynnPITSONCarolina MastersCat 3/4 Women 35+SalisburyNC
8StarAFFOLTERGrace Law/TrekCat 3/4 Women 35+OoltewahTN
9MelissaRUCKERTeam KendaCat 3/4 Women 35+CincinnatiOH
11JanetTRUBEYNCCXCat 3/4 Women 35+FletcherNC
12RachelWEAVERSteel City EnduranceCat 3/4 Women 35+TarentumPA
13DianeVETTORIC3: twenty 20 cycling co.Cat 3/4 Women 35+ElktonMD
14StacieTRUSZKOWSKISteel City EnduranceCat 3/4 Women 35+PittsburghPA
15JudiLOPRESTITeam KendaCat 3/4 Women 35+CincinnatiOH
16GingerBALLARDTEAM Awesome/Jeni’s IceCreamCat 3/4 Women 35+ColumbusOH
17JuliaCASALSVan Dessel Sterke MeidenCat 3/4 Women 35+MiddleburgVA
18MelodyGERASIMEKProject Velo/One Call NowCat 3/4 Women 35+TransferPA
19JeniROOSENSeven HillsCat 3/4 Women 35+CincinnatiOH
20HeatherFARRELLRouge Racing ProjectCat 3/4 Women 35+New RichondOH
21SherriTHOMPSONRogue Racing ProjectCat 3/4 Women 35+LouisvilleKY
22TiffanieHILLSMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 3/4 Women 35+LovelandOH
24HeatherMAIERCat 3/4 Women 35+Liberty Twp.OH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1JustinHOBLETCat 4 MenSan DiegoCA
2matthewbeyUnattachedCat 4 Men
3garymanis, jrUnattachedCat 4 Men
4SpencerPETROVQCW LionheartsCat 4 MenMasonOH
5DavidROSETeam Bikes and MooreCat 4 MenMadisonvilleKY
6NolanMCQUEENRed Zone Cycling TeamCat 4 MenLouisvilleKY
7ThomasSwallowUnattachedCat 4 Men
8TimBROWNRogue Racing ProjectCat 4 MenLouisvilleKY
9TylerLACHCyclesport/Zephyr Wheel SportCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
10BenKINGU of LouisvilleCat 4 Men
11AlexSTEINKERTeam HungryCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
12JackMCCANNProChainCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
13JaredPRESTONTeam DaytonCat 4 MenDublinOH
14CharlesBOSSARTCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
15KippSILBERMonster Energy CyclingCat 4 MenDaytonOH
16RyanBartholomyCat 4 MenOWENSBOROKY
17KurtisFRALEYOhio Orthopedic / Moro CyclingCat 4 MenLewis CenterOH
18ReedBagleyMcDonalds Cycling TeamCat 4 MenLEXINGTONKY
19ZachCAHILLTeam HungryCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
20MattHARBAUGHQueen City WheelsCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
21denverturnerUnattachedCat 4 Men
22MichaelHOBLETCat 4 MenMorrowOH
23PatrickLACHCat 4 MenCincinnatiOH
24BrianSCHULTZOhio Orthopedic/Moro CyclingCat 4 MenColumbusOH
25AaronCASEYETSUCat 4 MenKingsportTN
26AndrewSMITHReser Fusion Velo ExperienceCat 4 MenMonroeMI
27AaronBRINERGuitar Lab Cycling TeamCat 4 MenHaubstadtIN
28DavidYOHEMarian UniversityCat 4 MenIndianapolisIN
29NathanUtzMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 4 MenKETTERINGOH
30ChristopherMetzlerTeam MeCat 4 Men
31JoshuaJolinUnattachedCat 4 MenBELLVILLEOH
32AnthonyVITONEchelonCat 4 MenBexleyOH
33JoelEastmanCat 4 MenFRANKFORTKY
35MarcusSIUU of LouisvilleCat 4 Men
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1AlanSabinoMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 4 Men 35+SPRINGBOROOH
2KirkGRYNWALDRogue Racing ProjectCat 4 Men 35+CrestwoodKY
3TracySEGARQueen City WheelsCat 4 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
4DavePlackeCat 4 Men 35+
5BryanHORTONReser Fusion Velo ExperienceCat 4 Men 35+Fort WrightKY
6Chip (Otto)SCHUGTeam WebCyclery.comCat 4 Men 35+ColumbusIN
7LarryPETHICKBikeClicks/Team LouisvilleCat 4 Men 35+LouisvilleKY
8ChristianAMBJORNReser Fusion Velo ExperienceCat 4 Men 35+CovingtonKY
9ScottMURSCHELBiowheels Race TeamCat 4 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
10EvanCLARKCat 4 Men 35+HebronKY
11DarrenlingIndependent FabricationCat 4 Men 35+
12TomMULPAGANOShamrock CyclesCat 4 Men 35+CarmelIN
13MichaelWEISGERBERQueen City WheelsCat 4 Men 35+LovelandOH
14MatthewHOLLOWAYSargent Electric Koeles Cycling ClubCat 4 Men 35+Moon TownshipPA
15MarkMartinesBishops BicyclesCat 4 Men 35+
16LutherPRATERSpeedway WheelmenCat 4 Men 35+MuncieIN
17JasonGARNERETRogue Racing ProjectCat 4 Men 35+MainevilleOH
18JohnPETROVQueen City WheelsCat 4 Men 35+MasonOH
19JoshuaHOBLETCat 4 Men 35+North LimaOH
20Cat 4 Men 35+
21JamesO’LOUGHLINteam hungry!Cat 4 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
22ScottLYLEQueen City WheelsCat 4 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
23JohnMolnarCat 4 Men 35+
24JosephRIPPETeam Dayton/Michelob Ultra CyclingCat 4 Men 35+CincinnatiOH
25MichaelGALINGERCat 4 Men 35+WyomingOH
26DavidHackTeam Bikes and MooreCat 4 Men 35+MADISONVILLEKY
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1JohnDowneyCat 4 Men 45+LOVELANDOH
2DavidJOLINStark VeloCat 4 Men 45+BellvilleOH
3LanceBROWNDarkhorse RacingCat 4 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
4KevinSKIPWORTHTraverse City Bike ShopCat 4 Men 45+FindlayOH
5DellWILLIAMSONQueen City WheelsCat 4 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
6DonBILLMichelob UltraCat 4 Men 45+MiamisburgOH
7DanRAMSEY7 HillsCat 4 Men 45+CincinnatiOH
8MarshallLEININGERStark VeloCat 4 Men 45+CantonOH
9JohnWeberColavita Racing Inc.Cat 4 Men 45+RICHMONDIN
10MichaelMontalbanoMichelob Ultra CyclingCat 4 Men 45+LOVELANDOH
11ToddKINGCat 4 Men 45+FlorenceKY
12JohnWHEELER IIMoore Gray Goat SportsCat 4 Men 45+CarmelIN
13kellysullivanCat 4 Men 45+MILFORDOH
14JohnMCGOVERNCat 4 Men 45+LovelandOH
15BuzzWentzCat 4 Men 45+
16RobertNeumanUnattachedCat 4 Men 45+ROYAL OAKOH
17WilliamFLECHERStark VeloCat 4 Men 45+MedinaOH
18MarkMCKENNEY7 Hills RacingCat 4 Men 45+MasonOH
RankFirst NameLast NameTeam NameCategoryCityStste
1MarkLegg ComptonPlanet Bike/StevensElite Masters 35+/45+COLORADO SPRINGSCO
2TimothySaariEssex BrassElite Masters 35+/45+ROCHESTER HILLSMI
3JonathanCardTeam Card/Cane CreekElite Masters 35+/45+SYLVANIAOH
4JeffWeinertWolverine Sports ClubElite Masters 35+/45+LAKE ORIONMI
5AndrewMesserDRT RacingElite Masters 35+/45+BLOOMINGTONIN
6MichaelMcShaneBob’s Red MillElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
7JoshuaWhitmoreTeam GlobalbikeElite Masters 35+/45+SYLVANC
8AndrewGorskiElite Masters 35+/45+ALLISON PARKPA
9JayMONCELWolverine/ACFSTORES.COMElite Masters 35+/45+TroyMI
10EricAndersonNUVO Cultural TrailElite Masters 35+/45+INDIANAPOLISIN
11LanceFagerbergPapa John’s Racing TeamElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
12JeffreyWelchFiets Maan RacingElite Masters 35+/45+LENOIRNC
13PhilipWebbFetzerElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
14FrederickRoseBikeReg.comElite Masters 35+/45+BLOOMINGTONIN
15PeterThompsonFlying Rhino Cycling ClubElite Masters 35+/45+ORTONVILLEMI
16JohnMandrolaPapa Johns Racing TeamElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
17RobertDownsPlanet BikeElite Masters 35+/45+MADISONWI
18AaronHubbellNUVO Cultural TrailElite Masters 35+/45+INDIANAPOLISIN
20TomaszGolasDRT RacingElite Masters 35+/45+BLOOMINGTONIN
21JonathanSeiboldFamily Bike Shop/DCMTBElite Masters 35+/45+CROFTONMD
22PatrickRussellWolverine Sports ClubElite Masters 35+/45+BERKLEYMI
23BrianAndriotBicycle Sport Inc.Elite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
24ToddBraswellFiets Maan RacingElite Masters 35+/45+LENOIRNC
25BrucePisarekCOBC National EngineeringElite Masters 35+/45+POWELLOH
26MattBAROLIWolverine/ACFSTORES.COMElite Masters 35+/45+TroyMI
27RobertSelleMPI-Mainstreet BikesElite Masters 35+/45+WEST BLOOMFIELDMI
28MichaelSEAMANSpecializedElite Masters 35+/45+Mt. PleasantMI
29KyleWinglerAlan North AmericaElite Masters 35+/45+ALEXANDRIAOH
30GlennFranciscoElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
31ChrisBEHRMANNFiets Maan RacingElite Masters 35+/45+CharlotteNC
32MarkWolowiecFlying Rhino Cycling ClubElite Masters 35+/45+DAVISBURGMI
33SteveBivensBreck’s Bike ShopElite Masters 35+/45+EVANSVILLEIN
34RudySrokaLake Effect RacingElite Masters 35+/45+N ROYALTONOH
35JohnKouryDrakes CoffeeElite Masters 35+/45+CHARLOTTENC
36KeithLucasScheller’s Racing TeamElite Masters 35+/45+CUSTERKY
37RobertPughFiets Maan RacingElite Masters 35+/45+CHARLOTTENC
38JohnMAY, SRPapa John’s Cycling TeamElite Masters 35+/45+LouisvilleKY
39ChristopherDurandHuntington BankElite Masters 35+/45+CINCINNATIOH
40Anthony (Tony)BilottaVan Dessel Factory TeamElite Masters 35+/45+CHARLOTTESVILLEVA
41RickLyonsRogue RacingElite Masters 35+/45+LOUISVILLEKY
42MarkStreckerBio Wheels RacingElite Masters 35+/45+CINCINNATIOH
43DerekWilfordSpinElite Masters 35+/45+EUCLIDOH
44ToddNixOhio Valley VeloElite Masters 35+/45+OWENSBOROKY
45ScottBondSpeedway WheelmenElite Masters 35+/45+GREENFIELDIN
46MichaelVanucciTeam Lake EffectElite Masters 35+/45+WESTLAKEOH
47MatthewKoehnSpeedway WheelmenElite Masters 35+/45+INDIANAPOLISIN
48KerryShieldsCarolina Masters CyclingElite Masters 35+/45+SALISBURYNC
Jeffrey B. Jakucyk