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MADISON, WISCONSIN – Madison’s women cyclocross racers would like to invite everyone with an interest in improving cyclocross for women to attend our Women and Cyclocross event from 5-6 pm January 6th at Machinery Row Bicycles, 601 Williamson Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

Join local racers along with top pros like Mo Bruno Roy, Sue Butler, Meredith Miller, Teal Stetson Lee and more to discuss and strategize on topics such as how to get more women racing cyclocross, how to improve opportunities for junior girls, how to increase prize payout equity across the country/world, how to increase opportunities for women to reach and stay in the elite ranks and other topics you are interested in discussing.  This event is definitely not just for women but for anyone who wants to be a part of this discussion and help shape the future of women’s cyclocross racing.

Beverages and snacks will be on hand.  Stick around after 6 pm to keep the discussion rolling and to socialize.  Machinery Row Bicycles will be hosting their event, Cyclocross Night, starting at 6pm with a chance to meet more pros, drink beer and eat some mussels and frites!

Women and Cyclocross is sponsored by, a local cyclocross website that has been covering Wisconsin cyclocross for 10 years, the Mad FORCs, Madison’s women’s mountain bike club, and the Capitol Velo Club, Madison’s women’s road bike club.