It’s finally happened. After years of pestering George at to extend his fantasy cycling games to our dirtier crowd, the inaugural CX Fantasy Cyclocross series is here, in association with Cyclocross Magazine! We know that running a fantasy league takes a ton of time and some good programming skills (both things that are in extremely short supply here at CXM), and so we’re more than psyched to partner with Velogames and utilize his wizardry and Tour de France-proven fantasy league play to enable our cyclocross team director fantasies.

The deadline to enter our fantasy cyclocross games for the 2011/2012 season is before this Sunday’s second UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Tabor (12:00 CEST, and that’s not central time but a European time), so don’t delay…get your team in today! It doesn’t cost you a thing, and you just might win something. It’s also a great chance to compete against a bunch of cyclocross-loving Europeans, without crossing the pond and boxing up your bike.

With the new cyclocross season now underway, make sure to join in the excitement of Velogames’ winter cousin by selecting your team of six riders to compete across the dust, mud, ice and snow.

With 15 race weekends, covering the monuments of the European and North American cyclocross seasons, the Velogames:CX season runs from the initial World Cup events all the way through to the UCI World Cyclocross Championships in late January. And new to Cyclocross Magazine’s Fantasy Cyclocross is the ability to execute rider transfers!

And, with thanks to Cyclocross Magazine and some of its advertisers, there are some great prizes up for grabs, including digital subscriptions to the magazine and sets of Clement and Kenda cyclocross tires for the leading directors!

With this year’s Worlds taking place in Belgium, the excitement will reach a new high as the best racers in the World prepare themselves for their tilt at taking the famous rainbow jersey in the sport’s spiritual and operational home.

But Velogames:CX with is a worldwide affair, and as a director of your own Fantasy Cyclocross team, you will also need to pay attention to the popular cross scene in the United States, as the series also covers all the top races of the region.

With all the top riders from both sides of the Atlantic to choose from, and 16 in-game team transfers available to keep your team competitive throughout the season, now is the time to sign-up and select your world-beating Velogames:CX team!

Feel free to join your fellow Cyclocross Magazine readers in our mini league, if you want some American-centric competition.  Here’s the details of our mini-league:

League Owner: Cyclocross Magazine
League Name:
League Code: 21101808

To join the league:
Use the League Code to enter the league by clicking on an Open spot on your Team Roster’s “Mini-League Manager” section.
You can reach your Team Roster by going back the the main page and clicking on the team name in the right-hand panel of each screen when you are logged in.
After clicking on an open league spot, you will then be asked to enter the League Code to sign up your team into the league.

Sign up now, and feel free to create your own mini-league among your teammates, buddies, or true cyclocross rivals.