If you live in the U.S. and haven’t already, if there’s one thing today, we hope it’s taking the time to vote.

If you’re qualified to vote and haven’t already done so, please head to the polls and have your say. It matters.

It would be hypocrisy for us to spend so much time to help you make informed USA Cycling election decisions, and shine our light on bike race-related inequalities, while ignoring the broader elections like the mid-terms. We won’t tell you how to vote, but will tell you it matters.

Sure, maybe you think of yourself as a cyclist but feel apolitical and think your vote doesn’t matter.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons you, likely a cyclocross or gravel fan, should go cast a vote.

1. You like riding your bike.

Perhaps you care about the roads, public lands and air you use while riding. Local, state and federal elected officials have a major say in the access, condition and cycling amenities available to you. Protect or improve your riding conditions with your vote.

Have your say in a race that matters. Vote. photo: SF Bicycle Coalition

Have your say in a race that matters. Vote. photo: SF Bicycle Coalition

2. You care about your health, and the health of your loved ones.

It’s hard to ride when we’re not healthy. Maybe you love your current health insurance or doctor. Maybe you hate it or don’t have even have health insurance. Maybe you’d like to have care available and affordable should you crash while training or racing.

Health care is one of the top issues for voters this election, and if it hasn’t motivated you yet, perhaps thinking about it and its consequences as a bike racer might help you ride safely to the polls.

3. You care about bikes.

Maybe you work in the industry, build bikes yourself, ride imported or domestic frames or components or even commute with an imported or domestically-assembled bike light. Politicians have an impact on these companies and products, and your vote has a role in their availability, affordability and country of origin.

4. It feels better than an interval.

Sure, today is Training Tuesday, but every coach in the nation will give you a hall pass to go vote.

5. You have the ultimate power, regardless of genetics.

Maybe you feel watt limited, despite all the training time. Feel empowered knowing that your vote is just as powerful as that genetic freak’s who never trains.

6. It’s a race that really matters, with live coverage!

Finally, an important race with all the free, streaming live coverage options you can ask for. You don’t have to deal with sketchy sites, pop-ups, geo restrictions and languages you may not understand just to follow along. Don’t like the commentator? Hooray! You have many to choose from.

And after you vote, you’ll be more than just a spectator. You’ll be involved. That’s even more exciting than rewatching the thrilling Pan Am Championship races.

7. You want the right to complain.

Many of us cyclists are great about complaining. That course was terrible. The entry fee was too high. That rider took me out. There are bigger issues than racing at stake today, but you can’t complain if you didn’t exercise your right to have your say. Sitting on blisters is painful. They’re worse than saddle sores.

8. A DNS sucks

You already paid your dues and registered. Don’t take your eligibility for granted and have a DNS next to your name. What other race has 60% of registered people take a DNS? Don’t add to that surprising statistic. Take the start.

Democracy is counting on you.

Find your polling place here. Bring a friend. And enjoy the race!