Sunday featured more fast and furious racing at the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix with wind adding to the difficulty of the course at River Walk Park in West Sacramento, Calif. Day 1 winner Katerina Nash (CLIF Pro Team) dominated the Elite Women’s race to claim back-to-back victories. Reigning U.S. U23 Cyclocross National Champion Lance Haidet got revenge after a close second on Saturday to earn his first Elite win in the Men’s race.

The Women Reenact Day 1

The wind added an extra challenge for the racers on the three-kilometer track on River Walk Park. Tired legs and headwinds quickly split up the 34-rider field leaving five in the lead group by the end of the second lap. Nash, Courtenay McFadden (American Classic/Zones), Amanda Nauman (SDG – Muscle Monster), Samantha Runnels (Squid Bikes) and Clara Honsinger (Team S&M CX).

Elite women are off for WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Elite women are off for WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

“It was a super windy today so it’s nice to have a little bigger group going for the first part of the race,” said Nash who waited to put in a blistering attack in the final laps. “I guess the goal is trying not to get away and have four people working together (to chase). Luckily that didn’t happen and everybody was fighting the wind by themselves for the last few laps so it stayed consistent. It was fun and it was a really good weekend of racing.”

With less than two laps to go in the six-lap race, Nash accelerated away with only McFadden staying on her wheel. By the bell lap, Nash was flying solo on her way to capturing back-to-back victories.

Nash, who resides in Truckee, Calif. was happy to see the success of the inaugural UCI races this weekend. “We have so much racing in Northern California and it’s really awesome that these guys decided to step it up,” she said.

2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Nash also commented on the significance of the first UCI race in Northern California in over a decade. “On top of the good, good racing, it’s very meaningful when we can come and get UCI points that we’re trying to collect for the start position,” she remarked. “And it’s not just the Elite, it’s a lot of the amateur racers that are gunning for Reno [Nationals] and they need a good start position. This is a super important step and I’m psyched that Sacramento did it.”

The West Coast racers took advantage of the closer-to-home UCI races and dominated the podium, with Washington-based McFadden holing on for second place, and Southern-California-based Nauman taking third.

Elite women podium: 1- Katerina Nash, 2-Courtenay McFadden, 3-Amanda Naumann, 4- Samantha Runnels and 5-Clara Honsinger. WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Elite women podium: 1- Katerina Nash, 2-Courtenay McFadden, 3-Amanda Nauman, 4- Samantha Runnels and 5-Clara Honsinger. WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Instrumental in the creation of the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix, Emily Kachorek (Squid Bikes) was all smiles at the weekend of racing. “This is awesome,” she said. “This is the first time ever that I’ve slept in my own bed for a UCI race. Having so many of the UCI women’s field that I get to race with across the country being here on my home turf, getting to invite them here, showing them where to go eat, it’s really special.”

Kachorek, who finished eighth on Sunday, added, “The fact that the numbers were about what they were over at KMC Cross Fest, I think really shows that this is needed on the West Coast.”

As Nash alluded to, the WSCXGP racing represented a rare opportunity for West Cost age group racers to earn valuable ranking points for better start positions at Nationals. Karen Brems, former time trial World Champ and Masters Cyclocross World Champ took advantage, finishing 18th on Saturday and 28th on Sunday.

Haidet Aces Sunday School

On Saturday, Haidet took notes after his narrow defeat to Anthony Clark (Squid Bikes), and made sure to study them before his next test.

On Sunday, he put the homework to good use and aced his final exam.

“I wasn’t going to lose the sprint today,” Haidet explained.”“I think yesterday coming out of the last corner, I was in a bit too big of a gear but I thought leading it out was a good call. Today I came in in a big easier gear, was able to spin it up and get the initial jump. It was a bit of a cross tailwind so once you got your speed up, you can keep it up there. It worked out.”

The Elite Men's leaders. 2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

The Elite Men’s leaders. 2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

By the end of the second lap, a lead group of five riders emerged from the 54-rider field. Joining Haidet in the front group were Saturday’s winner Clark, Allen Krughoff (Krughoff Racing), Cody Kaiser (LangeTwins/Specialized) and Carl Decker (Giant Factory Off Road).

Lead group bunny hops the barriers in front of the beer garden. WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Lead group bunny hops the barriers in front of the beer garden. WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

The wind also played a factor in the men’s race, forcing the riders to make tactical decisions. “The pedaling sections are so short, it’s really hard to break up the race and then you add the wind on top of that. My goal today was to not make many mistakes,” explained Krughoff, who bobbled out of the lead group on Saturday. “Anthony is really strong, pedaling corners slower so for him it’s really advantageous to be the front, setting the pace so then he could control the speed in the corners. It’s actually a lot of work behind him because out of every corner you have to sprint to catch up to him. Catch 22 if you want to be behind Anthony and surge in the corners and get a draft or not.”

The five continued to ride together with Clark doing the majority of the pacemaking. With two laps to go in the nine-lap race, Haidet made his first attack, shedding Kaiser and Decker out of the front group. He made his second move on the final lap but a small bobble brought the trio back together for the sprint to the line.

Lance Haidet accelerates through the sand. 2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

Lance Haidet accelerates through the sand. 2017 WSCXGP Day 2. photo: Peloton Sports

“Lance led out the sprint, that’s the closest sprint for the longest time that I’ve ever had. Neck and neck and I was just watching it. I put in my best bike throw but I think he nipped me by a few inches,” said Krughoff with a laugh.

Elite men podium: 1-Lance Haidet, 2-Allen Krighoff, 3-Anthony Clark, 4-Cody Kaiser, 5- Eric Decker. photo: Peloton Sports

Elite men podium: 1-Lance Haidet, 2-Allen Krighoff, 3-Anthony Clark, 4-Cody Kaiser, 5- Eric Decker. photo: Peloton Sports

“I’ve been on the [Elite] podium twice including yesterday so it feels really good to break through and get that win,” said Haidet of his first Elite victory.

The ageless 52-year-old Don Myrah, a four-time Elite Cyclocross national champion and Cyclocross Masters world champion raced both days in the UCI Elite Men’s field, and finished on the lead lap in 21st on Saturday and Sunday.

Full results below. Andrew Yee contributed to this report.

ProCX continues Oct. 7-8 with C1 and C2 events at Charm City Cross in Baltimore, Maryland. It is the 13th year cyclocross races have been held at Druid Hill Park, and the eighth year for UCI events for women and men. The UCI events will be part of the SHO-AIR US CUP-CX series.

2017 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix - WSCXGP Day 2 - Elite Women's Results

11 Katerina Nash41 Emeryville CA Clif Pro Team645:55:007:39
213 Courtenay Mcfadden31 Bellingham WA American Classic/Zones646:04:007:410:09
32 Amanda Nauman29 Laguna Hills CA SDG - Muscle Monster646:39:007:470:44
45 Samantha Runnels27 Austin TX Squidbikes646:50:007:480:55
58 Clara Honsinger21 Portland OR Team S&M CX647:06:007:511:11
64 Cassandra Maximenko35 Watertown CT Van Dessel/Atom Composites648:07:008:012:12
730 Caroline Nolan29 Chico CA Voler/ Clif/ HRS/ Rock Lobster648:10:008:022:16
83 Emily Kachorek39 Sacramento CA Squid648:23:008:042:28
912 Beth Ann Orton37 Bend OR Team S&M CX648:49:008:082:54
1035 Teal Stetson-Lee32 Reno NV Scott 3Rox649:03:008:113:09
117 Danielle Arman28 Boulder CO Tenspeed Hero649:14:008:123:19
126 Laura Winberry34 Bend OR Speedvagen Family Racing649:24:008:143:29
139 Shannon Mallory20 Bellingham WA NWCX Project649:26:008:143:32
1416 Alexandra Burton37 Portland OR Point S Racing649:41:008:173:46
1510 Heidi Franz23 Kirkland WA NWCX Project649:52:008:193:57
1611 Heidi Wood33 Hood River OR HiFi Sound Cycling Components650:04:008:214:09
1723 Campbell Steers29 Santa Cruz CA Rocklobster650:31:008:254:36
1834 Emily Sportsman42 Oakland CA Team Roaring Mouse650:36:008:264:41
1936 Leslie Ethridge28 Boulder CO Topo Designs Cycling Club650:39:008:274:44
2026 Anna Megale27 Boise ID UpCycle Boise650:53:008:294:58
2129 Terra Kier36 Santa Monica CA Square 1651:05:008:315:10
2215 Meghan Newlin40 Boulder CO Full Cycle Boulder651:22:008:345:27
2318 Dana Kuper33 San Francisco CA Team Roaring Mouse651:29:008:355:34
2427 Hillary King31 Kent WA Bicycle Centres651:53:008:395:58
2532 Kristin Drumm49 Novato CA CX Nation652:08:008:416:13
2620 Chelsea Weidinger34 San Francisco CA Mash SF652:32:008:456:37
2728 Sarah Kaufmann37 Salt Lake City UT Summit Cyclery653:07:008:517:12
2831 Karen Brems56 Redwood City CA SunPower Racing653:18:008:537:23
2924 Lindsay Wetzel Polin37 Marina CA SK Racing544:50:008:58-
3022 Lisa Cordova31 Chico CA Cycle Sport Specialized Muscle Milk544:53:008:59-
3119 Mckenzie Melcher24 Mentone CA327:42:009:14-
3225 Megan Ruble32 Modesto CA Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscle Milk328:13:009:25-
3333 Mary Maroon41 Oakland CA Rock Lobster219:079:34-
3417 Tanya Grossman45 Castro Valley CA Cx Nation220:1210:06-
---21 Solana Kline36 Reno NV Equipo Resiste0---
---37 Charlotte Hart39 Merced CA Monster Media Elite Women0---

2017 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix - WSCXGP Day 2 - Elite Men's Results

143 Lance Haidet21 San Luis Obispo CA donnelly sports91:02:126:55
241 Allen Krughoff34 Boulder CO Krughoff Racing91:02:126:550:00
342 Anthony Clark31 Feeding Hills MA Squid Squad91:02:136:550:01
445 Cody Kaiser26 El Dorado Hills CA LangeTwins/Specialized91:02:316:570:18
546 Carl Decker43 Bend OR Giant Factory Off Road91:02:366:570:23
648 Kevin Bradford-Parish36 Spokane WA Gillespie Eye Care/SETcoaching/Specialized91:04:197:092:06
747 Cameron Beard20 Bend OR Cannondale Cyclocrossworld/Devo91:04:227:092:09
844 Mark Mcconnell30 Calgary AB Hot Sauce Cycling91:04:477:122:34
952 Josh Direen26 Denver CO Groove Subaru-Excel Sports91:05:037:142:50
1060 Evan Murphy30 Portland OR Ludwig & Larsen Racing91:05:177:153:04
1150 Max Judelson31 Berkeley CA Voler/Clif/Rock Lobster91:05:327:173:19
1272 Molly Cameron42 Portland OR Point S Racing91:05:337:173:20
1383 Jose Alfredo Pacheco33 Brea CA BUENA PARK BICYCLES91:06:017:203:48
1457 Jeff Bender29 Salt Lake City UT KUHL Clothing91:06:107:213:57
1553 Justin Robinson39 Bonny Doon CA Cal Giant91:06:347:244:21
1689 Brendan Lehman29 Santa Cruz CA Rock Lobster91:06:387:244:25
1759 Alex Wild26 Los Gatos CA91:06:597:274:46
1885 Mark Flis35 Park City UT X-men/ Trek/ Storm Cycles91:07:127:284:59
1990 Parker Bloom28 Victoria BC Broad Street Cycles91:07:167:285:03
2095 Allan Schroeder26 Boise ID91:07:497:325:36
2196 Donald Myrah52 San Jose CA Ibis/Buy-Cell91:07:577:335:44
2293 Garrett Follmuth31 Santa Monica CA Squareone Helens91:07:597:335:46
2387 Ryan Rinn35 San Francsico CA vive la tarte cx91:08:017:335:48
2478 Rainier Schaefer32 San Francisco CA MASH SF91:08:137:356:00
2574 David Greif24 Reno NV VeloReno91:08:207:366:08
2663 Jason Siegle39 Solvang CA SDG Muscle Monster91:08:507:396:37
2780 Matthew Paez27 Bend OR91:08:577:406:44
2894 Justin Morgan44 Portola Valley CA Team Roaring Mouse91:09:327:447:20
2979 Ryan Grenier40 Oakland CA Velo fratello91:09:357:447:22
3068 John Behrens47 San Diego CA Knobbe Martens91:09:507:467:37
3182 Derek Yarra31 Sf CA MASH SF91:10:157:488:02
3277 Timber Weiss29 Reno NV91:11:277:569:14
3384 David Sheek42 Laguna Hills CA SDG - Muscle Monster754:09:007:44-
3458 Patrick Miller40 Morgan Hill CA The Fast Forward754:32:007:47-
3575 John Mundelius52 Concord CA Will Finnerty Finish754:41:007:49-
3667 Ian Megale30 Boise ID UpCycle Boise754:50:007:50-
3755 Brent Franze19 Fullerton CA giant co factory /fullerton bikes754:53:007:50-
3869 Aj Snovel26 Sacramento CA Davis Bike Club Elite Team755:03:007:52-
3998 Nick Thomas24 Phoenix AZ Trek Cyclocross Collective755:37:007:57-
4099 Damian Schmitt40 Bend OR Point S Racing539:13:007:51-
4161 Garret Thompson28 Raleigh NC Oak City Cycling Project539:09:007:50-
4264 Jeffrey Stern31 Santa Barbara CA Cycle Sport Specialized p/b Muscle Milk539:09:007:50-
4388 Kailin Waterman39 Oakland CA Voler/Clif/HRS/Bell/Rocklobster539:27:007:54-
4451 Cody Cupp24 Durango CO Gillespie Eye Care/Arlberg Sports/SET Coaching539:18:007:52-
4597 Andrew Frank21 Helena MT Montana Velo432:16:008:04-
4670 Anastasio Flores47 La Selva CA Spokesman Cyclocross432:30:008:07-
47100 William Youngman49 Rocklin CA Kinetics Cycle432:41:008:10-
4891 Miles Keep51 Menlo Park CA Menlo Velo Cyclocross324:34:008:11-
4973 Steve Hindman51 Los Altos CA Pen Velo/Summit Bikes325:06:008:22-
5056 Nicolas Padilla20 Aliso Viejo CA G2 Bike216:498:24-
5192 Jim Gentes61 Soquel CA Buy-cell218:119:05-
dnf65 Kyle Johnson29 Denver CO Team Yacht Club323:027:41-
dnf66 Dean Poshard46 San Rafael CA Rock Lobster18:308:30-
dnf86 Andrew Loaiza31 Portland OR Cyclepath PDX0---
---54 Steven Beardsley36 Portland OR Point S Racing0---
---62 Christopher Jones39 Bend OR0---
---49 Andrew Juiliano30 Santa Barbara CA GRIT WORLD RACING p/b Shimano0---
---71 Sage Aldebaran43 Novato CA CxNation0---
---76 Clint Claassen35 El Dorado Hills CA Santa Cruz / Fox0---
---81 Brian Staby47 Santa Rosa CA CX Nation0---