So while we’re working on getting all the pieces together for our first issue, we’re trying not to lose sight of one of the reasons we’re doing this: to help grow the sport we love. We have a ton of ideas on how to do this, whether through donations of product or money to USA Cycling earmarked for cyclocross or juniors, working with promoters to increase junior turn-out, or working with grass roots clubs to get a bike or entry fees to kids who can’t afford these otherwise. We believe ‘cross is the most accessible form of racing for everyone – as you can do it on most any bike, and events are not way out in the boonies like a lot of road and mtb races.

Should we focus more on the top racers, hoping it’d have a trickle-down, mini-Lance effect? Help support US riders to go to Europe or cross worlds? Work with Geoff Proctor in his efforts?

Or perhaps we should focus on the bigger picture? Focus on keeping cycling safe (bike coalitions) or keeping trails for our cross bikes open (IMBA)?

While we can’t at this point promise to a $ amount or % of revenues, we’re working on a plan. And we need you, the readers and cross community, to let us know what you’d be most proud of being part of. Drop us a comment, tell us who you think we should talk to, and what companies or organizations might be great partners in this effort.