When we first gave you a preview video of the 2018 Reno Cyclocross National Championships, we, of course, needed to provide this disclaimer:

“As always, it must be said that the wide-angle lenses of action cameras like GoPro Hero units do not accurately show elevation changes.”

While a wide-angle lens’ inability to show elevation changes may inaccurately make the course look flat, the video was also deceiving because Coby Rowe and his team also weren’t ready to show off hilly, technical off-camber section at the top of the course. He offered a glimpse and placeholder:

2018 Reno Cyclocross National Chamnpionships' off-camber placeholder in Video #1

In our Q & A with Rowe, he described the technical features that were in the works and assured racers they were in for a challenge.

Now after spending the holiday period with shovels, the team is ready to offer racers and fans a preview of what’s in store for them. Judging from the video, the section looks to be more than a token technical section, as it offers a climb, long off-camber straights and two off-camber downhill turns.

The last few Nationals in Hartford, Asheville and Austin all had their own off-camber features, and they were a spectating highlight.

Reno’s section looks pretty challenging already in the dry conditions. Perhaps Mother Nature and a few thousand tire tracks will ensure it will only get harder.

Got some side knobs?

Have a watch below.

2018 Reno Cyclocross Nationals Off-Camber Section Course Preview Video:

Want to give the new section a test ride? Only volunteers have that privilege right now. Sign up here.