The season ended last weekend in Oostmalle, and now the UCI cyclocross rankings are set in stone for the season. In the men’s field, World Cup overall winner Lars Van der Haar topped the rankings scale—not bad for a racer who’s barely out of U23! Behind him was Sven Nys, followed by Niels Albert. On the American side of things, Jeremy Powers came in at 15th and Tim Johnson followed in 21st with Ryan Trebon close behind in 26th. Jonathan Page also made the top 40 in 34th.

In the women’s rankings, Katie Compton was unsurprisingly on top, followed by bronze medalist at Worlds Helen Wyman and re-crowned World Champion Marianne Vos. American Elle Anderson almost made the top 10, coming in at 11th, with teammate Meredith Miller close behind in 14th and Kaitie Antonneau in 15th. Crystal Anthony was 20th, Arley Kemmerer was 31st and Nicole Duke was 37th—that’s seven American women in the top 40 for UCI points.

Lars van der Haar wins World Cup Valkenburg. © Thomas van Bracht

Lars van der Haar winning the World Cup at Valkenburg last week. © Thomas van Bracht

Men Overall UCI Rankings for 2013-2013

1 (1)Lars VAN DER HAARNetherlands231771
2 (2)Sven NYSBelgium381638
3 (3)Niels ALBERTBelgium281488
4 (5)Kevin PAUWELSBelgium301462
5 (4)Philipp WALSLEBENGermany271454
6 (8)Tom MEEUSENBelgium261414
7 (7)Francis MOUREYFrance341388
8 (9)Mathieu VAN DER POELNetherlands191326
9 (6)Klaas VANTORNOUTBelgium321324
10 (10)Wout VAN AERTBelgium201134
11 (11)Rob PEETERSBelgium291048
12 (12)Thijs VAN AMERONGENNetherlands28884
13 (14)Enrico FRANZOIItaly32780
14 (15)Bart AERNOUTSBelgium32738
15 (16)Jeremy POWERSUnited States31728
16 (18)Corne VAN KESSELNetherlands23722
17 (13)Martin BINACzech Republic31717
18 (17)Zdenek STYBARCzech Republic29710
19 (19)Wietse BOSMANSBelgium23606
20 (20)Marcel MEISENGermany25591
21 (21)Timothy JOHNSONUnited States37586
22 (23)Michael VANTHOURENHOUTBelgium21582
23 (22)Marcel WILDHABERSwitzerland29581
24 (25)Laurens SWEECKBelgium21550
25 (24)Julien TARAMARCAZSwitzerland27530
26 (26)Ryan TREBONUnited States33503
27 (27)Martin HARINGSlovakia28485
28 (30)Simon ZAHNERSwitzerland31464
29 (28)Thijs ALNetherlands34455
30 (32)Ian FIELDGreat Britain28449
31 (33)Niels WUBBENNetherlands26446
32 (29)Gianni VERMEERSCHBelgium22433
33 (36)Sascha WEBERGermany26416
34 (35)Jonathan PAGEUnited States38411
35 (37)Ondrej BAMBULACzech Republic27409
36 (31)Radomir SIMUNEKCzech Republic31393
37 (39)Ben BERDENBelgium39387
38 (38)David VAN DER POELNetherlands22368
39 (40)Javier RUIZ DE LARRINAGA IBANEZSpain35364
40 (47)Toon AERTSBelgium21363
at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

Katie Compton at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

Women Overall UCI Rankings for 2013-2013

1 (1)Katherine COMPTONUnited States362070
2 (4)Helen WYMANGreat Britain331838
3 (2)Marianne VOSNetherlands271820
4 (3)Sanne CANTBelgium241810
5 (5)Nikki HARRISGreat Britain281730
6 (6)Ellen VAN LOYBelgium341083
7 (7)Eva LECHNERItaly291030
8 (8)Pavla HAVLIKOVACzech Republic31862
9 (9)Lucie CHAINEL-LEFEVREFrance31852
10 (10)Sophie DE BOERNetherlands24839
11 (12)Elle ANDERSONUnited States26740
12 (17)Loes SELSBelgium29696
13 (11)Sabrina STULTIENSNetherlands21693
14 (13)Meredith MILLERUnited States41675
15 (14)Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUnited States22656
16 (15)Gabriella DURRINGreat Britain30645
17 (16)Martina MIKULASKOVACzech Republic21628
18 (18)Katerina NASHCzech Republic37580
19 (19)Pauline FERRAND PREVOTFrance22575
20 (20)Crystal ANTHONYUnited States34555
21 (21)Caroline MANIFrance27547
22 (22)Marlne MOREL PETITGIRARDFrance26527
23 (23)Christine MAJERUSLuxembourg27487
24 (24)Annefleur KALVENHAARNetherlands20466
25 (25)Githa MICHIELSBelgium31442
26 (26)Alice Maria ARZUFFIItaly20439
27 (27)Hanka KUPFERNAGELGermany40436
28 (28)Ayako TOYOOKAJapan34368
29 (35)Yara KASTELIJNNetherlands17359
30 (31)Asa Maria ERLANDSSONSweden40359
31 (29)Arley KEMMERERUnited States30354
32 (30)Margriet Helena KLOPPENBURGDenmark26338
33 (32)Thalita DE JONGNetherlands21335
34 (33)Elisabeth BRANDAUGermany29334
35 (34)Jessica LAMBRACHTGermany19314
36 (36)Christel FERRIER-BRUNEAUFrance35282
37 (38)Nicole DUKEUnited States40274
38 (39)Tereza MEDVEDOVASlovakia18272
39 (46)Jolien VERSCHUERENBelgium24270
40 (40)Karen VERHESTRAETENBelgium23260