Nash in the lead at Sunday's LACX race. © Phil Beckman/PB Creative

Nash in the lead at the LACX race in December. © Phil Beckman/PB Creative

Katerina Nash started mountain bike season with a bang, racing to wins in Texas and most recently at Bonelli in Southern California, and at the short track in Fontana. We caught up with her post-race at Bonelli to talk about the season, and find out what her plans for the rest of the spring and summer will entail.

Cyclocross Magazine: Two wins in a row, not a bad start to the season!

Katerina Nash: It’s good, it’s fun! I had ridden my mountain bike a lot since the end of the ’cross season, so I’m really comfortable. And I’ve had a really good two races, so it’s all good.

CXM: Have you made a schedule for the season yet?

KN: Doing some domestic, some international, possibly some Enduro, some fun stuff, a little bit of everything,

CXM: So it’s safe to say no retirement this year?

KN: No, I didn’t go with that! I’m happy to say I’m still here!

CXM: How was Bonelli cross country race [that Nash won]?

KN: It was super hot! Definitely really, really hot. So try to stay out of trouble get out front—it was really dusty! I had a good, clean race and I was happy to take another win and keep the winners jersey.

CXM: Mountain bike racing has been changing a lot in recent years. Thoughts?

KN: Keeping it more exciting and more together—it’s fun. We typically do five laps and when I started, we would do two. Our race has gotten a little shorter over the years, but it’s still double the time of a ’cross race. I like how things are moving though, I’m a better short distance rider so I was happy to see the trend moving toward an hour and a half!

CXM: Do you find that the skills overlap between mountain biking and ’cross?

KN: You get to use a lot of experience from both, for sure.