Our friends at have provided a guide for local eats and grocery needs for our Cyclocross National Championships Center for all of you in Bend or heading there. So stock up and chow down, thanks to Matt Fox.

We have a saying in Bend about this, you’ll see the bumper stickers. It’s about trying to buy local (from small locally owned businesses) whenever you can. If we support the businesses that support Bend and make it a great place to live, we are also helping ourselves. There are a ton of great local restaurants, bars, brew pubs, grocery stores, bike shops and more. There are also a ton of folks coming in from out of town for Cyclocross Nationals.

This is not a comprehensive list by any means; there are a ton of great local businesses, these are just a few of the favorites spots we frequent. It is an attempt to share favorite spots that we know to support the community and that we like to go to. It would be great if you share your own inside knowledge and leave comments below. Chances are, if you live in Bend, you have some favorites too… share them here. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite local spots.

Jacksons Corner – Amazing food (handmade pasta, sandwiches, wood fired pizza), great casual atmosphere, awesome beer selection, very reasonable prices. We eat here more than anywhere else in Bend.
Deschutes Brewery – The beer is amazing, food is amazing, tons of options, right downtown.
Chow – A great breakfast spot! They serve lunch too.
Parilla Grill – Burritos, cheap, healthy, PBR tall boys for $1.
Sparrow Bakery – Stumptown coffee, pastries, and excellent sandwiches. Not far from the old mill.
Kebaba – Amazing middle eastern food, tempeh burritos, falafel, lots of veggie options… sooo good.
Taste of Thai / Thai on the Fly – Hard to find, super-extra-friendly ,delicious take out Thai, cheap. Next to the expresslube in a little shack… really.
Pizza Mondo – Downtown Pizza
Ariana – Upscale Mediterranean
900 wall – Posh downtown, good happy hour
Brother Jon’s – Sandwiches, beer, mac and cheese.
Nancy P’s – Baked goodies

Thump – Our go-to coffee shop: Stumptown coffee, espresso, baked goodness. Big bike supporter. I was worried about coffee in Bend till I found this place.
Strictly Organic – Excellent, local, organic. Try the Sunnyside espresso blend. Don’s favorite.
Towsend’s Tea House – If you’re into tea… Downtown
Lone Pine Coffee Roasters – Tin pan alley excellence. French pressed goodness.

Natures – In the Wagner mall on 3rd st. Health food, juice bar, vegan goods, teas, herbal medicines, local meat and poultry, bulk goods.
Devores– Small grocery, deli, produce, take out, veggie and vegan options.
Newport Market – Great beer and wine selection, gourmet groceries, cheese, bakery, more.
RileysMarket – In Northwest Crossing. An easy deli/market stop before rides along Mt. Washington or up to the Phil’s system.

There’s all the typical other grocery stores and a Trader Joe’s as well. You’ll see em. Rays and Safeway are close to the Old Mill on 14th.