The UCI has announced a rule change for the coming season that may well see riders racing with radios at World Cup events and the World Championships.

The radios themselves are being limited in that they are only for communication from rider to staff. Team personnel in the pits are not permitted to communicate with the rider via radio, perhaps a nod to the often heard complaint about race radios on the road making racing too predictable.

Some have already taken to social media to express their (strong) opinion on the change.

While we already told you that the fastest lap award for World Cup events will now be the same amount for men and women, another rule that is also changing direction is the U-turn rule.

Whereas pure U-Turns had been banned, they return for 2016/17, although they may not be the first turn after a race start and riders may not use the “picket fence” move and hold the post at the turn’s apex.

What do you think about the race radio rule change? Let us know in the poll, below.

What do you think of race radios in cyclocross?

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