November 5, 2009: The Zipp OVCX Tour’s ‘Second Season’ is underway. Heading into this weekend’s Promotion Cross in Lexington, Kentucky, many riders have already scored their maximum seven races and are now looking for incremental improvement in their season standings as they try to replace their lowest-finishing races with higher finishes. Others, however, are looking to leapfrog up the points table as they still need to top-off their full seven races.

Like many series, the Zipp OVCX Tour provides for racers to “drop” races from their season point scores. But Zipp OVCX is unique in that a competitor who enters every race on the Tour will actually drop more scores than he/she keeps. This lends itself to very aggressive racing because racers know they can’t win a Zipp OVCX Championship simply by showing up at more races than anybody else in their class.

In the Zipp OVCX Elite Men’s division, Mitch Kersting has a commanding lead over his Bob’s Red Mill/Rocky Mountain teammate Mike Kennedy in third and Barbasol’s Rob Kendall in second. Not only does Kersting have a full seven race scores and more points than any of his competitors, he also has the best points average of any racer with an 87.1, which translates to an average finishing position of between third and fourth place.

The Elite Women’s division is more intriguing. DRT’s Nicole Borem leads with almost as many points as Mitch Kersting in the Men’s division. And, like Kersting, Borem has the maximum of seven race scores under her belt. But the rider to watch may be last week’s Gun Club Cross winner AnnaJean Dallaire of Bob’s Red Mill/Rocky Mountain. With only 6 scored races, Dallaire is currently in 5th place, but she already has three wins to her credit and she has the highest point average. Dallaire’ 88.8 average translates to a slightly better than third place average finish.

No rider, however, has a better point average than Michael McShane in the Elite 45+ Masters. McShane has a perfect score of seven victories, virtually assuring him of the season championship. And just to rub it in a little more, McShane’s Team Calistoga holds the top three positions in the 45+ division. For complete Zipp OVCX Standings, click here.

The next Zipp OVCX Tour event takes place this Sunday, November 8 at the Promotion Cross at Lexington, Kentucky’s, Veteran’s Park. For more information, see