The Men's podium featured three three-time national champions. 2012 Raleigh Midsummer Night Cyclocross Race. @Cyclocross Magazine

The Men’s podium featured three three-time national champions, including Page, far right, with his biggest fan. @Cyclocross Magazine

Jonathan Page is back in the US, but no one – including the man himself – knows just how long he’ll be sticking around before skipping back across the pond to Belgium, his home for the past 10 years. But he managed to make an appearance in his new home state of Utah for the 2012 Raleigh Midsummer Night Cyclocross Race, where he took third place behind teammates Ryan Trebon and Tim Johnson. For the first hours after the race, it was unclear whether or not Page would be taking the contract offered by Raleigh, but ultimately, he deferred it to fifth place Allen Krughoff, saying that he wished such a support system had been in place when he was younger.

“It was a lot of fun, actually,” he said of the race. That said, he later admitted, “I’m happy to be done.” He mentioned that his next stop would be the grocery store, since he’s finally home after a long stretch of traveling for road racing. Just the day before, Page had traveled home to Utah from Illinois.

“I’ve been doing all the right things,” he said of his training. But will we see him on the US cyclocross circuit? Maybe, but he wants to give Belgium one more try.

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