Davide Frattini (Hudz-Subaru) went to the front in the first lap of Day 1 of the Toronto International Cyclo-cross event and never relinquished that position, with Derrick St John (Garneau Club Chaussure-Ogilvy) and Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block) finishing 22 and 32 seconds back, respectively, to claim the other two podium steps.

In the women’s race, mountain biker Katy Curtis (CMC-Bow Cycle) used her technical skills in the course’s decisive sandpit to create a slight gap to Natasha Elliott (Garneau Club Chaussure-Ogilvy) and held a four-second margin to the line for the win. Pepper Harlton (Juventus) finished third.

Full report coming soon, Results below

Full Results:

Elite Women

1 Katy Curtis (Can) CMC/Bow Cycle 0:42:27
2 Natasha Elliott (Can) Garneau Club Chaussure-Ogilvy 0:00:04
3 Pepper Harlton (Can) Juventus 0:00:24
4 Melissa Bunn (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 0:02:26
5 Leigh Hobson (Can) The Hub Race Team 0:03:09
6 Amanda Sin (USA) 3 Rox Racing 0:03:22
7 Marne Smiley (USA) Scott/Ollett Coaching 0:03:33
8 Sophie Matte (Can) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 0:04:55
9 Laura Bietola (Can) 3 Rox Racing 0:06:06
10 Christiane Knobbe (Ger) 7thgroove/Re:Form Body Clinic 0:06:49
11 Emily Fisher (Can) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny’s 0:08:30
12 Emily Flynn (Can) Emd Serono 0:08:41
13 Briana Illingworth (Can) True North Cycles Race Team -1lap
14 Aimee Allen (Can) Maple Leaf Cycling Club

Elite Men:

1 Davide Frattini (Ita) Hudz-Subaru 1:00:06
2 Derrick St John (Can) Garneau Club Chaussure-Ogilvy 0:00:22
3 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R Block 0:00:32
4 Andrew Watson (Can) Norco Factory Team 0:00:52
5 Evan McNeely (Can) EMD Serono / Specialized 0:01:06
6 Mark Lalonde (USA) Specialized 0:01:41
7 Jared Stafford (Can) Bikesports Racing 0:01:53
8 Osmond Bakker (Can) La Bicicletta Elite Team 0:02:23
9 Derek Hardinge (Can) Lapdogs Cycling Club 0:02:32
10 Mark Batty (Can) Spidertech Powered By Planet Energy 0:02:57
11 Kevin Noiles (Can) La Bicicletta Pro Shop 0:03:13
12 Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada
13 Nathan Chown (Can) Handlebars Cycle Company 0:03:15
14 Erik Box (Can) Cycles Devinci 0:03:34
15 Cameron Jette (Can) 3 Rox Racing 0:03:53
16 Peter Mogg (Can) The Hub Race Team 0:04:23
17 Zachary Hughes (Can) The Hub Race Team 0:04:36
18 Peter Morse (Can) JetFuel Coffee 0:05:33
19 Nathan Underwood (Can) Ride With Rendall 0:05:34
20 Thomas Devisscher (Can) Ride With Randell 0:05:36
21 Peter Mancini (Can) 0:05:38
22 Greg Reain (Can) Ride With Rendall 0:05:47
23 Marco Li (Can) Darkhorse Flyers 0:06:04
24 Conor O’Brien (Can) EMD Serono Specialized 0:06:16
25 Kevin Black (Can) Wheels of Bloor 0:06:21
26 Tyson Wagler (Can) 3 Rox Racing 0:07:27
27 Imad El-Ghazal (Lib) Kunstadt Sports Cycling Club -2laps
28 Preston Wagler (Can) 3 Rox Racing -3laps
29 Graham Shrive (Can) Cycling Team
30 Andrew De Cal (Can) Shorthills Cycling Club Race Team
31 John Roden (USA) Handlebars Cycle Company
32 Justin Henri (Can) Handlebars Cycling Company
33 Isaac Smith (Can) Darkhorse Flyers -4laps
34 Lance Johnson (USA) Handlebars Cycle Company
35 Glen Rendall (Can) Ride With Rendall
36 Philip Cates (Can) Lapdogs Cycling Club
37 Mark Brusso (Can) Lapdogs Cycling Club
38 Kiernan Orange (Can) Ride with Rendall
39 Jayden Aldrich (Can) Cyclocross World
40 Casey Roth (Can) Ride With Rendall -5laps
41 David Freeman (Can) Independent
42 Daniel Zotter (USA) Team ROG -6laps