Zdeněk Štybar and Sven Nys' battle highlights, with great commentary.

One kid deserves an A+ in creativity: Zdeněk Štybar and Sven Nys’ battle highlight video, with great commentary.

We aren’t tiring yet of rewatching the epic battle between Sven Nys and Zdeněk Štybar in the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships in Hoogerheide highlight video, but we’ve added another cut of highlights to our daily viewing queue.

A creative youngster, with some real announcing talent, created this highlight video of the race betwen Nys and Štybar, and given how it’s starting to go viral, we’re not the only ones who love it.

It also reminds us of Keith Vonachen’s cute toy and kid-powered winning video that announced the 2013 World Championships from the Raleigh World Championship contest a year ago. Could it have been the inspiration?

Check out the Hoogerheide video below. Forgive the aerobars.