Craig Etheridge, bike messenger and single-speed cyclocrosser for Raleigh.

Craig Etheridge, bike messenger and single-speed cyclocrosser for Raleigh.

This season, Craig Etheridge took a page from Jeremy Powers’ playbook and came up with idea of doing a show: Hot Laps with Craig Etheridge. It’s a little less polished than Powers’ hyper-professional reality show, Behind THE Barriers, but it offers a different look at the life of a racer. Craig Etheridge shared a bit about why he’s taken on the project and what’s to come.

My teammate (Allen Krughoff) and I are behind the whole deal. I guess with the help from whoever might be standing around at the time when filming (exclusively on my iPod touch) too.

We came up with the idea towards the end of the season unfortunately, which is why we only have the four episodes we do. Regardless, we are having fun doing the shows and hope that it brings a racers-eye level to the masses that might not get to all the events we do. At the same time, I really think that it helps bridge the gap to a lot of the “pros” out there. A funny, and light-hearted interview with some of the biggest names in our sport helps take the edge off these people. In a way, it helps take the edge off the racing scene.

Our criteria is pretty simple. Keep it short! And as the great Pete Townshend once said, “If you steer clear of quality, then you’ll be alright.” We know people don’t have time (or attention) for a 30-minute race weekend recap. They want funny stuff! That’s what we’re here to offer. All of the episodes have been on-the-spot kind of stuff during our race weekends and Allen is really behind the layout. He throws it all together and I trust he knows what works.

Check out Craig’s view of the USGP in Bend, Oregon, last month, and stay tuned for more of his antic from Nationals, as well as a pro bike profile of his Raleigh rig.

Featuring the adventures of Craig T. Etheridge of the Raleigh/Clement Professional Cyclocross Team. Video production by teammate Allen Krughoff. Only rule is that editing must be finished by the end of the flight home.