Cyclocross Magazine’s Complete UCI Cyclocross Race Calendar for 2011 / 2012 Season

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uci cyclocross race calendar logoWe’ve got the 2011/2012 UCI Cyclocross Race Calendar loaded up and ready for your viewing pleasure. At the current count, there’s a whopping 144 races schedule for next season. You can sort the list by date, country, category, class or name, or search by keyword.

Perhaps the biggest addition to domestic UCI cyclocross racing is the new two day Chicago Cyclocross Cup on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, which just may be an attractive option to acclimatize to the expected frigid temperatures of the Midwest one week before Nationals in Madison.

2011-2012 UCI Cyclocross Race Calendar - (Veldrijden)

DateEventVenueCtryClassCatEmailWebsite Link
9/10/2011Nittany Lion CrossBreinigsville, PA ( Lehigh Valley Velodrome)USAC2ME, WE[email protected]
9/14/2011CrossVegasLas Vegas, NevadaUSAC1ME, WE[email protected], [email protected]CXM's link
9/17/2011StarCrossedRedmondUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]
9/17/2011Charm City CrossBaltimoreUSAC2ME, WE[email protected] [email protected]CXM's link
9/18/2011Rad Racing GPIssaquah, WAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/18/2011Catamount Grand PrixWilliston, VermontUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/18/2011Charm City CrossBaltimoreUSAC2ME[email protected] [email protected]CXM's link
9/18/2011SteenbergcrossErpe-MereBELC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
9/21/2011Gateway Cross CupSaint Louis MissouriUSAC2ME, WE[email protected], [email protected]CXM's link
9/24/2011USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike CupSun Prairie, WIUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/24/2011The Nor Easter Cyclo-cross at Loon MountainLincoln, New HampshireUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/24/2011Openingsveldrit van HarderwijkHarderwijkNEDC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
9/24/2011Toi Toi CupStribroCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
9/24/2011GP Neerpelt Wisseltrofee Eric VanderaerdenNeerpeltBELC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/25/2011Rohrbach's Ellison Park CyclocrossRochester, NYUSAC2ME, WE, MU[email protected] [email protected]CXM's link
9/25/2011USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike CupSun Prairie, WIUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
9/28/2011Toi Toi CupMnichovo HradisteCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/1/2011Gran Prix of Gloucester 1Gloucester, MAUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/1/2011Cyclo-cross Interternational PodbrezovaPodbrezovaSVKC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/2/2011Gran Prix of Gloucester 2Gloucester, MAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/2/2011Finnish National Championships 2012KeravaFINCNME, WE, MJ
10/8/2011USGP of Cyclocross Fort Collins Cup (was Mercer Cup)Fort Collins, COUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/8/2011Providence Cyclo-crossProvidence, RIUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]
10/8/2011Toi Toi CupLosticeCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/9/2011Nissan Superprestige Topsport Vlaanderen TrofeeOostkamp / RuddervoordeBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
10/9/2011Providence Cyclo-crossProvidence, RIUSAC2ME[email protected]
10/9/2011USGP of Cyclocross Fort Collins Cup (was Mercer Cup)Fort Collins, COUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/9/2011National Trophy SeriesSouth ShieldsGBRC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/13/2011KermiscrossArdooieBELC2ME[email protected]
10/15/2011Granogue CrossWilmingtonUSAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
10/15/2011Spooky CrossIrvine, CAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/16/2011Granogue CrossWilmingtonUSAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
10/16/2011Spooky CrossIrvine, CAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/16/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupPlzenCZECDMME, WE[email protected]
10/23/2011Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 2New Gloucester, MEUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/23/2011GP de la Commune de ConternConternLUXC2ME[email protected] et [email protected]CXM's link
10/23/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupTaborCZECDMME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]
10/25/201111e Kiremko Nacht van WoerdenWoerdenNEDC2ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
10/29/2011Beacon CrossBridgeton, NJUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/29/2011Colorado Cross ClassicBoulderUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/29/2011Toi Toi CupHlinskoCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/30/2011Superprestige ZonhovenZonhovenBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
10/30/2011Victory Circle Graphix Boulder CupBoulder, COUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/30/2011National Trophy SeriesLeicesterGBRC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
10/30/2011Lignières-en-Berry - 1ère manche du Challenge La France Cycliste de Cyclo-crossLignières-en-Berry (Région Centre)FRAC2ME[email protected]
10/30/2011Internationales Radquer SteinmaurSteinmaurSUIC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
10/30/2011XIX Cyclo-cross de KarrantzaKarrantzaESPC2ME, MJ[email protected]
10/30/2011HPCXJamesburg, New Jersey USAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/1/2011GVA Trofee - KoppenbergcrossMelden - OudenaardeBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/1/2011Cyclo-cross International de MarleMarleFRAC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/1/2011Trofeo Ayuntamiento de MuskizMuskizESPC2ME, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/4/2011Darkhorse Cylo-StampedeCovington, KYUSAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]
11/5/2011Java Johnny's - Lionhearts InternationalMiddletown, OhioUSAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/5/2011The Cycle-Smart International 1Northampton, MassachusettsUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/5/2011Grand Prix de la Région WallonneDottignies MouscronBELC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/5/2011Canadian National ChampionshipsTorontoCANCNME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/6/2011Harbin Park InternationalCincinnati, OhioUSAC1ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/6/2011The Cycle-Smart International 2Northampton, MassachusettsUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/6/2011Int.Radquerfeldein Lambach/Stadl-PauraStadl-PauraAUTC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/6/2011Int. Radquer HittnauHittnauSUIC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/6/2011Championnats d'EuropeLuccaITACC, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/11/2011Cyclo-cross NommayNommay Pays de MontbeliardFRAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/11/2011Fidea Jaarmarktcross NIELNielBELC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/12/2011USGP of Cyclocross Derby City CupLouisville, KYUSAC1ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/12/2011Toi Toi CupLounyCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/13/2011Superprestige Hamme-ZoggeHamme-ZoggeBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/13/2011USGP of Cyclocross Derby City CupLouisville, KYUSAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/13/2011Internationales Radquer FrenkendorfFrenkendorfSUIC2MECXM's link
11/13/2011National Trophy SeriesSouthamptonGBRC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/17/2011Toi Toi CupHolé VrchyCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
11/19/2011GVA Trofee - GP HasseltHasseltBELC2ME, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/19/2011North Carolina Grand Prix - Race 1Hendersonville, NCUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/20/2011Superprestige GavereGavereBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/20/2011Rodez - 2ème manche du Challenge La France Cycliste de Cyclo-crossRodez (Midi-Pyrénées)FRAC2MECXM's link
11/20/2011North Carolina Grand Prix - Race 2Hendersonville, NCUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/20/2011Kansai Cyclo-cross Yasu RoundYasu City, ShigaJPNC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/25/2011Jingle Cross Rock - Rock 1Iowa City, IowaUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/26/2011Jingle Cross Rock - Rock 2Iowa City, IowaUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/26/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupKoksijdeBELCDMME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]
11/27/2011Internationale Nissan Super Prestige Cyclocross GietenGietenNEDC1ME, WE, MU, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
11/27/2011Jingle Cross Rock - Rock 3Iowa City, IowaUSAC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/27/2011Baystate Cyclo-crossSterling, MAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]
11/27/2011Kansai Cyclo-cross Nobeyama Kogen RoundMinamimaki-mura, Minamisaku-gun, NaganoJPNC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
11/27/2011National Trophy SeriesDerbyGBRC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
12/3/2011NBX GP 1Warwick, RIUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
12/3/2011Cyclocross LALos Angeles, CAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
12/4/201137. Frankfurter Rad-CrossFrankfurt am MainGERC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
12/4/2011Grand Prix Julien CajotLeudelangeLUXC2ME, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
12/4/2011NBX GP 2Warwick, RIUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
12/4/2011Cyclocross LALos Angeles, CAUSAC2ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
12/4/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupIgorreESPCDMME[email protected]
12/8/2011Ciclocross del PonteFaè di Oderzo (TV)ITAC2ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
12/10/2011USGP of Cyclocross Portland CupPortland, ORUSAC1ME, WE, MJ[email protected]CXM's link
12/10/2011GVA Trofee - GP RouwmoerEssenBELC1ME, WE, MU[email protected]CXM's link
12/10/2011Toi Toi CupKolinCZEC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
12/11/2011Vlaamse DruivenveldritOverijseBELC1ME, WE[email protected]CXM's link
12/11/2011National Trophy SeriesBradfordGBRC2ME[email protected]CXM's link
12/11/2011Kingsport Cyclo-cross CupKingsport, Tennessee, USAUSAC2ME, WEdwayne@msgcross.comCXM's link
12/11/2011Besançon - 3ème manche du Challenge La France Cycliste de Cyclo-crossBesançon (Franche-Comté)
12/11/2011USGP of Cyclocross Portland, ORPortland, ORUSAC2ME, WE, MJjoanhan@mac.comCXM's link
12/11/2011Japanese National ChampionshipsTBCJPNCNME, WE,
12/17/2011ScheldecrossAntwerpenBELC1ME, WEchristophe.impens@golazo.comCXM's link
12/18/2011Cyclo-cross International Ciudad de ValenciaValencia (Espagne)
12/18/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupNamurBELCDMME,
12/20/2011Internationale Centrumcross van SurhuisterveenSurhuisterveenNEDC2ME, WEinfo@wielrennensurhuisterveen.nlCXM's link
12/23/2011Superprestige DiegemDiegemBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJsint-anna-diegem@pandora.beCXM's link
12/26/2011Internationales Radquer DagmersellenDagmersellenSUIC2ME, WEanfe.reist@bluewin.chCXM's link
12/26/2011Grand-Prix DAF Grand Garage EngelDifferdangeLUXC2ME
12/26/2011Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupHeusden-ZolderBELCDMME,
12/28/2011GVA Trofee - Azencross / Cross des asLoenhout / WuustwezelBELC1ME, WE, MUchristophe.impens@golazo.comCXM's link
12/29/2011Sylvester Cyclo-cross/Versluys Cyclo-crossBredeneBELC2MEinfo@silvestercyclocross.beCXM's link
12/30/2011FIDEA Cyclo-cross TervurenTervurenBELC1ME, WEchristophe.impens@golazo.comCXM's link
12/31/2011Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year's ResolutionBloomingdale, ILUSAC2ME, WEChicagoCrossCup@gmail.comCXM's link
1/1/2012G.P. Sven NysBaal (Tremelo)BELC1ME, WE, MUluc.iwens@telenet.beCXM's link
1/1/2012Grand Prix Hotel ThreelandPétangeLUXC2ME, WEinfo@ucp.luCXM's link
1/1/2012Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year's ResolutionBloomingdale, ILUSAC2ME, WEChicagoCrossCup@gmail.comCXM's link
1/2/2012Cyclo Cross BussnangBussnangSUIC2MEub.huggel@bluewin.chCXM's link
1/6/2012American National ChampionshipsMadison, WIUSACNME, WE, MU, MJklusk@usacycling.orgCXM's link
1/7/2012Dutch National ChampionshipsHuijbergenNEDCNME, WE, MU, MJinfo@wielercomite-huijbergen.nlCXM's link
1/7/2012Italian National ChampionshipsVadenza - BolzanoITACNME, WE, MU, MJbolzano@federciclismo.itCXM's link
1/7/2012Belgian National ChampionshipsHooglede-GitsBELCNME, WE, MU, MJrik.debeaussaert@proximedia.beCXM's link
1/7/2012French National ChampionshipsQuelneuc (Bretagne)FRACNME, WE, MU, MJCXM's link
1/7/2012Luxembourg National
1/7/2012Swiss National ChampionshipsBeromünsterSUICNME, WE, MU,
1/7/2012British National ChampionshipsIpswichGBRCNME, WE, MU,'s link
1/8/2012Austrian National ChampionshipsGrafenbachAUTCNME, WE,
1/8/2012DanmarksmesterskabHaderslevDENCNME, WE, MJskov_haderslev@tdcadsl.dkCXM's link
1/9/2012Cyclocross OtegemOtegemBELC2MEbennylavaert@telenet.beCXM's link
1/15/2012National Trophy SeriesRutlandGBRC2MEcolin.l.clews@btinternet.comCXM's link
1/15/2012Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupLiévinFRACDMME, WE, MU,
1/21/2012Kasteelcross ZonnebekeZonnebekeBELC2MEgino.quartier@telenet.beCXM's link
1/21/2012Internationale Cyclo-Cross RucphenRucphenNEDC2ME, WE, MU, MJvanpeervanest@hetnet.nlCXM's link
1/22/2012Ispasterko Udala Sari NagusiaIspasterESPC2ME, MU, MJipargorri@ispaster.netCXM's link
1/22/2012Cyclo-cross International du Mingant LanarvilyLanarvilyFRAC2MEpatrick.le-her@wanadoo.frCXM's link
1/22/2012Coupe du Monde UCI / UCI World CupHoogerheideNEDCDMME, WE, MU,
1/28-29/12Championnats du Monde / World ChampionshipsKoksijdeBELCMME, WE, MU, MJdera164@skynet.beCXM's link
2/1/2012Augustijn Parkcross MaldegemMaldegemBELC2MEraoul.van.hulle@telenet.beCXM's link
2/4/2012GVA Trofee - KrawatencrossLilleBELC1ME, WEinfokrawatencross@scarlet.beCXM's link
2/5/2012Superprestige HoogstratenHoogstratenBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJde.hoogstraatse.spurters@pandora.beCXM's link
2/11/2012Superprestige Noordzeecross MiddelkerkeMiddelkerkeBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJpeter.germonprez@middelkerke.beCXM's link
2/12/2012Internationale Cyclo-cross Heerlen GP HeutsHeerlenNEDC1ME, WEinfo@cyclocrossherlen.nlCXM's link
2/12/2012G.P. Stad
2/18/2012Cauberg Cyclocross RaceValkenburg aan de GeulNEDC1ME, WE, MU, MJpaul.vroemen@gmail.comCXM's link
2/19/2012GVA Trofee - Internationale Sluitingsprijs OostmalleOostmalleBELC1ME, WE, MU, MJa.vandeneynde@skynet.beCXM's link



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