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Brandon Dwight heads for the podium. © Dejan Smaic/Sportif Images

Brandon Dwight heads for the podium. © Dejan Smaic/Sportif Images

With all the excitement around nationals, sometimes the individual State Championships get overlooked. Colorado’s Championship, though, deserves a second look. So, why Colorado? Well, the Wednesday Worlds ride in Boulder is legendary, as are some of the riders said to frequent it. And the names at the top of the State Championship race in Colorado are often seen at the top of their races, including the recent National Championships in Bend, Ore. In fact, two of the riders on the podium at the Colorado Championships are now National Champions and neither of them won the State Championship race. How many local races that boast that level of competition?

Brandon Dwight (Boulder Cyclesport), who won the State Championship, finished second in the 40-44 race in Bend. The winner in Bend was Pete Webber (Boulder Cyclesport), who took third at the State Championship behind Dwight. And not to be left out second in the State Championship was Jake Wells (Hudz-Subaru) who, along with Webber and Dwight, went on to race the Elite race at Nationals with all three finishing in the top 25 overall. And fourth at teh State Championships was Jonathan Baker, winner of the 35-39 race in Bend.

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