We’re tremendously sad to report that cycling journalist and photographer Pat Malach died over the weekend.

Malach was instrumental in helping Cyclocross Magazine cover the Oregon cyclocross racing scene for many years. He offered insightful reporting of the world’s largest cyclocross races through both words and photography covering the Cross Crusade series and its 1,000+ entrants.

Malach was also a longtime reporter and traveled the world to help the website cover professional road racing. He also contributed to Bike Portland.

His death rocked the cycling world, with tributes pouring out from athletes and influencers. has an aggregation of many of the tributes to Malach. Please see all the love for Malach here.

Our thoughts are with Malach’s family and friends at this time, and we’re eternally grateful for all that Malach gave to the cycling world during his too-short life. Rest in peace.

Featured photo: A Pat Malach selfie.