The UCI Men’s Race at Ellison Park in Rochester, NY saw lots of conservative riding at the onset of the race. Under the blazing heat, fans were dousing their favorite riders with water to keep them cool, and the following day Scott Page, the promoter at Ellison Park p/b Full Moon Vista would go on to create a “hydration lane” that wasn’t exactly a “feeding zone” banned by the UCI. Jeremy Powers would finish the race, and go on to say that he was “Super disappointed” in the decision by the UCI to ban feeding.

Powers, Dan Timmerman, Cameron Dodge and Stephen Hyde would all take advantage of an untimely loose stem mechanical of the Belgian rider Vincent Baestaens and go on to fight for the podium with Allen Krughoff nipping at their heels seconds behind.

For the full Men’s Elite race for Day One, you can watch the video below, created by Cyclocross Magazine partner Gnarly Monkey.