We’ve talked a fair amount recently about gaining gears for longer gravel rides and races as well as just spinning during the offseason. And now WolfTooth is bringing wider range cassettes to the Shimano 11-speed crowd with its new GC45 conversion kit. 

Get the details and the specifications on the modification kit in the press release, below.

Introducing the Wolf Tooth GC45 for Shimano 11-speed cassettes. The GC45 is optimized for 11-40 Shimano 11-speed cassettes and is compatible with 11-42 Shimano 11-speed cassettes.

Now that 11-speed Shimano is hitting the masses with XT and, later this year SLX, Wolf Tooth is offering a solution for those looking to increase their cassette range. The most common application for the new GC45 will be with a 1x drivetrain, but the GC45 can be used with a 2x drivetrain and a long cage rear derailleur.

Just like our 10-speed GCs, this cassette extender was engineered with a no-compromises approach to shifting quality and longevity. The stiffness of the new GC45 along perfect rotational orientation and wider chain-driving bearing surfaces, when compared to other options available, make for a factory perfect shifting experience that will last. Also included with the GC45 is an 18 tooth replacement smaller cog and spacer for smooth cassette transitions.

Here is what the cassettes looks like after a GC45 Conversion:

11-40: 11-13-15-18-21-24-27-31-35-40-45
Weight: XTR, 412 grams; XT, 490 grams
Total range increase: from 364% to 409%

11-42: 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42-45
Weight: 510
Total range increase: form 382% to 409%

The GC45 is manufactured in our new manufacturing facility in Savage, Minnesota (yes, Wolf Tooth lives in Savage). Goatlink 11 is not required but provides improvement in shifting crispness, bringing free chain length back to better than with an 11-42 cassette.

The GC45, 18t replacement cog, and spacer for the 18t cog are included.

Component parts material: 7075-T6
Component parts weight: 98 grams
Colors: black & red; blue & silver to follow; possibly other offerings.
Price: 89.95 USD

Available for sale now at and at dealers and distributors in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for some more even bigger things to be released this summer.