HPCX Race, Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Maximenko rides into the sand on the first lap. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

While the climbs proved to be the deciding factor on Day 1 of HPCX, Day 2 would be heavily influenced by the addition of two sand pits. While the course had a different flow, many of the same racers would find themselves vying for podium positions on Day Two.

In the Elite Women’s race, Cassie Maximenko (Van Dessel/Ism/Powerbar/Challenge) once again took the holeshot and would continue to lead for the majority of the race. The first separation of the field occurred when the racers hit the sand pits on lap one, allowing Maximenko, Kathleen Lysakowski (Joe’s Garage Cx P/B Bikereg) and BrittLee Bowman (House Ind/Withings/Simplehuman) to open up a gap on the field. They would continue to grow the gap throughout the majority of the race, with Kathryn Cumming chasing in fourth, unable to bridge to the leaders as she found trouble in the sand pits.

HPCX Race, Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Kathleen Lysakowski lost in a close sprint on Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Bowman found herself dangling from the lead group and with one lap to go, Maximenko and Lysakowski were able to make a decisive split. Lysakowski led through the sand on the final lap, but Maximenko would come around on the dirt climb. She was able to hold the first position coming into the final turn, leading out the uphill sprint against Lysakowski and taking her second victory in as many days. Bowman would hold her gap on the chasers, coming in solo for third.

In the Men’s Elite Race, another tightly contested race with a big pack was decided by an attack in the late laps as Cameron Dodge (unattached) and Jens Vandekinderen (Kalas H.Essers Nnof Cycling Team) broke away from a strong group.

HPCX Race, Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Vandekinderen and Robert Marion head into the first of the two sand pits. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

For much of the meat of the race, Vandekinderen and Robert Marion (American Classic Pro Cx Team) were trading pulls at the front with a large group of eight following, including last week’s double podium finisher Travis Livermon (Mock Orange Cyclocross), Eric Thompson (Hed Cycling Products) and Dan Timmermon (Stan’s Notues Elite CX).

In the final laps Dodge pulled for most of the time while Vandekinderen seemed on the verge of pouncing. The Belgian waited until the final stair climb to attack, and was able to outsprint Dodge to the finish in a thrilling ride. Livermon came in to finish third.

HPCX Race, Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Cameron Dodge came in second with Livermon in third at HPCX Race, Day Two. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

2015 HPCX Women's Race, Day Two

123MAXIMENKOCassandraVan Dessel/ISM/PowerBar/Challen42:1842:18
229LYSAKOWSKIKathleenJoe's Garage CX p/b BikeReg42:19s.t.
45CUMMINGKathrynCyclocross Magazine Racing43:0143
628VAN GILDERLauraMellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers43:1254
710CUTLERJessicaJamis Pro Cyclocross43:13s.t.
921BARBOSSAStaceyMidAtlantic Colavita Women's Te44:031:45
1017IVESJennyVerge Test Pilot/Jamis44:432:25
1147RUBINORachelLevel Eleven Racing p/b PB244:552:37
1237DAGOSTINOLaurenTEAM Elite Endurance44:582:40
1432WULFKUHLEKathleenLancbike p/b Gretna Bikes45:333:15
1549BROOIJMANSNatasjaGREEN LINE VELO Driven by ZipCa45:533:35
1648FACCONEErinTeam Averica45:583:40
1834SCHMITZAvanellMermaid Winery p/b VA Asset Gro46:053:47
1944WALKERKatinaPark Ave. Bike Shop46:153:57
2015SHIELDSEmilyKen's Bike Shop46:384:20
2135SHERRILLEllenVoler/HRS/Clif Bar/Rock Lobster46:494:31
2225SHIELDSKatherineKen's Bike Shop47:425:24's47:455:27
2443OISHIAllisonTEAM Elite Endurance47:485:30
DNF55SMITHKelpius Cycling
DNF26HUNTERSEAVS/Haymarket pb Van Dessel
DNS19THIEMANNRare Disease Cycling
DNS27WRIGHTTeam Averica
DNS31SORNSONTeam Rare Disease Cycling
DNS39TIMMladies first racing
DNS40BARCLAYStan's NoTubes Elite Women's Te

2015 HPCX Men's Race, Day Two

11VANDEKINDERENJensKalas H.Essers Nnof cycling tea58:3658:36
399LIVERMONTravisMock Orange Bikes Pro CX Team p59:0226
46MARIONRobertAmerican Classic Pro CX Team59:1135
518THOMPSONEricHed Cycling Products59:1842
615TIMMERMANDanStan's Notubes Elite CX59:2953
814CLARKAnthonySquid Bikes59:43s.t.
95FAVATAChristianTRT BICYCLES59:451:09
1030COWIETristanMock Orange Bikes Pro CX Team p0.0417941:35
1326SHORTPhilipTrek Store Greensboro- The Gene0.0423152:20
1632ST. GERMAINAdamNEXT-BMB0.0428013:02
1742SNYDERJordanC3 Twenty 20 Cycling0.0428363:05
1848ADASAVAGEGeraldHudson/Ludwig & Larsen Racing0.0429173:12
1937MURPHYEvanHudson/Ludwig & Larsen Racing0.0429863:18
2050WOODALLRyanTOP GEAR / FELT / MUMU0.042986s.t.
2160NIETERSJaredVan Dessel Factory Team0.0430213:21
2333JUDELSONMaxVoler/Rock Lobster/Clif0.0433333:48
2443REINECKEElliotBook a Bike Mechanic/WD-400.0439474:41
2631WHITNEYGregArrow Racing0.0442015:03
2853GOORSKEYAbeAmerican Classic Pro CX Team0.0443985:20
2956BURKHARDTJeremyC3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.0.0444915:28
3061FAWLEYRyanTwisted Cog Bike Shop0.0450126:13
3340LEBAIRCraigphiladelphia ciclismo0.0454056:47
3441GARRISONKeithKING KOG0.0455797:02
@1Lap45MAISNERCraigBreakaway Bikes-Campano p/b Bre
@1Lap38DUGANNathanCRCA/KH-Pactimo p/b Century
@1Lap49OISHIEricTEAM Elite Endurance
@5Lap39MURPHYFordJoe's Garage CX p/b BikeReg
DNF52MURPHYKyleHudson/Ludwig & Larsen Racing
DNF34VRAMBOUTOlivierwaffle power
DNF35BEERSJohnPhiladelphia Ciclismo