Katerina Nash and Caroline Mani lead a race. Bart Hazen

Katerina Nash and Caroline Mani lead a race. © Bart Hazen

Czech racer Katerina Nash has had a busy season. She started with a win at CrossVegas, and spent much of the season racing on American soil, following the path of the USGPs, securing the overall title in that series, then taking the win both days at Cycle-Smart International. She’s also been dominant in Europe, taking the win in her home country’s Tabor World Cup. However, while she’ll be racing at Worlds this weekend, the season has slowed down for Nash as she prepares for the summer Olympics and mountain bike season.

by Bart Hazen

Cyclocross Magazine: How do you look back at the cyclocross season thus far, with wins in Tabor, Vegas, both days at Cycle-Smart International, the USGP Overall and many others?

Katerina Nash: It has been a great year with lot of good results, interesting travel and the chance to share my big victory at home with family.

CXM: The World Cyclocross Championships in Koksijde are next week. Is it a course that suits you?

KN: I have only seen Koksijde on TV. I expect everyone to do their best and go for it just like any other race.

CXM: How many different bikes do you use in one season?

KN: I have two Orbea Terra Carbon bikes with Di2. I use Shimano Di2 with Shimano brakes and Mavic wheels.

CXM: You are living in the USA. How do you explain that more and more Europeans are coming to race in the States in the early season? And some for almost the whole season.

KN: Most likely the amount of races. US racers have to travel far to get to a race and so it is almost always two day weekend, meaning we race both Saturday and Sunday. There are more changes to get points in shorter period of time. Most important factor for me is that US race promoters are giving equal price money to women and men racers. While most European female racers make 1/10 of what men make at C1 race, we are actually making the same. It should not be this shocking right?

CXM: What is your favorite cyclocross race in both USA and Europe?

KN: USGP in Fort Collins Colorado and Tabor.

CXM: On which achievement in your career are you the most proud of? And why?

KN: Bronze medal at Worlds, three Olympics at two different sports are cool, two World Cup wins, getting around the world by bike is quite the experience as well, and completing University in second language.

CXM: It’s your tenth season with the Luna team. What is it like to be on that team so long?

KN: It has been a great ride and I can not believe it has been 10 years. Clearly something is working for both sides.

CXM: 2012 is an Olympic Season. You competed in three previous Olympic Games. How are your chances to participate for the Czech Republic in the MTB race at the Olympics in London. How will your preparation/schedule be like after the cyclocross season comes to an end?

KN: I have been preparing during the ’cross season because with full MTB and ’cross season there isn’t much time to train and so I have to look for balance between racing and training. Olympics are the reason why you don’t see me in Europe more often during winter months. My chances are good. There will be lot more MTB riding right after ’cross season in order to get ready for first World Cups.

CXM: You competed two times at the Olympic Games in cross country skiing. As a kid you did also High Jumping. Both are total different sport than cycling. Why the change?

KN: I can do many sport and always been proud of it. I like the change and after full ski career, I got into cycling 10 years ago. I very much enjoy the change of scenery and learning about new sport. I am thankful to be able to try both winter and summer sport.

CXM: What will be your goals on long term as a person and as a cyclist?

KN: I just love riding bikes, getting places and exploring new trails and reaching new peaks. Riding MTB in the mountains is the best and I hope to ride for a long time. As far as racing I have few more goals that I will try to reach and several big races that I will prepare for.

CXM: Do you have any rituals (maybe unusual rituals) you have to do each day or before a race?

KN: Not really. I focus on good warm up and don’t clutter my life with extra stuff to bring or do. I am focused on task at hand and don’t have any superstitions.

CXM: What are you doing when not riding a bike?

KN: Skiing! Lot of it if possible. Day after Koksijde I will be some place in the Alps. I do lot of backcountry, cross country and alpine skiing. I also spend lot of time with my husband and dogs in the mountain where we live. Running, hiking, camping, MTB riding. I also enjoy cooking and hope to have a garden one day when travel gets lighter.

CXM: What can you tell us about yourself that most people don’t know?

KN: I am not part Facebook world.

CXM: You are graduated in Marketing. How would you use marketing to sell/promote women’s cycling to the public?

KN: I have been doing it last 10 years at part of Luna Pro Team. We are all about supporting women and healthy lifestyle and hope to influence all the young and older ladies to come out and play with us. This does not mean you have to race at all. We want women to be active and healthy.

CXM: Final question. What is your motto?

KN: Go fast take chances.