Vicki Thomas finds the path of least resistance © Balint Hamvas,

Vicki Thomas finds the path of least resistance © Balint Hamvas,

Vicki Thomas checks in with another journal entry about chasing her ‘cross dream on the courses of Europe. Check out her last update about the huge transition from racing Masters Worlds last year to qualifying for the 2010 Canadian national team for Elite Worlds.

One more to go. Nothing like the one-to-go sign for a cyclocross racer. It means you’re going to make it–you’re going to get in the full race, finishing on the lead lap. Awesome, you did it, you went the distance: not an easy accomplishment when you’re lined up against past, present and future World Champions.

Yesterday, was one of those races. I made it to the bell lap. What a feeling. It had been a long time since I’d heard the bell. I was stoked to start on that final lap of the race. I even gave a little fist pump when I pedaled by Marc and Alex (Soigneur Race Services) in the pit. I finished the last World Cup of the season in Hoogerheide, Netherlands on such a high note.

Now, there truly is only one to go. One last race. The race I’ve been looking forward to for two years. The race that has been my goal. My dream. The race that has motivated to get on my bike in all types of weather, at all times of the day, and to pedal through anything. The Cyclocross World Championships. I am racing at the Cyclocross World Championships. It feels surreal to type this. Really, it is just something that I’d been dreaming about, but I wasn’t sure if I could ever accomplish my goals. And now I have. I’m doing it.

This time next week, I’ll have raced at the World Cyclocross Championships. Cool. I’ve finally realized that not a lot of people can say that they’ve competed at the top level of their sport. But I can.

Vicki Thomas finished seventh at Canadian Nats. by Paul Thomas

Vicki Thomas at Canadian Nats © Paul Thomas

It has taken a long time, but I’m finally in a solid head-space and feeling confident about my racing, training and abilities. This breakthrough is a combination of many factors: excellent coaching from Bell Lap Coaching, mental training with a coach from Whole Athlete and tremendous support from my husband, Marc. I’m supported here in Belgium by an awesome group of friends–this helps as well because when I arrive at the races I know that I’ll have people cheering for me and helping me out in anyway I need.

What are my thoughts/hopes/goals for the World Championships? Well, honestly I have five or six things jotted down on a piece of paper that I think about and want to accomplish, but these are between me and my back jersey pocket… I can tell you that I just want to have fun. To soak it all up. Enjoy and revel in the experience of racing at a World Championships. The days before, I’m planning to get out on the course and learn as much as I can about riding and racing through the snow and ice. (Though as a Canadian, I’m much more comfortable with snow and ice than deep heavy mud!)

I know that there will definitely be some stressful moments, times when I ask myself “what the heck am I doing?”. But then I’ll look around and see everyone training in their national team kits and I’ll remember again that I’m at the Cyclocross World Championships. Really, I don’t get tired of writing that. The Cyclocross World Championships. Team Canada. Sweet words.

Alright, I best end this short little diary entry here. I’ve got bikes to pack up, bags to pack and a van to sit in for the next 10 hours or so.

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