Zdenek Stybar leads over the stairs © Bart Hazen

Zdenek Stybar leads over the stairs © Bart Hazen

by Bart Hazen

Ruddervoorde, Belgium World champion Zdenek Stybar (Telenet-Fidea) is the man of the moment. After winning the opening race of the Gazet van Antwerpen Trofee in Namur last week, he was also the best in the opening race of the Superprestige series in Ruddervoorde. In sunny weather conditions, Stybar won after shedding Bart Aernouts (Rabobank-Giant Offroad) in the final lap. Belgian Champion Sven Nys reached the podium after coming back from a mechanical in the first part of the race. France’s Steve Chainel (Bbox Bouygues Telecom) was fourth and Bart Wellens (Telenet-Fidea) rounded out the top five.

Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus), racing for the first time in this young season after back-to-back bouts of illness and injury, took the holeshot, followed right behind by Zdenek Stybar, Bart Aernouts, Sven Nys and the rest of the pack. But the former world champion misjudged an early turn, losing ground to his nearest competitors and triggering a chain reaction pileup behind that delayed a number of riders, including Klaas Vantornout and Phillip Walsleben, both of whom had to fight to bring themselves back into the race from behind.

Albert’s bobble was all Zdenek Stybar needed to take control, joining with the impressive Bart Aernouts. The two quickly created a big gap on Sven Nys, Bart Wellens, Niels Albert, Sven Vanthourenhout, Steve Chainel and a few others, and it became clear the winner of the race was in front. Sven Nys tried to get rid of his companions but broke one of his spokes in his wheel and, by the time he changed bikes, the others had bridged up to the Belgian champion.

Aernouts battled Stybar until late in the race © Bart Hazen

Aernouts battled Stybar until late in the race © Bart Hazen

Aernouts and Stybar, who are both residents of Essen in northern Belgium and often train together, rode together for much of the race until Aernouts attacked just before a technical stretch of sand. Aernouts, who took one of the day’s few clean trips through the sand while Stybar was forced to run, emerged with a five second gap and the support of a huge crowd who had waited for some real drama for most of the race’s 60 minutes. But the attack was not quite enough, and Stybar reconnected with Aernouts on the next lap. When the Belgian rider bobbled the descent from the next-to-last set of stairs, Stybar immediately took advantage, hitting the gas and stretching a 10-meter lead that Aernouts couldn’t close.

After the race, Aernouts told Cyclocross Magazine that he was happy with the race’s outcome, despite falling short of the podium’s top step. “I was thinking during the race about what I had to do to beat [Stybar],” he said, “and I was thinking that the only chance was to do a surprise, since in the last lap he is so strong. So I tried it the second-to-last lap; it was a good effort, I put some pressure on him, but he came back. It wasn’t enough – he was the strongest, but I’m happy that I was not so far behind.”

Aernouts, whose early season results have been the best of his career, said he’s hopeful he can carry some momentum deep into the year. “It is a great start, I hope I can make it until the end of the season. I believe I can because in past years I’ve been able to do a very steady season. So I’m hopeful that I can do it this year also, but the start is fantastic. Now I have three podium places, so I’m really happy with that.”

Stybar, known among racers perhaps most of all for his easygoing attitude, told reporters that he had just been happy to show off his rainbow jersey today. “I am just enjoying,” he said. “You know, it’s beautiful, and I don’t know if next year I can ride again in [the rainbow jersey]. Maybe it’s the first and last year I can ride in this jersey. And it’s sunny, so it’s nice white, it’s not dirty, so there’s not much washing to do this evening, so why not enjoy it?”

The world champion also told reporters that, as happy as he was to win, he was also happy to see Aernouts’ strides forward this season. “Last year he was always fourth, fifth or sixth, and he was never on the podium. Now he did it, and he almost won the race,” said Stybar. “I didn’t want to try attacking like three laps from the end, because I was happy that Bart was riding for the win and I was thinking he’s my friend and I didn’t want to ride away from him and take his big chance to be on the podium.”

Niels Albert is finding his way back to peak performance © Bart Hazen

Niels Albert is finding his way back to peak performance © Bart Hazen

Deeper in the field, Niels Albert said he was satisfied with his season’s first efforts. “Seventh place was the best I could do today,” he told Cyclocross Magazine afterwards. “I did my best, but the last lap I was totally lost. I’m just happy that I’m back, and for the moment I’m just working on getting higher. And we’ll see when this happens.”

Albert said that, for the moment, he was taking things step-by-step. “I didn’t train for 14 days, and now I trained only from Friday of last week, so I have 10 days of training. And now I finished seventh, so I think I have to be happy. My knee is a little bit better, for the moment [it’s doing] very well. We’ll see tomorrow, but I think there’s no problem any more. Not it’s just getting into better condition, and we will see.”

American Jonathan Page rode a gutsy race, climbing from deep in the field during the first lap to contend for ninth place for much of the race. Page worked his way to the front of a large group of riders who, he said, weren’t willing to contribute to pace setting on the fast, mostly flat track. “I caught Klaas Vantornout and Dieter Vanthourenhout, and they just sat up,” he told Cyclocross Magazine after the finish. “So I attacked them here, and of course they came with me and had energy for the end of the race. I gave it my shot, but it was one lap too much.”

Page finished 15th, a disappointing result that didn’t reflect the American’s doggedness or his efforts to motivate the race. “I’d rather try than not,” he said. “I did what I could today. Unfortunately results count, but how I rode today was better than them. I was pissed off today, that was my goal today. I wanted more, I wanted to be there at the beginning, but there was a crash in the first corner. I had to put my foot down and so I was one step behind. But I tried to keep that throughout the race, just going forward. I don’t want to talk about luck, but a little luck at the start and I’m there.”

Aernouts and Baestaens off the front © Bart Hazen

Aernouts and Baestaens off the front © Bart Hazen

Jim Aernouts wins U23 race in Ruddervoorde

Belgian U23 Champion Jim Aernouts (BKCP-Powerplus) has won the U23 race for the Superprestige in Ruddervoorde, his first big win of the season. Aernouts took a solo win after an exciting race with a slight advantage over compatriot Vincent Baestaens (Telenet-Fidea) and U23 World Champion, and last week’s winner in Namur, Arnaud Jouffroy (BKCP-Powerplus).

Last year’s winner Micki van Empel (Telenet-Fidea) took the hole shot followed by Aernouts, Jouffroy, Baestaens, Van der Haar, Joeri Adams and the others. With constantly changing positions, lots of riders had a chance to win the race. In the final laps, a group of five riders finally broke clear: Aernouts, Jouffroy, Joeri Adams, Lars van der Haar and Baestaens.

Aernouts created a small lead in the final lap on his rivals to win his first race of the season. Baestaens won the sprint for second followed by Jouffroy, Van der Haar and Adams.

The youth races were won by Laurens Sweeck (Juniors) and Mathieu van der Poel (Beginners).

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Elite Men

1 Zdenek Stybar (Cze) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:59:38
2 Bart Aernouts (Bel) Rabo – Giant Offroad Team. 0:00:05
3 Sven Nys (Bel) Landbouwkrediet 0:00:47
4 Steve Chainel (Fra) Bbox Bouygues Telecom 0:00:48
5 Bart Wellens (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:00:54
6 Sven Vanthourenhout (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:00:59
7 Niels Albert (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus 0:01:02
8 Kevin Pauwels (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:22
9 Klaas Vantornout (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:01:27
10 Tom Meeusen (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:01:36
11 Enrico Franzoi (Ita) BKCP-Powerplus 0:01:40
12 Philipp Walsleben (Ger) BKCP-Powerplus
13 Dieter Vanthourenhout (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus
14 Rob Peeters (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
15 Jonathan Page (USA) Planet Bike
16 Martin Zlamalik (Cze) Sunweb Revor 0:01:57
17 Christian Heule (Swi) Team Zeitfahren La Brevine 0:02:13
18 Jan Verstraeten (Bel) KDL-Trans 0:02:23
19 Françis Mourey (Fra) Francaise des Jeux 0:02:34
20 Radomir Simunek (Cze) BKCP-Powerplus 0:02:55
21 Eddy van IJzendoorn (Ned) AA Drink Cycling Team 0:02:56
22 Tom Van den Bosch (Bel) AA Drink Cycling Team
23 Marco Bianco (Ita)
24 Marcel Wildhaber (Swi)
25 Mariusz Gil (Pol) Baboco – Revor Cycling Team
26 Patrick van Leeuwen (Ned) 0:03:10
27 Nicolas Bazin (Fra) 0:03:13
28 Ian Field (GBr) 0:03:22
29 Petr Dlask (Cze) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
30 Ben Berden (Bel) Qin Cycling Team 0:03:27
31 Romain Villa (Fra)
32 Thijs van Amerongen (Ned) AA Drink Cycling Team 0:03:40
33 Kenneth Van Compernolle (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:04:15
34 Kevin Cant (Bel) Van Goethem – Prorace – cycling team 0:04:27
35 Robert Gavenda (Svk) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:04:31
36 Tom Vannoppen (Bel) Team Mooserwirt Ridley Bike’s 0:04:35
37 Rudi van Houts (Ned) 0:04:42
38 Florian Le Corre (Fra) 0:05:05
39 Steven De Decker (Bel) Flemish Cycling Projects 0:05:35
40 Mitchell Huenders (Ned) AA Drink Cycling Team 0:05:38
41 Gianni Denolf (Bel) Baboco – Revor Cycling Team 0:05:42
42 Rikke Dijkxhoorn (Ned) 0:05:50
43 Björn Rondelez (Bel) Lingier Versluys Beachbikers Team Vzw 0:06:03
44 Tim Van Nuffel (Bel) Van Goethem – Prorace – cycling team 0:06:17
45 Sascha Weber (Ger) Stevens Racing Team 0:06:28
46 -2 laps Wilant van Gils (Ned)
47 -4 laps Bram Schmitz (Ned)
48 -6 laps Caballero Candelas (Spa)

U23 Men:

1 Jim Aernouts (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus 0:49:50
2 Vincent Baestaens (Bel) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:00:01
3 Arnaud Jouffroy (Fra) BKCP-Powerplus 0:00:03
4 Lars van der Haar (Ned) AA Drink Cycling Team
5 Joeri Adams (Bel) Rabo – Giant Offroad Team. 0:00:04
6 Kevin Eeckhout (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:00:26
7 Sven Beelen (Bel) Sunweb Revor
8 Tijmen Eising (Ned) Sunweb Revor 0:00:29
9 Marcel Meisen (Ger) Team Kuota – Senges
10 Wietse Bosmans (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus 0:00:38
11 Jiri Polnicky (Cze) Sunweb Revor 0:00:41
12 Arnaud Grand (Swi) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
13 Vinnie Braet (Bel) Sunweb Revor
14 Michi van Empel (Ned) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team 0:00:59
15 Ritchie Denolf (Bel) Baboco – Revor Cycling Team
16 Gianni Vermeersch (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus 0:01:19
17 Stef Boden (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:01:30
18 Emiel Dolfsma (Ned) Rabo – Giant Offroad Team. 0:01:32
19 Kristof Cop (Bel) APB cycling team 0:01:34
20 Geert van der Horst (Ned) WTC Woerden
21 Gert-Jan Bosman (Ned)
22 Jelle Brackman (Bel) MTB dreamteam 0:01:48
23 Matthias Bossuyt (Bel) Sunweb Revor
24 Karel Hnik (Cze) Telenet Fidea Cycling Team
25 Tim Merlier (Bel) C.T.- DJ.Matic-Kortrijk
26 Matthieu Boulo (Fra) 0:01:58
27 David van der Poel (Ned) BKCP-Powerplus 0:02:07
28 Robby Cobbaert (Bel) SDC – Rogelli Cycling Team
29 Mike Teunissen (Ned) 0:02:18
30 Angelo De Clercq (Bel) Sunweb Revor 0:02:23
31 Ole Quast (Dui)
32 Twan van den Brand (Ned) Scott USA Cycling Team 0:02:37
33 Jens Adams (Bel) BKCP-Powerplus 0:02:43
34 Sonny Volders (Bel) APB cycling team 0:02:47
35 Ruben Veestraeten (Bel) APB cycling team 0:02:59
36 Michael Schweizer (Ger) 0:03:06
37 Jonathan Bervoets (Bel) APB cycling team 0:03:20
38 Michiel van der Heyden (Ned) 0:03:23
39 Kobus Hereygers (Ned) ZZPR.NL 0:03:31
40 Ingmar Uytdewilligen (Bel) Koninklijke Hoboken W.A.C. VZW 0:03:36
41 Fabian Danner (Ger) 0:03:38
42 Pierre Garson (Fra) 0:03:42
43 Raf Risbourg (Bel) Koninklijke Hoboken W.A.C. VZW
44 Xandro Meurisse (Bel) Baboco – Revor Cycling Team
45 Niels Koyen (Bel) APB cycling team 0:03:48
46 Sieën Veestraeten (Bel) Sport En Steun – Leopoldsburg 0:04:32
47 Jeffrey Mellemans (Bel) Heylen Meubelcentrale Zlwc St.Truiden 0:05:01
48 Robin Poelvoorde (Bel) Tieltse Rennersclub 0:05:08
49 Mattia Rossi (Ita) 0:05:18
50 Dimitri Corriette (Fra) 0:05:24
51 Stijn Mortelmans (Bel) Palmans-Cras 0:05:31
52 Frederick Catrysse (Bel) 0:05:38
53 Hendrik Sweeck (Bel) KDL Trans 0:05:44
54 Jelle Cant (Bel) Van Goethem – Prorace – cycling team 0:06:13
55 Pieter Dewitte (Bel) 0:06:17
56 -2 laps Simon Geets (Bel) APB cycling team
57 -3 laps Klaas Vankersschaever (Bel)
58 -4 laps Jonas Plasschaert (Bel) Cycling Team Pajot VZW
59 Matthias Boetens (Bel) Style & Concept Cycling Team
60 Jon Gomez (Spa)
61 Joachim Janssens (Bel) Cyclocrossteam Freddy Sport Dilbeek
62 Michael De Meyer (Bel) KSC Denderstreek Labiekesvrienden
63 Bart Barkhuis (Ned)
64 -6 laps Jean-Baptiste Taleux (Fra)