Allen Krughoff got the holeshot, and just might win the contract. ©Cyclocross Magazine

Allen Krughoff got the holeshot, and the Raleigh contract. © Cyclocross Magazine

This year, at Raleigh’s Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross, Allen Krughoff took home the biggest prize of the night: the Raleigh-Clement contract. “It was definitely part of the plan,” Krughoff said of the contract win. His fifth place finish was enough to render him the first un-contracted racer, which meant that starting this fall, he’ll be teammates with Ben Berden, Caroline Mani, and fellow contract winner Nicole Duke, as well as bike messenger world champion Craig Etheridge.

Of his new teammate, Ben Berden, Krughoff said in his post-race interview that he was “really quiet.” Hopefully, Berden will get chattier as the season wears on, as Raleigh’s hope is that Berden and Mani will help to mentor the contract winners.

“I’m a full-time photographer and I have a flexible schedule, so cyclocross suits me very well,” Krughoff said. This season, “Regular top 10s at USGPs” will be Krughoff’s goal, and hopefully Raleigh’s support will help him achieve it. Want to learn more about him? Check out Pete Webber’s In the Saddle interview with him last season.

Watch the full interview below: