Squid Bikes was seeing double in the California sun after Anthony Clark followed his teammate Sammi Runnels lead and won in front of his sponsor’s hometown.

Full results below. Stay tuned for a full report.

2018 West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix Results - Elite Men

142 Anthony Clark32 Squid Squad59:24:00
245 Allen Krughoff35 Chocolove - Specialized59:55:000:31
341 Cody Kaiser27 LangeTwins / Specialized1:00:120:48
443 Lance Haidet22 Donnelly Cycling1:00:351:11
544 Troy Wells35 Team CLIF Bar1:00:381:14
648 Tyler Cloutier30 TCCX1:01:592:35
775 Allan Schroeder27 High Desert Hustle1:02:313:07
847 Max Judelson31 Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster1:03:244:00
946 Kevin Bradford-Parish37 Gillespie Eye Care/SETcoaching/Specialized1:03:364:12
1066 Josh Direen27 Groove Subaru-Excel Sports1:03:534:29
1158 Kyle Johnson30 Team Yacht Club1:04:074:43
1278 Ian Tubbs48 AUDI1:04:124:48
1360 Robert Cummings25 Mettle Cycling1:04:124:48
1472 Brendan Lehman29 Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster1:04:375:13
1583 Nathan Barton22 Top Club Cyclocross Team1:04:485:24
1661 Noah Hayes18 Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster1:05:085:45
1749 Terol Pursell31 Amy D Grassroots1:05:095:45
1867 Ryan Rinn37 vive la tarte cx1:05:376:13
1965 Stephen Hartzel36 Breadwinner Cycles1:05:576:33
2050 Sean Estes41 Cycle Sport - Specialized1:06:046:40
2182 Josh Kelley36 Breadwinner Cycles1:06:236:59
2281 Ian Megale3151:34:00-
2364 Ryan Grenier41 The fast foward51:44:00-
2470 David Sheek43 SDG-Muscle Monster51:48:00-
2551 Calder Wood19 Top Club Cyclocross51:57:00-
2655 Alex Work44 Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster51:57:00-
2779 Derek Yarra32 MASH SF52:20:00-
2869 Andrew Loaiza31 Cyclepath PDX45:06:00-
2963 Anastasio Flores48 Spokesman CX45:26:00-
3084 Aj Snovel27 Team Mike’s Bikes45:29:00-
3176 Rhys Louis26 Roca Roja45:57:00-
3252 Kobi Gyetvan21 CX Nation38:59:00-
3359 Kell Mckenzie37 King Kog39:21:00-
3457 Bryan Torian42 Olympia Orthopaedic Associates39:24:00-
3568 John Behrens48 Knobbe Martens IP Law39:35:00-
3680 William Youngman49 Kinetic Cyclocross39:37:00-
3774 Brent Franze20 giant co factory ?Buena Park Bikes32:28:00-
3877 Mark Severy30 Adventure's Edge32:45:00-
3973 Dean Poshard46 Voler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster33:49:00-
DNF56 Justin Thomas44 TCI Wealth Advisors21:57-
DNF62 Sawyer Bosch29 High Desert Hustle22:46-