Lars van der Haar wins World Cup Valkenburg. © Thomas van Bracht

Lars van der Haar winning the World Cup at Valkenburg. © Thomas van Bracht

HEUSDEN-ZOLDER, BELGIUM –Lars van der Haar (Rabobank Development Team) again proved that he deserved to be in the Elite rankings, taking the win at the World Cup in Zolder in a sprint against Martin Bina (Kwadro-Stannah). Behind them, former World Champion Zdenek Stybar (Omega Pharma-Quick-Step) took the last step on the podium ahead of a chain of 13 riders.

This was Stybar’s second appearance of the six he is reportedly scheduled to attend this season, possibly leading to a World Championship bid. Stybar acted as the aggressor for much of the race, keeping the pace high on the already fast course.

The former World Champion turned road racer went head-to-head with Philipp Walsleben (BKCP-Powerplus) going into the first turn, while just behind, the tight corner bottlenecked the field, claiming Niels Albert (BKCP-Powerplus) as its second casualty of the day. Albert’s fall on the section sent him to the tail end of the race, forcing him to fight to make up ground. Earlier in the day in the women’s race Nikki Haris (Young Telenet-Fidea) had her own trouble going into the same turn as she got pinched off between the inside corner and riders to her right.

By the second lap, seven riders including Stybar, van der Haar, Walsleben, Klaas Vantornout (Sunweb-Napoleon Games), Rob Peeters (Telenet-Fidea), and Martin Bina (Kwadro-Stannah) had managed a small gap, with the pace accelerating from repeated attacks by Stybar.

The chase group of seven, including World Champion Sven Nys (Crelan-KDL) wasn’t far behind, however. Albert, meanwhile, pressed on nearly 30 seconds down on the leaders.

By lap six the two groups had merged with a frustrated Albert, continuing the chase some 19 seconds down, unaided by a drafting Sunweb-Napoleon Games rider. Seeing his team leader in distress on the tarmac the next time around, Wietse Bosmans elected to sit up to help draft Albert onto the lead group. But while the move allowed Albert to finally make contact, he was nonetheless unable to move toward the front of the massive chain in the waning moments of the race.

In the final lap Stybar again attacked, trying to use his acceleration on the numerous straights, many of which were paved, to gain an advantage. But it was van der Haar, who was following right behind, that was the first to summit the final run up, mounting quickly and accelerating away with a decisive gap. Stybar, meanwhile, had trouble clipping in allowing Bina to come around to take second.

While the U23, Junior, and Women’s races were heavily populated with US racers, the men’s field had four North Americans, with Belgian regular Jonathan Page finished 35th, with Canada’s Aaron Schooler taking 43rd right ahead of the US’s Jeremy Durrin. Behind them, Zach McDonald took 46th. Check in on the latest news from the U.S. contingent at our EuroCrossCamp 2013 page.

Check out the women’s report here. Junior and U23  results follow Elite Men.

World Cup #5 Heusden-Zolder Photo Gallery (Elite Men/U23/Juniors):

Heusden-Zolder World Cup 2013 Elite Men Results

1Lars VAN DER HAARNED221:02:41200200
2Martin BINACZE301:02:42160160
3Zdenek STYBARCZE281:02:43140140
4Philipp WALSLEBENGER261:02:44120120
5Rob PEETERSBEL281:02:45110110
6Sven NYSBEL371:02:45100100
7Klaas VANTORNOUTBEL311:02:469090
8Kevin PAUWELSBEL291:02:488080
9Thijs VAN AMERONGENNED271:02:517070
10Bart AERNOUTSBEL311:02:536060
11Jim AERNOUTSBEL241:02:565858
12Marcel WILDHABERSUI281:03:085656
13Niels ALBERTBEL271:03:105454
14Wietse BOSMANSBEL221:03:305252
15Julien TARAMARCAZSUI261:03:535050
16Thijs ALNED331:03:544848
17Eddy VAN IJZENDOORNNED281:03:584646
18Tom MEEUSENBEL251:04:024444
19Marcel MEISENGER241:04:034242
20Arnaud GRANDSUI231:04:044040
21Niels WUBBENNED251:04:053939
22Simon ZAHNERSUI301:04:073838
23Enrico FRANZOIITA311:04:123737
24Ondrej BAMBULACZE261:04:133636
25Martin HARINGSVK271:04:153535
26Steve CHAINELFRA301:04:153434
27Twan VAN DEN BRANDNED241:04:323333
28Mariusz GILPOL301:04:473232
31Micki VAN EMPELNED231:05:292929
32Patrick VAN LEEUWENNED281:05:442828
33Ian FIELDGBR271:05:562727
34Robert GAVENDASVK251:06:102626
35Jonathan PAGEUSA371:06:112525
36Christoph PFINGSTENGER261:06:252424
37Michael (JR) SCHWEIZERGER221:06:252323
38Vladimir KYZIVATCZE311:06:412222
39Kenneth HANSENDEN221:07:352121
40Sascha WEBERGER251:07:482020
41Lubomir PETRUSCZE231:07:501919
42Agustin NAVARRO VIDALESP351:07:561818
43Aaron SCHOOLERCAN281:08:281717
44Jeremy DURRINUSA251:08:491616
45Yannick MAYERGER221:08:511515
46Zach MCDONALDUSA221:08:531414
47Max WALSLEBENGER231:09:151313
48Joachim PARBODEN391:09:171212
49Christoph AMBROZIAKGER301:09:261111
50Robert GLAJZASVK421:10:171010
51Jose Antonio DIEZ ARRIOLAESP3155
52Angus EDMONDNZL3755
53Alexander REVELLNZL2855


Heusden-Zolder World Cup 2013 Junior Results

1Adam TOUPALIKCZE1743:47:003030
2Yannick PEETERSBEL1743:54:002020
3Thijs AERTSBEL1743:56:001515
4Joris NIEUWENHUISNED1743:58:001212
5Kobe GOOSSENSBEL1743:58:001010
6Max GULICKXNED1644:09:0088
7Jelle SCHUERMANSBEL1744:19:0066
8Thomas JOSEPHBEL1744:38:0044
9Roman LEHKYCZE1744:52:0022
10Elias VAN HECKEBEL1744:55:0011
11Stijn CALUWEBEL1744:59:00
12Pascal EENKHOORNNED1645:00:00
13Eli ISERBYTBEL1645:00:00
14Manuel TODAROITA1745:13:00
15Sieben WOUTERSNED1745:23:00
16Johan JACOBSSUI1645:30:00
17Gianni VAN DONINKBEL1745:31:00
18Peter GOGUENUSA1745:38:00
19Fabio JAKOBSENNED1745:41:00
20Stefano SALAITA1645:43:00
21Moreno PELLIZZONITA1745:46:00
22Jens TEIRLINCKBEL1746:06:00
23Koen VAN DIJKENED1746:07:00
24Timon RUEGGSUI1746:22:00
25Briek HERMANSBEL1646:26:00
26Nick VERHEYENBEL1646:41:00
27Maxx CHANCEUSA1746:44:00
28Adrian SIREKCZE1747:05:00
29Lo•c HENNAUXBEL1747:07:00
30Jo‘l GRABSUI1647:08:00
31Matej ULIKSVK1647:15:00
32Leo APPELTGER1647:19:00
33Rico SEIDELGER1747:21:00
34Ken MUELLERLUX1747:23:00
35Austin VINCENTUSA1747:23:00
36Cooper WILLSEYUSA1647:25:00
37Mario JUNQUERAESP1647:27:00
38Martin DEJMEKCZE1747:30:00
39Garrett GERCHARUSA1747:31:00
40Ian MCSHANEUSA1647:37:00
41Martin MATEJCEKCZE1648:32:00
42Dominik VRANACZE1748:59:00
43Jakub KURTYSVK1650:08:00
44Ludwig CORDSGER1650:17:00


Heusden-Zolder World Cup 2013 U23 Results

1Mathieu VAN DER POELNED1849:08:00100100
2Wout VAN AERTBEL1949:19:006060
3Mike TEUNISSENNED2149:27:004040
4Tim MERLIERBEL2149:30:003030
5Stan GODRIENED2049:31:002525
6David VAN DER POELNED2149:32:002020
7Gianni VERMEERSCHBEL2149:34:001717
8Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBEL2049:34:001515
9Laurens SWEECKBEL2049:36:001212
10Toon AERTSBEL2049:36:001010
11Jens ADAMSBEL2149:37:0088
12Gert-Jan BOSMANNED2149:43:0066
13Yorben VAN TICHELTBEL1949:50:0044
14Michael BOROSCZE2149:55:0022
15Quinten HERMANSBEL1849:57:0011
16Tomas PAPRSTKACZE2149:58:00
18Jonas PEDERSENDEN2150:21:00
19Martijn BUDDINGNED1850:28:00
20Curtis WHITEUSA1850:37:00
21Daan SOETEBEL1950:37:00
22Severin SAEGESSERSUI2150:38:00
23Logan OWENUSA1850:41:00
24Diether SWEECKBEL2051:06:00
25Jakub SKALACZE2051:28:00
26Lars FORSTERSUI2051:30:00
27Dylan PAGESUI2051:34:00
28Felix DRUMMGER1951:43:00
29Gioele BERTOLINIITA1852:04:00
30Matej LASAKCZE2152:27:00
31Cody KAISERUSA2152:47:00
32Dominic GRABSUI1852:52:00
33Lukas M†LLERSUI2152:55:00
34Toki SAWADAJPN1952:57:00
35Andrew DILLMANUSA1953:06:00
36Lukas MEILERGER1853:10:00
37Tobin ORTENBLADUSA1953:52:00
38Ondrej GLAJZASVK1953:52:00
39Karel SVRCINACZE1854:36:00
40Fabian LIENHARDSUI2055:01:00
41Nikolaj Ruud OSTERGAARDDEN19
42Spencer DOWNINGUSA18