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  • The Week Before: Prepping for Gravel Racing

    The Crusher in the Tushar is known for its seemingly never-ending gravel climbs and sweeping views. © Chris See

    So you’re racing gravel. First of all, good for you, re-purposing your ’cross bike in the offseason! Second of all, by now you probably realize that gravel racing isn’t quite as simple as heading to a local ’cross race on…

  • What is Cyclocross, CX, Cyclo-cross or ’Cross? — CX FAQ

    Sven Nys Wins 2013 Superprestige Hoogstraten © Bart Hazen

    Welcome to our newest section of the website, our Frequently Asked Questions. Now, as we add to our list of questions, we’ll be featuring them so new racers can get brought up to speed on the magic of ’cross. For…

  • Should You Be Stretching More? — Issue 23 Sneak Peek

    Got knee pain? We have answers. © Jeff Rosenhall

    This article originally appeared in Issue 23 of Cyclocross Magazine and talks about injury and how you can avoid it, simply. To read the full story, make sure you get an archived copy or an All-Access Digital Subscription by visiting…

  • Shed Your Demons, Come Back Strong—A Lesson in Sports Psychology, Part 2

    Webber celebrating his win. © Steve Anderson

    by David Einmo A mechanical might steal your spot on the podium, but it doesn’t have to rob your enthusiasm. Stop playing the “what if” game and come back strong. The cyclocross races may be over, but spring ushers in…

  • A New ’Crosser Reflects on His First Season—Newbie Tips

    Nick DiGangi is a proper New Englander and an affinity for heavily hopped ales. After missing 2012 Cross season due to injury, he approached 2013 with an open mind shares his thoughts (along with his buddy Seth Lincoln) over at Not Quite Belgian.

    Nick DiGangi is a proper New Englander and an affinity for heavily hopped ales, and now, for ’cross. After missing 2012 ’cross season due to injury, he approached 2013 with an open mind shares his thoughts (along with his buddy…

  • Cyclocross Season is Over … Now What?

    Take some time to relax in the off-season. © Liz West via Flickr

    by Jacob Fetty ’Cross is over. Now what? You have watched the World Championship replay 17 times on YouTube. You are lost. It feels like your partner has moved on and wants a six-month break. Oh, the drama. Here are…

  • A Public Service Announcement About Testosterone and You

    Careful when your doctor thinks you need testosterone.

    by Matt Marchal Like many of you, I saw the post recently about the Cat 3 who tested positive for testosterone and at first, I was shocked. But then, I felt sorry for him as it turned out that he…

  • Video: Bart Wellens’ Tips on Running Stairs Like a Cyclocross Pro

    Screenshot: Bart Wellens on how-to run stairs like a cyclocross pro.

    Two-time World Champion Bart Wellens shares his tips on how to run stairs like a pro in this video from the Global Cycling Network. Wellens is no stranger to American cyclocross racing, having raced CrossVegas and other American races to…

  • Behind THE Barriers TV Presents: Cross Talk with Coach Al Donahue


    Al Donahue is one of the country’s leading cyclocross experts, but you may not have ever heard of him. Al works closely with a number of talented cycling professionals, from the already-established to the up-and-coming. At the top of his…

  • Looking For A Mantra: One Rider’s Take on a Clinic with Pete Webber and Tim Johnson

    Johnson cheers during hot laps. © Neil Schirmer

    by Neil Schirmer Our annual vacation to visit family and friends in and around Boulder was inadvertently blessed by the cycling gods this year.  The USA Pro Challenge is winding its way through the state around us, and Pete Webber…

  • Featured Question: What Kind of Bike Can I Use in a Cyclocross Race?

    Carl Decker was more than happy with his bike choice, and took the win. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

    You’ve decided that you want to race ’cross, but there are still questions. What kind of bike should you race? Should you run out and buy a new one right away? There are a few different options when it comes…

  • Dual Perspectives on Getting Ready for the Season: Lee Waldman and Kim Gilbert


    by Lee Waldman and Kim Gilbert Kim Gilbert: It’s that time of year when I flip my calendar a month ahead and see that my Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays have titles. Back-to-Basics CX, Kick-It CX, Body Synx CX, Schoolyard CX,…

  • Coaching Corner: Getting Ready for Commitment

    Ladies got a chance to practice their skills in a fun, casual environment at the first women's cyclocross clinic.

    by Jacob Fetty If ’cross is your primary partner, what should you be doing over the coming weeks to insure that you are giving the relationship your best once ’cross Season starts? There are four simple things that you can…

  • What Makes Cyclocross Better than All Other Types of Bike Racing? – CX FAQs

    Team Jortz motto: "Race hard, play hard. Always heckle." © Ted Ketai

    You may be asking, “What’s with all the hype?” or “Why would I want to race in the mud?” or “What makes cyclocross the best kind of bike racing?” If you even need to ask, your first step is to…

  • Look Back: Cyclocross Training Camp at World Cycling Centre with Geoff Proctor

    Danish elite Margriet Kloppenberg hammering the sand. © Francisco Castro Santos

    What do serious Juniors do in the off-season? A six-day training camp at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, under the guidance of coaches Beat Wabel and Geoff Proctor, of course. Wabel is a former Junior World Champion, nine…

  • Who Can Race Cyclocross? – CX FAQs

    Leone Pizzini (First State Velo Sport) pips Lewis Rollins (Contender Bicycles) for the win in the Masters 65-69 category. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Anyone can race ’cross! Here’s some things you need to know before you race around in the dirt, grass, mud or snow. For starters, everyone is not only invited, but highly encouraged to give ’cross a shot. We don’t discriminate—we…

  • Introducing Our New FAQ Section: Info Every ’Crosser Should Know

    Kaitlin Antonneau Women's Clinic Group Circle by Joe Bellante

    Lately, we’ve been covering the latest tech news, featuring great races, talking summer training and getting in-depth with some great racers. But we realized that with the season coming up quickly, and with cyclocross being the fastest growing field of…

  • Why You Should Attend (or Host) a Pre-Season Cyclocross Clinic: How To

    Testing out barrier hopping skills at the Dirty Deeds clinic. Andrew Blake

    Summer: a time to relax, have barbeques, hit the beach, and … get ready for cyclocross season. If you finished last season feeling like your technical skills weren’t quite up to par, or you hit the buffets a bit too…

  • Training Tuesday: Matt Fitzgerald, Sports Nutrition Extraordinaire

    Nutrition and race weight are just as important to cyclocross as they are to any other kind of racing. puuikibeach

    Because no one has written much on nutrition for cyclocross racers, we at Cyclocross Magazine decided to ask Fitzgerald for some cyclocross-specific advice. As ’crossers, we have interesting nutritional needs: we race in all types of temperatures and climates, we go hard for 45 minutes two days a week and then recover to do it all again and of course, we do love the beer tent. We’re a nutritional enigma, trying to eat healthy surrounded by waffle carts and chocolate-covered bacon and trying to stay svelte for a long season that often isn’t a racer’s main season is a challenge in and of itself. It gets even harder when racers’ schedules demand a lot of recovery and travel time, and little by way of long hours on the bike. Luckily, Fitzgerald had some tips for us.

  • Gearing Up for Gravel with an Expert: Issue 20 Sneak Peek

    This isn't like any road ride you've been on. © Niall Gengler

    Gravel racing is getting more and more popular with the cyclocross community this season. Cyclocross star Justin Lindine has won two of the big name races, the Barry Roubaix and Paris to Ancaster, and racers like Jonathan Page have been…

  • Coaching Corner: Building Your Own Barriers

    15 minutes and 15 dollars is all you need to build a set of practice barriers. © Molly Hurford

    Building a set of collapsible barriers with PVC pipe is a piece of cake! If you’ve ever attending a cyclocross practice session, you probably have seen a set of PVC barriers erected. For one thing, they’re incredibly easy to break down and set up. An added bonus is that if a newer, more unsteady rider crashes into them (or if a seasoned pro comes in too hot and crashes into them), it won’t really hurt anything but his or her pride.

  • The Benefits of a Pre-Season Cyclocross Camp

    Practice basic skills like barriers at a clinic. Frank Overton

    On Friday, we talked a bit about what to look for in a training camp. But today, we want to look at what exactly you can expect to get out of a training camp, so you know what to look…

  • Finding a ’Cross Camp That’s Right For You: Part 1 of 2

    Here, Jeremy Powers conducts a clinic for his local riding group, the NCC. © Cyclocross Magazine

    by Jacob Fetty By now it is commonly accepted that ’cross is a game of skills as much as it is a game of fitness. Camps and clinics are great ways to expand your skills capacity, and this concept, like…

  • FAQ: How Do I Upgrade in Cyclocross?

    USA Cycling Rules and Rule Book, 2012 - Cyclocross, Road, Mountain Bike

    If you are racing in USAC-sanctioned events, you are eligible to upgrade from Category 5, to Category 4 once you have completed 10 races. To request an upgrade, you must submit a form through your USAC account and your regional…

  • Featured Question: Do Cyclocross Races Happen Rain or Shine?

    The tireless crew worked hard to drain the course of excessive water on day 2 of the Masters Cyclocross World Championships.

    No matter the weather, the cyclocross race will always go on—in fact, ask most pro racers which kind of course they prefer and most will tell you they love the mud. Nationals was freezing, and the Masters Worlds course needed…

  • Featured Question: What Obstacles Can I Expect on a Cyclocross Course?

    Ryan Trebon leads the group up one of the first hills on the 2013 Cyclocross National Championship course.© Meg McMahon

    The inclusion of obstacles and varied terrain help set ’cross apart from the other bike racing disciplines. Beneath it all, ’cross is a bike race, but specific features can really give some personality to a particular course. USAC rulings limit…

  • How Do I Get a ’Cross Bike? – CX FAQs

    Niels Albert's 2012 World Championship winning Colnago Prestige carbon cyclocross bike.

    First of all, check out our guide in Issue 21 on Buying Your First Bike. When (not if) you find yourself hooked, there are a few different options. The first step is establishing your budget. Then you can begin the…

  • FAQ: Should I Buy a ’Cross Bike?

    2013 World Championship-winning Sven Nys' Colnago Cross Prestige. © Cyclocross Magazine

    If you’re a first-timer or consider yourself a newbie, don’t feel like a ’cross-specific bike is absolutely mandatory in order to race. It’s far from the truth. But be warned that ’cross is extremely addicting so it’s not our fault…

  • FAQ: What’s the History of Cyclocross?

    Page takes an early lead ahead of Berden, Krugoff. Elite Men, 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Night's race. © Cyclocross Magazine

    Originating in Belgium, cyclocross has deep roots in neighboring European countries like France and the Netherlands. For an in-depth history of ’cross in America, Issues 6 and 15 are a great place to start. We hope to see the American…

  • Where Can I Race ’Cross? — CX FAQ

    Keep Gloucester running strong © Todd Prekaski

    If you take a look at Cyclocross Magazine’s 2012/2013 cyclocross race calendar, you can see that nearly every state hosted a cyclocross race. What does this mean? It means that with a bit of planning and commitment, anyone anywhere can…

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