With nominations for the positions available on the USA Cycling Cyclocross Committee closing in just a few days, we’re bringing you the second candidate statement, Paul Boudreau in Massachusetts. Voting begins July 15, so read up!

Paul Boudreau: racer and organizer. © Patrick Cochran

Paul Boudreau: racer and organizer. © Patrick Cochran

The sport of cyclocross has changed so much since I caught the bug in the early ’90s. I’ve been fortunate to be involved with events that not only attract some of the biggest names in the sport, we’ve also seen tremendous growth in the amateur categories, particularly with women.

In the events I’ve produced, I think of everyone who touches the event as a customer. Racers (amateur and elite), sponsors, vendors and spectators all need to be treated like your event is dependent upon their happiness, because it is.

Due to the growth of our sport, there’s a wide range of member interests that must be served by our sport’s governing body. In the past fifteen years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with other race promoters around the country, professional riders as well as USAC & UCI staff. I’m an amateur (Masters 45+) competitor which allows me to keep that “customer-centric view.” This experience has given me the perspective necessary to keep all these varied interests in mind.

We’re in a position where our sport is poised for even more growth and we need a governance that can adapt to these changing conditions. I’m up for the challenge.

I hope you’ll support me as I represent your interests on the Cyclocross Commission.

  •     USAC International/National Certified Race Promoter
  •     Race Director of the Gran Prix of Gloucester since its inception in 1999
  •     Race Director of the Gran Prix of Beverly, Mass State Criterium Championships
  •     Since 1996, an active member and officer of Essex County Velo a USAC Club based on Boston’s North Shore
  •     Member of the Beverly Bike Committee – devoted to making my hometown more bike friendly
  •     USAC member since 1993
  •     Cyclocross racer since 1994

Thank you for your consideration.