The Men Singlespeed race was the final title race on Saturday at the 2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships.

The one-gear specialists raced during the golden hour in hopes of a gold USA Cycling medal.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Men Singlespeed

Leading into the race, there were two big questions. Could 2019 singlespeed leader Ben Frederick could maintain his lead and avoid another shoe malfunction that cost him the 2019 title? And could 2019 winner Jake Wells make it four straight singlespeed titles after taking another Masters title earlier in the week, while riding a singlespeed?

While Wells sprinted to an early lead, Frederick powered past and stayed in his shoes despite the thick mud.

Behind, Wells faced stiff competition in the chase of podium spots in the three-lap race.

Max Judelson passed Wells in pursuit of Frederick, while contenders Maxx Chance and Justin Robinson, who broke a chain, faded.

Corey Stelljes and Brian West completed the wide-angle podium.

Frederick’s win completes an impressive comeback, not only from his 2019 shoe malfunction but also from a brain injury. Frederick is currently running a fundraiser to support Love Your Brain.

Full results below.

Featured photo: Racing to 3rd in 2019, D. Coleman.

2021 USA Cyclocross National Championships Results Singlespeed Men

1895Ben FREDERICKORNOT/TheSmallMonstersProject/Ritchey30:07:003
2812Max JUDELSONVoler/Clif/HRS/Rock Lobster30:48:003
3801Jake WELLSFORM p/b IRC Tires31:01:003
4813Corey STELLJESNeff Cycle Service31:21:003
5808Brian WESTPhoenix syndicate31:33:003
6829Keiran EAGENTeam Segment 2831:42:003
7810Michael LARSONRed Kite Fund32:04:003
8806Vance FLETCHERPhoenix Syndicate32:50:003
9849Kent HAMMONDPAA Cycling32:52:003
10858Tydeman NEWMANCannondale/Team Dream32:56:003
11807Josh BAUERAngry Catfish - Endura33:27:003
12843Ryan POPPLEThick Bikes / Specialized33:28:003
13803Frederick JUNGEBroom Wagon Works33:33:003
14892Cobe FREEBURNBear National Team33:33:003
15816Seth PATLAPDXTI p/b Elevator Coffee33:34:003
16881Maxx CHANCESage Titanium33:36:003
17804Jeremy BLOYD-PESHKINThe Pony Shop p/b KPMG33:56:003
18835Adam SABANSaban Training Academy33:59:003
19817Justin MORGANFieldriders34:07:003
20833Zach BENDERCycle-Smart34:10:003
21845Craig ETHERIDGEC3-Wagner Roofing34:11:003
22831Sam VICKERYTeam Segment 2834:19:003
23840Anthony MONTELEONETeam Wooly Mammoth p/b Ultradynamico34:22:003
24838Jay GANSERCarpe Diem34:23:003
25851Grant HOLICKYBlue Competition Cycles P/b Build34:31:003
26857Alex GREENFort Lewis College34:47:003
27821Paul BOURCIERElliston Coaching - Success through Knowledge34:57:003
28830Matthew GRAHAM-OREGANPratt Racing35:00:003
29894Zach ANDREWSBissell-ABG-Giant35:09:003
30864Brendan LEHMANRock Lobster35:14:003
31822Doug GRAVERRidge Cyclesport35:19:003
32802Justin ROBINSONSanta Cruz Free agent35:21:003
33899Devin CLARKPastaria Big Shark35:30:003
34818Derrick SAUNDERSColonels Bicycles35:48:003
35836Benjamin STRINE717Cycling36:03:003
36832Cole ELLISONPratt Racing36:07:003
37900Jade ROHDETeam Landshark36:10:003
38855Danny WEIKELFast Fun Nice P/B Wattie ink36:14:003
39834Shawn GEIGER36:28:003
40825Kolby PREBLETeam Segment 2836:32:003
41827Henry LORDKelly Benefit Strategies Elite Devo36:37:003
42842Lee ROBINSON36:37:003
43841Earl HILLAKERRogue Racing36:46:003
44814Anthony VECCAStage 1 / AirLine Cycles36:46:003
45896Dylan STUCKIMyth Cycles Shimano36:47:003
46844Ryan RINNRadhaus Racing37:04:003
47847Frank DEALDeschutes Brewery37:29:003
48872Zachary WEIDENAARMOX Multisport37:29:003
49874George LEWISTeam Bikenetic37:29:003
50853Brett CONAWAYMidwest Devo37:50:003
51819Brian HLUDZINSKIModern Market Racing p/b GR Capital Partners38:13:003
52904Nathan ZOLLMANNorthStar Development Cycling38:19:003
53848Shannon BOROFFBicycleattorney.com38:19:003
54902Cheeney CHAD38:26:003
55852Jason HARTMANGroove Subaru Excel Sports38:27:003
57859Kaden SNOOPGeoffs Bike and Ski38:41:003
58846Justin KASTAvout Racing38:44:003
59828William SEITZVelocious Sport39:18:003
60854Scott LIVINGSTONTeam HORST Sports39:22:003
61862Alex SUKOWATYBroken Spoke Racing39:23:003
62898Andy HEUSERCadence Cyclery-Audi McKinney p/b Baylor Scott and White39:35:003
63861Mark KRANSZVeloDrome Coffee Company40:34:003
64880Dominic DINARecycled Cycling40:54:003
65809Jesse STAUFFER717 CYCLING42:03:003
67826Kobi GYETVANFort Lewis College27:04:002
68901Griffin NELSON27:05:002
69869Christopher ARNDTSmanie Saddles27:26:002
70876Ty KURTHMSA Safety Cyclocross27:29:002
71871Nicholas WOODBluemont Connection27:43:002
72867Andy ROSSETTO27:48:002
73866Aaron SMITHBonebell/WestTownBikes27:54:002
74865Patrick LA PETINAHand Ups Off-Road Project27:57:002
75903Patrick WOBLEStage 1/Airline Cycles28:06:002
76889Jeremy GOMEZBoltcutter/ Broken & Costal / Shred &Send28:27:002
77886Nathan SNYDACKERFlatlandia28:27:002
78877Bob SOWGAparadise garage racing28:31:002
79879Derek GRIGGSRecycled Sports28:52:002
80897Chris HOWELLBike Doctor Frederick/Dirty Kitten Gravel28:58:002
81878Peter LOPEZRFDCC29:10:002
82850Donald MORGANPentabike Racing29:41:002
83884Thomas MARTINHalf Acre Cycling30:38:002
85887Michael BRADFORDState 9 Racing p/b Vittoria31:30:002
86888Craig NORTHAnn Arbor Velo Club32:12:002
87875Brent WEGSCHEID32:24:002
88860Alex STANLEY32:46:002
89882Duane Jack CROWEHalf Acre Cycling37:28:002
DNF868Brad GILDERSHollander Benelux Racing1
DNS820John-Christian FLACKKeller Rohrback Cycling0
DNS824Ryan GAMMRed Kite Coaching0
DNS837Andrew LOAIZAMettle Cycling p/b Leave It On The Road0
DNS870Andrew WAGGONERThe Pony Shop0
DNS873John ORLIKOWSKINeff Cycle Service0
DNS883Phil GARDNERThe Post Racing0
DNS885Ethan JOHNSONCampus WheelWorks0
DNS890Jeremiah LIZARDIWest Town Bikes0
DNS891Justin LIZARDIWest Town Bikes0

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